Andrew Weakland

After being sent out with a mission team to Trujillo, Peru for 2 weeks, I decided to stick around long-term and be open to what God had. Being thrown into a different culture, different language, and submitting to the local church, the Lord used all of that to humble me and seek His will for my life. Now living 3.5 years in Peru, I have graduated from Calvary Bible Institute of Peru and am serving alongside its Director Cory Kilgus, who is also the Pastor and church planter of Calvary Trujillo. From leading evangelism, teaching at the bible institute, teaching some of the mid-week services, leading a bible study, gardening at the institute, and helping in the kitchen during the semesters, I believe that the Lord is calling me to the jungle to start a new phase. I have been a part of vision tour in the┬ájungle city of Moyobamba with Pastor Cory and Trent and we all agree that a bible teaching church and a discipleship house at the end of October 2023 is the Lord’s leading. Calvary Trujillo will send me out as the main Pastor with a team, and our hearts desire is that God uses us to share the gospel, disciple the locals, have them trained and involved in our local church, and then send some of them to the bible institute of Trujillo where they can become church planters.

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