About SGWM

What Is The Mission of SGWM?

Saving Grace World Missions exists to reach people of every tribe, tongue, and nation with the Gospel. Specifically, our vision is to reach those who are “unreached,” those who have never heard the Gospel, with the saving news of Jesus Christ.

How Does SGWM Fulfill That Mission?

Saving Grace World Missions fulfills their vision to reach the “unreached” with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in three primary ways:

1. Missionary Care

SGWM is a sending organization for missionaries. This means that, among other things, we assist with practical, emotional, and spiritual needs of missionaries. Practical needs we help facilitate include the administration of our missionaries’ finances and communication of both their ministry news and their needs with their supporters. Spiritually, we provide both counseling and pastoral care, as well as ministry oversight, to our missionaries.

2. Raising Up Nationals

We believe that the nationals of any people group are best able to reach their own people with the Gospel, so our vision is to raise up nationals who have confessed faith in Christ as evangelistic leaders in their own native area. We do this by means of personal discipleship, Pastors’ Schools, and Bible Colleges in the countries we work with.

3. Church Planting

As a ministry of Calvary Chapel, we seek to follow the blueprint for missions work laid out in the book of Acts by planting churches (in our case, Calvary Chapels) as hubs of Gospel work in a given area.