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Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. Psalm 20:7 NIV

USA Home Assignment:  November 15 to January 6

It is hard to believe that it has been more than 2 years since we were in the USA.  This is a rare opportunity for us to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with our family and friends in the USA.  We have purchased our plane tickets and set our travel dates so now we can start making plans.

  • November 15: Arrive in California
  • November 20: Fly to Missouri
  • December 11: Fly back to California
  • January 6: Fly back to Cambodia

Things to Pray and Think about:

  1. Please pray for God’s favor with the U.S. Immigration upon our arrival in the USA on November 15.  Because Kayo has been outside of the USA, her Green Card is at risk.  The US Embassy in Cambodia could not issue us any special visa to protect her Green Card so it is basically up to the discretion and favor of the immigration officer at LAX.
  2. Please pray for opportunities to strengthen relationships with our family and friends, to fellowship, and encourage each other.  Also pray for meaningful opportunities to share what God is doing in Cambodia and encourage others to see how God wants them to be involved in His Great Commission.
  3. Please pray for strength and health during our time in the USA.  We have not experienced winter weather since Benjamin’s birth.
  4. Please pray for our travel arrangements, especially in California:
  • Accommodations: Homestays or Housesitting etc.
  • Transportation: Airport Pickups, Borrowing Vehicles etc.
  • Clothing:  We will need to borrow winter coats.

Update:  Political Situation In Cambodiapolice

A few weeks ago, we asked for prayer for peace in Cambodia as political violence was likely.  By God’s grace, the situation has remained relatively peaceful for most of the time.  However, on Sunday, September 15, there were violent clashes around Police barricades in which, apparently, the police fired live ammo into crowds leaving several wounded and one dead.  Benjamin’s school was closed last Monday.   We thank God, that these clashes did not spark large, violent, riots.  Please continue to pray that God’s peace will reign and His will will be done in Cambodia.   For more information visit:

International Fishers: Christian Evidence Ministry Update

Facebook:  Darryl has been posting some of his Apologetics resources on:

Publishing: Darryl and Doug have signed an agreement with Fount of Wisdom for world-wide distribution of Khmer-language paperback/print-on-demand, audio-book, and e-book, versions of Christianity: Reasons for Faith.   This will make it possible for the 275,000 Cambodians living outside of Cambodia, to have access to resources in their own language, without having to have some friend ship or bring the books from Cambodia.  The books are available at:   Lord willing, we will be able to release English-language versions soon that missionaries can contextualize, translate, and publish in other languages.

Arata Japanese

Video Production:  Mr. Tamura Arata, one of the members of our sending committee in Japan came and spent two weeks with us in Cambodia in August.  During Arata’s visit he recorded a Japanese language track for Darryl’s  short video entitled Life: Creation or Accident at FEBC’s studio.  Darryl also recorded an English track for the same video.

Pastor Kita from Tokyo Chapel and seven more church members from Arata’s church,

Puppets 1

Tokyo Grace Church, joined Arata and stayed with us from August 23-29.  They put on a puppet show at a Cambodian Christian School.  Because they could not speak Khmer, Kayo translated their script from Japanese to English and then with the help of her tutor, translated the same script to Khmer.  FEBC’s 99.5 FM staff produced the script into a radio-quality sound track complete with


background music and sounds.  When the
team performed at the school they played the CD and  synced their puppets to the soundtrack.  Later, at home, Darryl videoed the puppet show and produced a video version in only half an hour with “Lazarus,” his less than cooperative computer.   You can see the partly finished video at this link.  More videos are planned after our USA home assignment.

Praise Report!  We are very thankful for God’s unexpected blessings in the form of electronic equipment that we can use for our ministries.   We have been given: video cameras, a used LCD projector, a used iPod Classic, a used iPad, and as soon as Darryl can order it, a new Mac Mini to serve as Darryl’s video-editing computer.  Kayo uses the iPad most of the time for her music ministry.  We are thankful for these blessings that have reduced the strain on our finances.

Teaching ApologeticsP class: From September 3 to November 13, Darryl is teaching the first Apologetics Class at the Cambodia Presbyterian Theological Institute, a seminary founded by Korean missionaries.  Darryl’s 40 student class is made up of 28 Bachelor of Theology students and 12 Master of Divinity Students.  In addition to teaching, Darryl has given the students DVDs with the Anchors of Faith Radio Program, Truth Talks, videos, and Power Points.

Trinity Institute UpdateTIC 1

In August, Mr. Arata Tamura taught TIC’s first Japanese class.  In Japan Arata is a university lecturer and most of the time he teaches Chinese.  During his time staying in Cambodia, he finished writing his PhD dissertation in Chinese linguistics.  In addition to teaching Japanese, Arata helped build networks and connections with Chinese Christians.  This may develop into a Chinese language program at TIC or even some training programs for missionaries from China on their way to other countries.  TIC 2

Another new development for TIC is that we have recently signed a partnership agreement with Asian Hope, a large Christian organization in Cambodia for the development of teacher training programs.  Asian Hope ( operates several Christian Schools in Cambodia.  This partnership will make it possible for their existing teacher training programs for their own teachers to become available to teachers nationwide through TIC.  It also makes it possible for them to receive accreditation.  Lord willing one day through this partnership TIC and Asian Hope will be able to train teachers for private and public schools nationwide.

Japanese Fellowship
Japanese Fellowship

Kayo’s Ministry UpdateJapanese team

In addition to motherhood, music ministry, language study, and mentoring Cambodian women Kayo has been very engaged with making preparations and coordinating Arata’s visit from August 13-29 and 8 more Japanese team members from the 23rd to the 29th.  Our house was full with 13 people.

The team helped host a special meal and fellowship time for Kayo’s Japanese Life Group Fellowship.    Right now this is only a monthly fellowship but it may develop into a weekly Japanese-language service.

Kayo also led some the team on a night-time outreach to invite “Beer Girls” at nightclubs to a special outreach sponsored by Precious Women Ministry.  The team also led a fellowship for university students at a dormitory of Kone Kmeng and, as previously mentioned, they team performed a special puppet show at a Cambodian Christian school.

Benjamin is doing a great job of being a kid.  He continues to amaze us with his insights.

Looking forward to seeing many of you in November and December!

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin