We Are Good Soldiers – Pastor Anand Update April 2024

Soldiers for the People of the Himalayas

We are given the assignment to share the Gospel all over the world by Jesus. There is not anywhere that is excluded. We are to share the Gospel in the easy places and in the hard places, in the Himalayan mountain range and in the flat land, in the closed areas and in the open areas, to Hindu people and to Buddhist people.

We are thankful to God that many years ago people of God came to our country with the same mind set. We have heard the Gospel and we were saved. Now God is building the same mindset in us. There are so many people in our country who haven’t heard the Gospel. One of the places where people live is in the Himalayan mountain range. A lot of people who live there have never heard the Gospel even once. God allowed us to go last month in March to the Himalayan mountains to share the Gospel. This area had hard trekking routes. Because of this, people do not want to go these places and the Gospel has not reached there. As a soldier of Christ we went there, not because we are strong, but because our God of love compels us to do so. Please pray for these Himalayan people to come to know God.

Soldiers for the People of the City

“For I have much people in this City”-Acts 18:10.

This verse remind us to do Gospel outreach in the city. We know street preachers are caught and sent to prison, but we preach in our Bible college courtyard. We ask our students as well as church believers to invite their family members, friends, and neighbors who have not received Christ as their Savior. Last week many people showed up in our courtyard to hear the Gospel. Our Bible school students did a skit, dances, and songs. We shared from God’s Word. One of the teenage girls received Christ as her personal Savior. One woman said that she will begin attending church every week. We see the harvest in city and it is ready. We pray that God pours His Spirit on us more and more. We see our students as future soldiers. They are trained for this war and believe that they will be doing the same things in their communities. We believe this verse, “To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light, and from the power of Satan unto God, that they may receive forgiveness of sins, and inheritance among them which are sanctified by faith that is in me. “-Acts 26:18. Please pray for our city. There are 6 million people here, but only about 200,000 are believers. God may bring revival to this city and country.

Thank you,

Anand and Usha and Family