Cambodia Ministry Update

A New Chapter: Return to Phnom Penh

Our Street in Kampong Chhnang

Moving Truck


On December 5, under cover of darkness, we moved  from Kampong Chhnang to Phnom Penh, the capital.  The moving truck had to travel at night to avoid extortion at police checkpoints, a common practice.  This just reminds us that we need to continue to pray and work so that in Cambodia; some day the honest people can boldly operate in daylight and the criminals will have to sneak around at night.

We lived and ministered in Kampong Chhnang for two years.  We experienced a different side of life one can only experience by living outside of the capital.  Our language skills greatly improved.  We also gained a better understanding of the Cambodian culture as well as the strengths and struggles of the Church.  We learned to depend on God through illnesses and injuries when suitable medical care was not available.

Our New Street in Phnom Penh

We are thankful for our time in Kampong Chhnang. We feel peace about leaving now because the local church and Christian community seem to be stabilizing and healing from the moral and spiritual fall of multiple prominent church leaders over the past few years.  Pastor Moeun has asked Darryl to return to Kampong Chhnang to speak at the church once every three months, there may be other opportunities to teach at other churches in the area as  well.  As we leave Kampong Chhnang, other missionaries are moving in and who will be able to cover Darryl’s work with Tahas Bible Institute.  A missionary from Guatemala is now renting our old rented house.  We believe that this couple will be able to reach out to the neighbors.

We are also looking forward to the new chapter ahead in Phnom Penh.  It is one of the divine ironies that Darryl went to the wilderness of Kampong Chhnang, after his Advanced English Program at the Royal University of Law and Economics was closed down, in 2009.  While in Kampong Chhnang, Darryl met Dr. Kwong, a missionary from Hong Kong, who had a vision and burden to start a Christian university.  Now, Darryl is returning to Phnom Penh as the COO of Trinity Institute of Cambodia.  God is replacing Darryl’s lost English Program with a Christian university!

Our move will make Darryl’s work with Fount of Wisdom Publishing and Far East Broadcasting more efficient as well.  There are also good, Christian Schools for Benjamin.  We are also thankful that we could rent a townhouse in a safe and convenient neighborhood from a Singaporean tentmaker missionary couple.  The electricity here is much more stable so Darryl was very happy to sell the generator and put the battery powered fans into storage!

Trinity Institute of Cambodia Update

Now that we have moved to Phnom Penh, Darryl’s work as COO of TIC will be more efficient because he no longer needs to commute 2 hours by car each way for meetings.   Now, he will have a 10-minute bike ride.

Darryl and Dr. Kwong finished the draft constitution.  On January 14th, the Board will meet to discuss, modify, and hopefully ratify it.  We are also making final decisions on the logo.  In January, TIC will be able to move in to an office located in the pictured building and will be able to rent classroom space as needed.  The rest of the building will be used as a Christian school.

Lord willing, we will be able to offer a certificate course in Strategic Management in March.  For more information about the background of TIC please visit:

Please pray for strength, wisdom, unity and provision for this entire undertaking.  Only God can bring this Christian university from a vision and burden into reality.

Book Updatehristianity: Reasons For Faith

Darryl has been spending most of his time editing the English manuscript of Christianity: Reasons for Faith.  So far, he has edited 24 of 33 chapters (85 of 150 pages).  Fount of Wisdom has arranged for Mr. Hoeun (Philip) to translate the book. So far, he has translated three chapters.  Please pray for provision and wisdom in setting the budget and layout of the book.

Fount of Wisdom has to sell the books well below cost in order to make them affordable and available to the Cambodians who need them.  A book that would sell for $12 in the US is sold for $3 in Cambodia.  Even then, $3 is more than a one day’s wage for minimum wage Cambodian workers, as opposed to $12 being more than one hour’s wage for minimum wage American workers.

Unlike publishers in the US, Fount of Wisdom cannot pay its authors but must rely on the authors to donate their writings and raise additional funds to pay for translation and publishing costs.  Our current book, Christianity: Reasons for Faith,  will be produced in a bilingual (Cambodian & English) format.  To publish it with  full-size English text, would cost around $5,700.  So far, God has provided $5,000 through Doug and Doug’s ministry partners in the US and Japan.   We look forward to making this amazing tool for discipleship and evangelism available to missionaries, pastors, and Christian leaders in Cambodia.

Radio Program Update:  Anchors of Faith

Darryl continues to write scripts for the Anchors of Faith: Truth, Relationships, and Experience radio program.  We are looking forward to the start of broadcasting in January.  Darryl and the FEBC staff will need to meet in January or February to plan for the upcoming year of programs.  Please pray for continued wisdom for all those involved in writing scripts, translation, and producing this program.

Family Prayer Requests

1.  The past few months have been very FULL of amazing breakthroughs and exhausting trials.  We, especially Darryl, are getting physically, mentally, and emotionally tired.  Please pray for refreshment and wisdom in managing all of the demands and opportunities.

2.  Please pray for our family to settle in to our new environment and routine.  Please pray for Kayo as she gets our house and lifestyle set-up and organized.  Please pray for Benjamin to adjust to Sunday School, make friends, and adjust to life in the city.

In Christ’s Hands,

Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin