Defense of the Gospel

“The latter do so out of love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel.” Philippians 1:6

We thank God for his faithfulness to us during this term.  We look forward to our time in Japan to encourage and reconnect with our senders there.  It has been four years since we were there.  We will be in Japan from June 20 to August 12 when we will return to Cambodia to continue our ministries there.  During the summer in Japan, Darryl will be able to continue writing apologetics scripts and producing short evangelistic videos in Cambodian language and sharing them via social media.  So, even though we won’t be physically present in Cambodia, the ministry will continue.

Because we got our work permits just in time, Darryl was able to renew his Cambodian visa for another year.  The Cambodian government is tightening regulations on foreigners from visas to driver’s licenses but we thank God for preparing a path for us through these changes.

Darryl finished his apologetics class at the Cambodian Presbyterian Theological Institute on May 24th.  His students prepared and acted out dialogues on various apologetics topics which Darryl video recorded.  Darryl’s external microphone broke some time ago so the sound of these videos is not very good.  Please pray for wisdom and provision for Darryl to replace it for future class presentations.  Still, the most important thing is that these 20 students are well equipped to defend their faith in their own churches and communities.

Darryl continues to write and edit articles for Light Times Magazine.  For the next issue, he wrote an article on “Scientific Facts in the Bible.”  Please pray for Soksan, the founder, and his family as they pray about their future and the future of the magazine.

When we return to Cambodia from Japan, Darryl will probably get more involved with the Chinese ministry at the international church.  According to a Chinese pastor and many news reports, the pressure against Chinese Christians is increasing.  Some of them may be forced to leave China and emigrate to other nations around the world, including Cambodia.  As this happens, there will be more opportunities and need to minister to Chinese expats in Cambodia.

Kayo has been more involved in helping with the administration of Precious Women Ministry.  They are making a positive impact in changing the lives and evangelizing women who by their economic circumstances are trapped in jobs in bars, karaoke bars, and nightclubs that often put them at risk for being exploited and trapped into prostitution etc.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouragement, and support during this term.  We believe that God will use our time in Japan for his glory.

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin