If it had not been the Lord who was on our side,” Let Israel now say—... ” Psalm 124:1

The Cambodian government seems to be on the trajectory of reopening the country. They have already begun to reduce some of the travel restrictions which have made it too difficult for us to leave the country since 2019. Lord willing, we really desire to visit the USA or Japan in the summer of 2022. Please pray that some more barriers will be removed to make that possible.

Benjamin started in-person school this morning. He was online-only from March to August, 2020 and then had some more online-only times between then and when he went back to online-only in February of this year. Please pray for a smooth restart of in-person classes (despite many restrictions). Please pray for health, protection, and wisdom for the administrators, teachers, and students.

This month I was able to release a video entitled, “The Bible and Ghosts” in the Cambodian language. Please pray for me to have the inspiration, wisdom, and creativity as I choose and research new topics for future videos. Here is an edited version of some encouragement that I received on my videos from a viewer:

“Thanks for sharing these video clips for us… They are a great reliable source of information from the Bible. God bless you and your mission.”

Light Time Magazine Print Edition Re-Launch Meeting

During Covid, Light Times magazine, the only Christian magazine in Cambodia, went into semi-hibernation, with online-only activities. Soksan and Linat, the founders desire to restart print-editions in early 2022. As always it will be a bilingual magazine. My volunteer status has been upgraded from assistant English editor to English editor because the former editor in Australia has retired. Please pray for Light Times to raise the funds and volunteers that they need to not only resume operations but also to thrive. This magazine ministers to families and others in ways that other Christian media cannot.

Please continue to pray for Kayo’s partnership with Precious Women Organization. Lida, the founder and her entire family are recovering from Covid. Please pray for a rapid recovery and that we will be able to partner with them in new ways as the Covid restrictions subside.

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin