Worker 2

Praise the Lord for His grace that saved me and
continues to keep me!
I was born and brought up in a family with a false religion. My father was a drunkard which caused financial problems in the family. I could not continue school because of our family’s financial problems. My father also became very sick because of the alcohol. He went to so many doctors but did not get well.
Finally, a pastor came to our house and shared the Gospel with us. He prayed for my father. My father’s health started improving and a few weeks later he was healed. That was a turning point for us. We accepted the Lord. I wanted to go to Bible college to learn God’s Word.
However, I could not go then. The next year my pastor helped me get admitted to College. He booked me a train ticket, put it in my hand and asked me to go to learn God’s Word. After completing two years of learning, I came back to my home town to serve the Lord. I have been ministering. I conduct Sunday Services at my home. Ten to fifteen people come each week. Most of them are new believers from the same religion I grew up in. Please pray for me and the ministry. Thank you!
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