Become A Missionary

The calling to missions is often overwhelming with the list of questions that seemingly have no answers. The anxieties of moving overseas and the realities of leaving your home, family, friends, and church. Then there is the staggeringly unclear task of raising support.

Where do you begin?    Who do you talk to?    What are the steps?
Is there anyone that can help?

Saving Grace World Missions (SGWM) is here for you. We exist with a passion to come alongside missionaries, specifically church planters, and their churches in order to help them get to the mission field AND be successful while they are there.

SGWM has over 15 years of experience in caring for, shepherding, and facilitating missionaries. We love to minister to missionaries by helping make the path a little more clear and their calling a little more manageable. If God is calling you to the mission field, SGWM has the experience and the staff to help you make that calling a reality.

Here are some of the practical ways Saving Grace World Missions assists our missionaries.

  • Receiving Donor Contributions

    • One of the biggest needs that a missionary will have is financial processing assistance. SGWM has a team of people that work on receiving, inputing, and managing each missionary’s donations. Every long-term missionary will receive a personal account within our accounting department where all of their donations are posted.  SGWM missionaries have access to their financial information either through our financial staff or their own personal and secure login.  This is where the missionary can review and stay up-to-date on all their donor financial information.
  • Donor Tax Receipts

    • SGWM is a ministry of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace, a licensed 501-c3 non-profit organization that allows all contributors of a missionary to receive a tax-deductible credit for their gift.
  • Payroll

    • All of our long term missionaries are considered full-time staff of SGWM and will receive payroll on the 1st and the 15th of every month based upon the missionary’s personal support.
  • E-mail Newsletters/Updates/Prayer Requests

    • One of the services we provide our missionaries with is a newsletter e-mail service. This means that the only thing a missionary needs to do is post their update to their website (see the bullet point about the personal missionary blog) and our SGWM staff will take their update and mass e-mail it within our SGWM template to the missionary’s specific e-mail list.
  • Medical Benefits

    • SGWM offers an international health care plan for individuals and families that focuses on the specific care and needs of overseas missionaries.
  • Pastoral Support and Counseling

    • As a Calvary Chapel based ministry we have a staff of Calvary Chapel Pastors that are here to help care for and shepherd our missionaries. Pastor Trent Douglass, the President of Saving Grace World Missions, is the Sr. Pastor of Calvary Chapel Saving Grace and offers his wealth of knowledge and experience to each of our missionaries.
  • Personal Missionary blog on

    • We provide a medium for our missionaries to post monthly blog updates via our website. For an example of what this looks like please check out these missionary sites – Vincent Massey
  • Online Giving & Ongoing Monthly Giving Options

    • Living in the times that we do, having the option to give online and set up automatic monthly giving is a necessity. On every missionary’s website, there is a link for donors to be able to give either a one-time gift or sign up for an ongoing monthly gift of any amount.

As a Calvary Chapel based ministry, we have a passion to see the nations reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Word of God taught, lives touched, and people ministered to. If God is calling you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.