James and Jane Nyika

Ministering in Sudan to the unreached tribes.James Nyika was born in Sudan during a civil war. During his 20s he fled from Sudan to Ethiopia and lived there for many years as a refugee traveling from place to place to find basic sustenance. It took four years to finally make it through Somalia and Kenya. God miraculously reunited him with a family member in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya and it was here that he met Jesus Christ.

Not long after that James was hired by a group of American missionaries from SGWM to work in a refugee camp in the neighboring country of Uganda. James begun his ministry as a construction manager and after a few years began attending the Bible college. He graduated at the head of his class and felt an overwhelming call from the Lord to return back to the war zone to bring the gospel to remote unreached tribes.

In the past few years God has begun saving members of the Taus tribe that previously had no Gospel witness. James also oversees a medical clinic that ministers to tens of thousands of people every year as they receive free medication and hear about the love of Jesus Christ for the first time. James and the national missionaries are targeting 1 million unreached souls. Please pray for them and his hurting people.