Cambodia Ministry Headlines

Life and ministry in Cambodia has been so full since February, that we do not have time to write a full update. For background information please read last month’s update at:

Here are the Headlines:
1. Record family to be in Japan April 2-June 12. We are looking forward to visiting our sending churches, catching up with friends, and recharging our batteries.

2. Kayo has accepted to play the flute as part of the Worship Team of the International Christian Assembly. She is set to start in July.

3. Trinity Institute of Cambodia: The Bylaws have been approved by the board. Two New Classes, Strategic Management and English for Strategic Management will begin on March 19 and 20 and will run to May 23 and 24.

4. Christianity: Reasons for Faith Book Update. Darryl and Doug have completed editing the content of all 33 chapters. Hoeun has translated more than 25 chapters. Amparo has proofread 12 chapters. Phil, an artist is illustrating the book. Lord willing everything will be completed by the middle of April. The book is scheduled to be published and in stores in June.

5. Anchors of Faith: Truth, Relationships, and Experience, Radio Program Update. So far, Darryl has written 18 of the 26 scripts for the Truth segment. We are still on track for weekly broadcast from July to December. Still, trusting God to provide the funding for FEBC’s production and broadcast costs.

Prayer Requests:
1. Strength, Grace, Wisdom to complete all of the tasks necessary before our departure to Japan.

2. Special prayer needed for Trinity Institute that God will provide His teachers, administrators, students and provision.

3. For every aspect of our upcoming time in Japan.