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Posted by Joni Houser

We, together with our Calvary Chapel church family, celebrated Christmas this year in an open area outside of the church. Many people, including our neighbors, attended the program. We got the opportunity to share the love of God and the reason for Christmas with them. It was a joyful moment to share the Gospel to the…


Posted by Pastor 11 Serving in the 10/40 Window

Dear Partners, Pastors and Leaders, Greetings to all of you from our church! I thank you all and God from the bottom of my heart that you always take care of the members of the body of Christ and that you are constantly engaged in prayer and meet our needs. In the last week of January, there…


Posted by Pastor Prakash

Medical Camps With Gospel Outreaches Jesus healed people, but He never left without sharing the Gospel. We are to follow His pattern. There are so many people with physical needs. If we try to meet their needs without sharing the Gospel, it does not make sense in ministry.  Last month we had three medical camps…


Posted by Adam Fulmizi

“No that’s okay, I don’t need more information.” The young man I was talking to was sitting in his nice, new car at a Planned Parenthood. I had gone with some brothers to go and share the gospel and the truth about abortion at this location. We spent time praying on the sidewalk and giving…


Posted by Ryan Gause

We have been very blessed over the years to serve our Savior here in Mexico. It is you who support us to whom much of the gratitude goes for the opportunities God has afforded us here in this great country we call our home.  As world events continue to darken the horizon, we know that…