Aaron and Jena Garcia

Aaron and Jena began to love and walk with the Lord in the summer of 2009. God called them out of the world and its bondage to serve Him fully. Almost immediately, they were discipled by godly men and women and given opportunities to serve Jesus around the world. Through their experiences, they had a burdened heart for the lost and a responsibility to give the world the riches of God from the Bible. Having come from the Calvary Chapel family, Aaron and Jena had always been blessed with faithful teachers and had a huge appetite for God’s word. Jesus soon made it clear to them that they were supposed to answer His call to Go out to the unreached people to proclaim His name and make disciples. After getting married in 2014, their honeymoon continued on to the mission field. They have been so blessed and privileged to serve God and represent the church in the most remote parts of the world. Their heart is to help men and women see the same Great Jesus and inspire them to answer their call by God to run the race of faith. Aaron and Jena have been honeymooning ever since.

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