Arrows in the Hand of a Warrior

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.” Psalm 127:4 NKJV

Please pray for my next Apologetics class via Zoom (September 6-17)

Thanks for praying for Benjamin’s summer break from school, especially since we couldn’t visit the US or Japan (Lord willing, summer of 2022). Benjamin, totally on his own initiative, started helping with my International Fishers apologetics/evangelism ministry! He improved the graphic design of the title slides and Cambodian language Bible verse slides of my videos using skills (and software) he learned in school. He even wrote the rough draft (which I reviewed and edited) for a video entitled, Fact or Fiction: the Battle of Jericho. You can watch the video in the Cambodian language at: and read the English script at:

Thanks for praying for our health. It has improved so my video ministry could be more productive again. Since the last update, with Benjamin’s help, we could release three Apologetics/Evangelistic videos: 1. Covid 19 and the Bible 2. Fact or Fiction: The Battle of Jericho 3. Love and Sin.

Please pray for my Apologetics class, September 6-17 (via Zoom) at the Cambodia Bible Institute. Pray for wisdom, stamina (it is an intensive class), and the ability to communicate well over Zoom.

Kayo continues to be active helping organize the worship team for the online services. I video the worship team and help with the video editing. In Cambodia, only 15 people can gather so small churches/cell groups can meet but large church services must be online.

Kayo also continues to help local Cambodian organizations which help poor children and at-risk women in various ways. We were able to go to the countryside with one organization. Kayo shared her testimony to the group of children and parents at a food/clothes give away to help them make it through COVID-related poverty which compounds their previous economic problems.

Please pray for the safety of US citizens who live outside of the USA, not just missionaries but everyone (Christians and non-Christians). The situation in Afghanistan may encourage enemies of the US to attack or abuse US citizens abroad more now because they may think that the USA will not actively protect its citizens abroad (just stating my honest assessment, trying not to be political here). Of course, we trust God for our ultimate protection but many Americans abroad are not believers so they don’t have the same hope that we have. This is why we are mobilizing prayer cover and also will be a bit more vigilant (Cambodia is reasonably safe right now).

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin

Phnom Penh, Cambodia