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Russell Family

Andrew and Niki Russell are serving in Melbourne Australia and is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Melbourne.  They do outreach and missions, bible studies and desire to continue to reach the lost of Australia.

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  • Record April Update


    Citizens of Heaven, Ambassadors for Christ   As we visit Japanese churches and share about our ministries in Cambodia, we have the unique opportunity to encourage them to represent Christ before their families, classmates, co-workers, who they encounter in their daixly lives instead of limiting their ministries to their church buildings.  This message has been […]

  • Knepper April Update


    One Step at a Time This last month has been a very exciting one! As you know we have been travelling for the last four months. We’ve travelled all over the States visiting with family and friends and it has been such a blessing to reconnect with so many people. Last night as I talked […]

  • India Missions


    Training Pastors & Planting Churches in India Over the past several years, we have been working with several nationals in Mussoorie, India who have a heart to be trained as Calvary Chapel pastors. It is our desire to train and equip men in the Word of God throughout Northern India so that they may reach […]

  • Women World Changers


    Women World Changers is a group of women who seek to stir up and mobilize the body of Christ by reminding them that the message of the Gospel is spread through the Great Commission, and help them to see the harvest field for what it truly is, reachable. We want to remind women of the […]

  • Persecuted Countries – #3 – Saudi Arabia


    SGWM is committing the month of April in praying for, Saudi Arabia. Please join us for praying. Freedom of religion is unknown here. Within Saudi borders, the government denies recognition or protection of any religion other than Sunni Islam. The legal system is based on Islamic law and conversion to another religion is punishable by death if the […]

  • Persecuted Countries #2 – Afghanistan


    SGWM is committing the month of March in praying for Afghanistan. Conventional name is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. It is a crime in Afghanistan for a Muslim to convert to Christianity or any other religion. It is also illegal to witness to an Afghan Muslim. Threats against Afghan converts to Christianity should be taken seriously. Conversion is […]