He Suspends The Earth On Nothing, Cambodia Missions Update

He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; He suspends the earth over nothing. Job 26:7 NIV

Darryl is developing a new video entitled “Scientific Facts in the Bible,” in the Cambodian language.  The video focuses on just a few of many scientific facts in the Bible that scientists did not discover for thousands of years.  For example, the book of Job was written at a time when many cultures wrongly believed that the earth was sitting on the back of a large animal or some god but the Bible correctly teaches that the earth is suspended on nothing. His videos on the topics of “Why does God Allow Suffering?” and “God and the Value of Human Life,” will be released soon.

Darryl also continues to teach Christian Apologetics at the Cambodia Presbyterian Theological Institute.  He has around 20 students from all over Cambodia. One of his students, a local government official in his sixties has planted four churches.  In May, his students will make Apologetics videos which Darryl will post on social media.

An exciting new ministry opportunity has opened up for Darryl in rural Cambodia.  Recently, Darryl has partnered with a veteran Filipino-Cambodian missionary couple to help a church and children’s ministry program.  In March, Darryl spoke at the church and taught the Bible and English at the children’s ministry.  He is scheduled to return to the province with this couple the middle of April.  Please pray for the development of this ministry especially for the development of sports and anti-drug programs.

Darryl continues to write articles for Light Times Magazine.  In March they distributed 3,000 copies across Cambodia. In rural areas, each copy may be read by more than 20 people.  They also distributed copies to the largest Cambodian Christian school.  Teachers there used Darryl’s article, “Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?” to teach their students about Easter.

Kayo continues to serve with Precious Women, a local ministry that reaches out to Cambodian women working in bars.  Her ministry to Japanese living in Cambodia is going well.  She has also been leading worship at the local international church.

Our work permits are still in process. Our Christian mechanic and his wife went out of their way to help us with the process.  Please pray for financial provision to cover this extra expense.

Please pray for our upcoming trip to Japan to reconnect with our Japanese senders.  It has been four years since we were in Japan. Please pray for favor and good fellowship with the churches across Japan.

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin