Fixing Our Eyes On Jesus

“Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith…” Hebrews 12:1-3

“…So You Will Not Grow Weary.”

We are currently in the middle of Cambodia’s hot season until the monsoon rains come in June. Temperatures have risen as high as 104F with usual highs around 100F with high humidity. We are blessed that this year the electricity has been pretty stable, but even the Cambodians are struggling with the heat. In addition to the heat, the spiritual climate is challenging for all the believers here and can lead to a sense of spiritual/emotional/physical weariness.

April has been a challenging month for us in various ways. Benjamin had a severe ear infection and other health problems but has recovered fully/quickly. The bathtub in our rented townhouse broke mainly because it was not designed for American people’s weight. It took three weeks to for the renovation project (jackhammering/drilling/dust) to be completed instead the expected one week because of the Cambodian New Year holidays and a leak from the neighbor’s house. We also had some stresses with our car.

“…Run With Endurance the Race…”

Despite the above stresses and frustrations, God has strengthened us to keep going and in some ways even thrive.

My first day of helping teach English to K and 1 students at True Education School a project of Precious Women Organization

In April, I started volunteering part time to help teach English at True Education School about an hour outside of Phnom Penh. In my career as an English/Apologetics/Christology teacher I have spent 95% of my time teaching university/seminary/Bible school students. I only spent one year teaching K-12 ESL in northern Missouri from 1999-2000. Despite being rusty, I was able to teach them a few things including the “Head and Shoulders…” song. When they have more students, Kayo will also volunteer at the school part time.

Because of the Cambodian New Year holidays many other ministries were paused for a while, but Kayo and I continue to volunteer at Precious Women Organization’s office in various roles from video production (Darryl) , devotions/Bible studies, life skill training, and administration/board (Kayo).

We also continued to work with the international church. I lead the men’s ministry, help with the Chinese ministry, help with visitation, and speak around once a month. Kayo leads the women’s ministry, helps keep everyone organized, and helps with the worship team as needed.

Speaking at the international church.

“…Lay Aside Every Weight…”

As of this moment i have lost 82 pounds in the last 6 months (October 21, 2023). God has opened all the doors for me to completely change my health and lifestyle by providing the knowledge, technology, and support that I have been looking for 20 years. This process has greatly improved my spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional health. It has also really given me the strength and energy to be more active and engaged in ministry and revolutionized our family dynamics and relationships. Others are starting to reach out to me for recommendations and it is a blessing to encourage and equip them.

As I mentioned last month, I continue to be available to help encourage those with mental health challenges (and those who care for them) from my own challenges and victories in this area. I continue to monitor, encourage and visit (from time to time) a Cambodian man and his family and help them connect with the resources they need in partnership with the international church and Light Association.

In Christ’s Love,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin