A New Chapter of Ministry in Cambodia

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin

We are excited about this new chapter of ministry in Cambodia with Saving Grace World Mission.  Darryl served in Cambodia from 2000-2003 and we have been working in Cambodia since 2007 as a family with different missions organizations.  We will return to Cambodia on August 11 to continue our ministry there.

Please pray for us as we make the transition to SGWM, including learning how to manage this new blog and website.

Suitcases and Eternal Life

Today, our family made our bi-annual shopping (2009, 2011, 2013) trip to IKEA.  IKEA is an amazing store full of high quality, stylish furniture, housewares, towels, bedding, and more at reasonable prices.  We kept saying, “I wish they had this in Cambodia.”  Then, we reminded ourselves of the airline luggage allowance and we ended up purchasing the things that we really needed that actually would fit in our suitcases.  If we had forgotten about the airline luggage limits, we might have created a scene at the airport as we tried to bring a futon or chair as carry-on luggage.

Just like the airline luggage allowance, heaven also has a luggage limits.  We can’t bring our houses, cars, clothes, or other physical things.  Physical things will not fit into our “spiritual suitcases.”  Just like an airline, we need a ticket and our personal relationship with Jesus Christ is that ticket. We didn’t buy that ticket ourselves.  It was purchased for with Jesus’ blood.  Once we have a ticket, we are given a spiritual luggage allowance.  We want to make sure that we pack our luggage full with all of the spiritual things for heaven (worship, prayer, ministry, etc.).

Of course life is like a trip to IKEA, we need to constantly remind ourselves of Heaven’s Luggage Allowance.  With that in mind, we can prioritize the spiritual things that we can take with us.  We can also enjoy the physical things that we will leave behind.

Actually, I am kind of relieved that I don’t have to try to carry a chest of drawers through the airport.  I am also looking forward to leaving the sickness, sorrow, and pain of this world behind and getting the new things in heaven.  I am also glad that in Heaven, everything that I really need will be waiting for me.  There will be no need for my relatives to burn little paper replicas of cars, houses, or money as many Buddhists feel they must do. There are plenty of seats left on the flight to heaven, so I want to invite my friends and loved ones to join me.

Eternal life-It’s the only way to fly.