Pastor Prakash and Muna

Prakash and Muna were both from a Hindu background. Prakash accepted Jesus as his personal Savior at the age of 14 while studying in high school. He knew little about Jesus and that raised a question in his heart as to why was Jesus killed for the good things He had done? That made him go to a Christian church in search of the answer. He learned that Jesus came for his redemption too which lead him to then accept Jesus. Muna was led to the church by her mother at a young age. She accepted Jesus at the age of 16.

Prakash worked as a worship leader as well as youth pastor at a church. He then joined the Bible college and graduated in 2010. Prakash and Muna met at church and were married in 2008. They started a Bible study with 7 people from their family and relatives, as they thought of God´s calling for them. On top of holding a Bible study, Prakash was also working as a member/ musician of Salvation Worship Ministry and Music Teacher Salvation Music School. God blessed that tiny Bible study and by the end of 2013 it went from a Bible to a house church. Now Prakash is a Pastor of that house church and his wife is leading women fellowship. After meeting and serving with Bond, Prakash was introduced to the Calvary Chapel movement. He liked Calvary Chapel’s way of taking the word of God literally, as the inspired Word of God, and verse by verse teaching. He now teaches at the Calvary Chapel Pastoral Training School. He has a great heart for his country and to see Christians grow in maturity of God´s correct Word.

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