Uplifting Each Other in the Lord

“For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

MARK 10:45 (NKJV)

By the grace of God, we are doing ministry. God has given us the vision to raise many more young people up in Christ.

We are doing ministry according to that calling. One of the brothers God brought us to our Calvary Bible Institute is Harka. His life was very terrible when he was without Christ. He drank alcohol and his behavior was totally bad.

He always behaved like an addict. He was losing his life. He lost everything he earned from the work he did in another country. He was involved in bad things also. While his life was totally the worst and dark, he met my friend Pastor Bishnu. Pastor Bishnu witnessed to Harka. Then I met with Harka on Facebook, while he was at a Bible college in a neighboring country. He always watched my sermons on Facebook. He and I talked through facebook chat.

Then Harka came to the Calvary Bible Institute where I was teaching. Harka had accepted Christ only three months before. When he first came to the Bible Institute, he always asked crazy question like, “Why do you all laugh?” “Why do women come here to study if God does not allow women to be pastors?” But within three months, he was totally converted to Christ.

He worked hard to study God’s Word. He learned the English language too. He performed the best in every subject in Bible college. Through him, three sisters joined our Calvary Bible Institute. Now, they are going to graduate soon.

Harka has now planted a Calvary Church in a new place in the western part of the country. While he was ministering, he lost his 10 year old daughter. She was a lovely child. All of the church family loved her so much. As a child, she always wondered about what is heaven like. She always told everyone in her village area, “When we die, we directly go to heaven.” She shared the Gospel at such a young age. During the time of her death, you and all of the believers prayed for Harka to stand strong in his faith in Christ.

After Harka graduated, he returned to his village and finished high school. He shared with me about his hopes to get a bachelors degree in college, but now he is doing a job cutting wood to help provide for his family. He has a beautiful wife, a son and a daughter.

Harka left his village and his father and mother to do ministry in new places. Earlier we went to the area (that Harka has now moved to) and shared the Gospel. During that time we found a home and contacted the house owner. Harka is now renting that house for his family and church. There are now 11 members in his church. Pray for Harka’s ministry to reach the unreached people.

God loves people who are lepers. So, we also love them, teach them, equip them and love to serve them. Pastor Anand and I, as well as our dear students, are doing Bible study with them every Friday. Our students are learning and practicing: “How to preach,” How to serve,” & “How to have fellowship.” By the grace of God, we are teaching the book of 1st Samuel every Friday. Altogether, 15 to 20 people attend our Bible study. Please pray for more unreached people around the leper colony to come to our Bible study. God is using me to train the believers who are lepers and to raise them up in God’s Word. I am doing ministry at the leper colony also. I also have a home church service every Saturday online, as well as a gathering fellowship with brothers and sisters.

By the grace of God, this semester I am teaching the Gospel of John. I love to teach my dear students. They also enjoying learning. In my home church, I am teaching Philippians. I love to teach and equip others through the book of Philippians. Paul taught the great lesson of how to have joy in Christ in every pitiful condition. We counted the word “Joy” 19 times. It was great to rejoice in Christ. Paul rejoiced in Christ even when he was prison. He also prayed for and encouraged his fellow brothers and sisters. We also should do that in Christ– raise up others and encourage them and uplift them in Christ during the hard times in ministry.

My beautiful wife is also helping me and helping with Calvary Bible Institute. She raises up young and old women in God’s Word. She is teaching Bible Study where many sisters and mothers from different churches gather online. She already finished teaching Genesis during the last year and a half, by going through every chapter and every verse. Now she is teaching Daniel every week on Sunday. Pray for her to be able to have a baby. Pray that if she does not have a baby, God will provide a job for her. Others do not like that she has free time only. They will gossip. So to stop gossip, she needs to have a nice job.

Thank you so much for supporting us, praying for us and uplifting us. May God bless every family of Saving Grace World Mission.

Grace and peace,

Your faithful servant,

Rabi and Mahima

Proclaiming the Good News

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Romans 10:14-15 NKJV

This verse reminded me that I am a preacher of the True, Living God. At any cost, I should preach the Word of the Living God. God told my heart to preach His Word and share His Gospel to the unreached houses of villagers. While praying, we made a plan to do this task. We prayed and made a plan to preach to the people in at least 50 unreached houses in the area where our graduated student had already started a new church.

We went there and saw a blessing come from our Almighty Lord. We spent 3 months there altogether. Ten people are coming to his newly planted church. We also spent time with our dear brother and his family.

We gathered together and made a plan to share the Gospel house to house in two teams. One team went to the north and another to the south. During a two day period, we shared with the people in at least 50 houses about Jesus ChristWe shared the Gospel with 85 adults and 4 children altogether. We faced a lot of difficulty sharing the Gospel house to house, because we could not find many people at home on the first day. We met some people in homes, some in fields, some on the roadside, some feeding their sheep, goats etc.

We experienced a lot. They need Christ in their lives. Where we shared, the people are many different races. In one area the people allowed us to share the Gospel and listened it also, they were shaken their body while they were listening and said “Please leave here.” They could not hear it. They said that their God would be angry at them.

In another area, while we preached and shared the Gospel, one old man kept watching me. I thought why is this old man watching me over and over again? We went to him while he was sitting in the area for feeding animals. We asked him, have you heard about Jesus? He replied to us with his charming face and told us that he used to listen about Jesus on the radio. He got happy and said to us “Please give me the book.” We gave him the book (Bible).

I asked him, “Can you read?” He said that he can. I invited him to come to the church plant. He told me that he cannot move well or walk to get to the church. I told Harka follow up with this old man and start a Bible study with him. I prayed with him. He became very happy and asked us to please come again and again.

