God Is Working in Amazing Ways! – Pastor 11 Update April 2024

Dear pastors, leaders, supporters and church family!

We hope you all had a good Good Friday and Resurrection Day.

My dear sisters and brothers, I thank you for your prayers and love. God is doing amazing work here through your prayers. By the grace of God, house churches are now running in many villages. Although there is a lot of persecution here, people are still giving their lives to the Lord.

A Very Good Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday

Thank God that He is increasing the number of people in our church and that they are growing deeply in the Word of God day-by-day. Palm Sunday, Good Friday and Easter services were very blessed for us. People of our church went to many other communities who had never heard of Jesus Christ and shared the message of Good Friday and Easter. They invited many new people from the villages to come to the church. About 100 people came and we celebrated the day of our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection together. Breakfast was arranged for everyone. After listening to the Gospel, everyone had breakfast and left for their homes.

Good Fellowship and Hospitality

I thank God that He is taking the people of our church deeper into His Word day-by-day. This month, by the grace of God, a believer of our church’s wedding date has been finalized. He has been coming to our church for about 15 years. He is the only Christian in his entire family. I thank God that he is getting married to a Christian girl who is about 20 years old. They have been talking to each other for about 10 years. By the grace of God, their wedding date is June 11th. It was a great thing to fellowship with them as they planned their marriage.

An Attempt to Establish Conversation with the Village Again

About 25 years ago, my parents accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. At that time, due to the name of Jesus Christ, the people in our village stopped talking to us. They stopped inviting us to any function. They also imposed a fine on anyone who talks to us of ₹ 10000. Because of that, no one has talked to us for all of these years. But God recently opened the hearts of a family that have started coming to our church. They are sending their children to our house to be tutored in school. Through them, gradually other children are also starting to come to our house. My niece, whom I have raised since childhood, teaches free school classes to these children. She also teaches them Christian action songs and Christian songs. I believe that in the coming days more children from the village will come here and learn about Jesus Christ.

Points of Thanksgiving:

  • Thank God that He has kept us safe till today.
  • I thank God that He is fulfilling our needs.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God keeps me and my family safe.
  • Please pray that our church remains firm in their faith through crises and becomes knowledgeable of God’s word.
  • Please pray. There are many festivals in the coming days in which Hindu people go on processions. Pray that they will not attack any Muslims or Christians.
  • Please pray that our church can buy land for a Christian graveyard. This will make it so that the people who are leaving their homes, villages, societies, and relatives to accept the Lord, can be given a respectable funeral after doing so.
  • Please pray for my wife, may God keep her safe from every kind of disease.
  • Please pray for my mother, her bone density is very low due to which she has to take injections daily. May God heal her and fulfill our financial needs.
  • Please pray for my sister’s wedding on May 16th. May God fulfill all of our needs for this, and may there be no hindrance in the marriage.

Thank you for your prayers, supports and Christian love and partnership for the Gospel.

God bless you all!

Pastor & Mrs. 11*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.