Cambodia Ministry Update

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support. This is an amazing season in Cambodia. Sometimes things have been amazingly difficult but there have also been many amazing breakthroughs.

In August Kayo’s started playing the flute twice a month with the

Kayo with the worship team.

worship team at the International Christian Assembly (ICA). Kayo and Migiwa, another missionary from Japan have also been approved to play at the You’ve Got Talent! Show on September 28, an outreach program, which will also be held at the ICA Church. At the August 31 show, 500 people, including members of the Cambodian Royal Family attended with 200 more people turned away for lack of space. Organizers expect more people next month and are considering making 2 shows. We really see God’s blessing in this Kayo set the flute aside 12 years ago and so she had to reteach herself how to play over the past year. We joke that last year, Kayo was playing for chickens in Kampong Chhnang, this month she will play for the Royal Family. Not only this, but Kayo’s finger has healed from her July cooking accident which put her music and life at risk. When we consider these things, we are amazed at God’s power, protection, and faithfulness.

Benjamin started preschool at Hope School. He loves it and keeps

Benjamin loves his Christian preschool.

campaigning to go 5 days instead of just 3. He was awarded “Superkid” award for being brave in his first week at the new school. He is getting closer to the Lord and is learning to pray and is understanding the Gospel more and more.

The Anchors for Faith Radio program continues to broadcast every Sunday afternoon. We had to cancel the January 5 Anchors for Faith Seminar because FEBC will not be ready to launch the Voice of Love Mobile smartphone recording distribution ministry. Darryl continues to develop the Facts for Faith Videos for distribution on cellphones.

Trinity Institute of Cambodia has also been active. After working with the board to develop policies to resolve a serious HR problem, the TIC board has appointed Darryl to switch roles from Chief Operations Officer to Vice President. Until the roles are filled, Darryl also has to serve as the Financial Director, Academic Director, Head of the Language Department and the School of Business, in addition to being board member and board secretary.  Dr. Kwong the CEO, will become chancellor (international representative and internal advisor) and Rev. Heng Cheng will become the first Cambodian president. This should be a more efficient organizational structure. Please pray that Darryl will have wisdom, strength, grace, and stamina to juggle all of these roles and that God will raise up others to help.

Darryl’s Evidence and Evangelism Class, which teaches students how to incorporate evidence/apologetics into their current ministries, started on August 29 with 6 people. On September 5 there were 10 students. More students may enroll next week. Because Darryl is teaching in English with a bilingual textbook Christianity: Reasons for Faith

Darryl and Dr. Doug Collins with the recently published, Christianity: Reasons for Faith book.

, the students are Cambodian, American, Australian, and Croatian. It is rare for Cambodians and missionaries to be able to come together and learn together as classmates.

God continues to be good to us. The tasks and challenges before us are greater than our ability, wisdom, and strength, we continue to depend on God to empower and use us as tools to complete HIS work in Cambodia.

In Christ’s Love,
Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin