Worker 16

Worker 16 was born and brought up in a highly devoted Christian family. When Worker 16 was a small boy, he almost drowned. As Worker 16 was struggling for his life, his mother made a commitment and oath before God, that if God would restore his life she would surely dedicate him to God. This was a turning point in Worker 16’s life. He later accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. 

Since he committed his life to the Lord, he had a desire to preach and do something for the Lord. He later got a Masters of Divinity. For several years he volunteered for many different ministries and churches, but he had a strong desire to serve the Lord full-time. 

Praise the Lord! God heard Worker 16’s prayer and opened the door for him to serve Him with Calvary Chapel Saving Grace World Mission. By God’s grace, he will be serving Him with all his strength and soul as he teaches at a saving grace Pastors School and ministers at a church. 

Worker 16 and his wife have a son and daughter who are twins.

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