Thank you for your heart and service to the Lord and your support for our missionaries and ministry. Here is a brief overview of how giving through SGWM works OR CLICK HERE to continue to the “Most Needed” giving page.

Supporting a Missionary OR Ministry

If you are looking for a particular missionary OR ministry please go to the home page and click on the “continent” (i.e. Asia) that your missionary or ministry is working in (there is also a page on the menu that says, “Find A Missionary” that will take you to a page that lists all our missionaries). Once you click on a continent, a window will open and you can scroll through until you find your missionary or ministry (please note that the ministries list is below the missionary list). Click on your missionary or ministry and a “bio” page will open. There you will find two buttons at the bottom of the page – Become a Financial Partner AND Visit Missionary Blog. If you desire to donate to that particular missionary or ministry just click on the “Become a Financial Partner” button and you will be taken to the giving page with that missionaries/ministries giving ID assigned.

Supporting – Most Needed

We have a Most Needed fund that you can give towards. This fund is simply used for whatever is “Most Needed.” The Board oversees this account and allocates the funds to whatever need or needs are pressing (i.e. emergency evacuation, missionaries car breaks down, outreach opportunities, etc…). This is a highly effective way to support a broad spectrum of needs. To donate to the Most Needed fund please Click Here.

Ok… I Donated Now What?

Well first off, thank you for your support! Secondly, once the support clears the banks, it will be deposited into the account you specified. From there, the missionaries or ministries will have access to those funds via our accounting policies and procedures.