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  • Russell Family russellFamPic

    Serving as Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Melbourne Australia

  • Gunderson Family Gunderson Family

    Serving at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Cajamarca, Peru.

  • Miller Family Miller

    The Miller Family are a missionary family called to the Amazon Jungle

  • Tippie Family tippie 2014

    Craig and Daisy Tippie are ministering in Hauncho, Peru.

Recent News

Posted by Jeff Moody

God knew (of course)… I should say, God started making plans a year ago knowing precisely when our DIF inspection would finally come. A year ago Bandon Christian Fellowship made reservations for their high school group. The day they showed up we received notice that DIF was coming at 10:00 the next day for the…


Posted by Nikki Arriaga

Lotodore is a village in N.E. Uganda where the Kanyike family and a team from Arise Christian Fellowship have been sent to do door-to-door evangelism, vacation bible school, to provide education on hygiene and to provide deworming medicine for children.—see Brian’s video. Before they left for the outreach in Lotodore, Brian and Jill’s car was hit…


Posted by Brian and Jill Kanyike

Please pray for Jill Kanyike as she was recently diagnosed with a severe case of Bilharzia. Bilharzia, also known as schistosomiasis, is an infection that is received from a parasitic worm that lives in fresh water. This worm is mostly found in the tropical regions of the world. The Doctors think this may be the…


Posted by Marte Thiemann

  Ricky and Jody Ponce – Cork, Ireland Prayer Requests 1. That God would provide for us financially! 2. For strength and patience in day to day life with our three young children. 3. For Ricky as he transitions into full-time ministry at Calvary Cork 4. That God would give Ricky and the leadership at…


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Posted by Brian and Jill Kanyike

Lotodore is a village in N.E. Uganda where Arise Christian Fellowship will be sending a team to do door-to-door evangelism, vacation bible school, educating on hygiene and providing deworming medicine for the children. The cost needed for this missions trip is $1,000. If you would like to donate to the Missions Trip please click here….