Another day big amazing things happened. We shared the Gospel to those in each house. Among them was one house where we found the temple of a false god. The people trust that by worshiping this god their sicknesses will be removed. We shared the Gospel in that house to a false god devotee brother and his mom. We left a Gospel tract with them. After some time, while we were sharing the Gospel in each house, that brother started following us. We thought, “now we are in a trap” because this man is following us.

While we went to 3 houses, the man continued to follow us and stopped his bike. He asked us “Can you tell me what you are sharing and giving tracts about? I want to listen to it.”

We became so fearful. We thought “This man is spying on us. He will take us to prison by claiming false things about us.” I gave let brother who is planting a church there share the Gospel with this man. He shared from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for about 15 minutes.

The man told us, “Preach the knowledge, do not be afraid. I love to learn knowledge.” He asked us to share the Gospel to each person in his village. I also shared the Gospel of Christ with him through my testimony video. He accepted it and told me “I believe it.” He said that he will also plan to visit the church.

The man asked me two questions: 1.) He wondered how he could know if he will be able to go abroad? He has the desire to leave the country and earn money for a living. 2.) How can he be sure that he will not be shaken?

We just replied “Believe in Jesus and His amazing work.” Please pray for him. Please also pray that God will open the door to locked unreached people and houses. When we visited there, the total number of houses we found was 400. Pray for Harka to be able to do ministry there and to reach the unreached 400 homes.

We also shared in another place. For 3 days until night time, me and Mahima preached the Word of God in 32 houses altogether where there are many more people who are unsaved.

Never in the history of that place has any person or church tried to preach open preaching in the crowded city of the Dang market place. For the first time, God gave me the grace to open preach there with help of one of our Bible college students. We had dances and singing. At the end, I proclaimed the Word of God, sharing the Gospel and challenging them to accept Jesus as their Savior.

We also visited an area where two of our students are studying in Bible school. That place was remote. Our students came and studied. We felt very blessed from them where no road, no electricity and no other facilities were.

We also celebrated Christmas Eve as well as Christmas day.

Thank you so much for sending us, praying for us and supporting us.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rabi and Mahima

Bringing The Good News to Those Who Have Never Heard

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! (Isaiah 52:7)

This verse reminds me how to be bold in Christ in all circumstances of our lives. We should preach our Living God to un-reached people. We should share our living hope to dead souls who have never heard anything about Jesus Christ. We share, we proclaim, and we declare our Savior’s salvation to many more dead people who were dying having not heard until now about our Savior Jesus.

Preaching in the Most Crowded City 

In the midst of a very crowed city, we three brothers in Christ from different churches shared and proclaimed our Lord Jesus to dead souls. By the mercy and grace of God, we were able to distributed 500 tracts and we personally met each person and told about our Savior. This was a blessed time for me. While we were sharing the Gospel, the police disturbed me, saying “Do not say anything about Jesus.” They turned to show me their temple and suggested that I leave. I slowly moved and went to other side of the road and began again to preach Christ. Many more crowds of people listened to my voice. I was looking at them, and they were thinking about their lives. Please pray for these 500 people. May God protect them and give them life according to His wish and plan.

This semester we had 25 students altogether. One student attended through my facebook site. The student’s father had heard and watched my videos beginning in 2017. He sent his son to our Bible College. Praise God! He is doing amazing work through my social site! Another student came from an area near Mt. Everest. We had been praying for 2 other students for a very long time. Years had passed. Now, God brought them in our Bible school! I mentioned about them before. You all prayed for them and sent some relief items for them during the lock-down. Before, they were living in caves and the forest and slowly they began living in huts. God has now brought these two students to our Bible college. Pray that God will use both of them in mighty ways in their respective villages.

My wife and her group of Bible school students. They share the Gospel with people they meet along their way.

My beautiful wife is also engaging in the mission field. She has been teaching Bible study from Genesis. Now, she is going to be finishing Genesis soon. She took about 6 months to finish this book. Every week on Sunday she is teaching from Viber. Other women and sisters are now requesting she teach from the book of Daniel and Revelations. Pray for her. She is ready to teach them and serve them. She needs a baby also. Pray for her to be able to have a baby in God’s time. We already asked the doctor. The doctor could not do anything. We also couldn’t afford treatment, because the cost of treatment is very high. We are leaving it in God’s hands.

Another important update is about our student who already graduated from Bible college. His name is Harka. He is now planting a church. Please pray for him, as he is planting a church very far from the capital city. This is a place where there are many people crowded together and there is not any churches that we have found. Especially pray for him, that God may provide him financial support to settle there. He has his own family including a wife and two children. He needs support both financially and spiritually to settle and live there. Please pray that God may provide him all things he needs.

This semester, I am teaching through the book of Matthew and the book of Hosea to our students. Please pray that God may provide protection over me and give me good health to serve Him and be always His faithful servant.

Peace and Grace.

Your faithful servant

Pastor Rabi and Mahima

Our Lord Lives

“He is not here; for He is risen, as He said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay.”

Matthew 28:6 (NKJV)

Our Almighty God is a victorious God. In history, we do not find any god who is still alive. But our Almighty God, our victorious God– Jesus Christ–the only one, true, living, active God is alive. He has fulfilled all of the prophecy we find in the Bible.

Our Almighty God is a victorious God. In history, we do not find any god who is still alive. But our Almighty God, our victorious God– Jesus Christ–the only one, true, living, active God is alive. He has fulfilled all of the prophecy we find in the Bible.

This semester, in Bible School, I taught the book of Luke and the book of Acts. Our students’ feedback is good. My beautiful wife is teaching a women’s Bible study every week on Sunday. She is teaching the book of Genesis verse-by-verse. From every corner of world people have joined through the internet and have fellowship together. She has now reached Genesis chapter 30.

The women’s Bible study members online asked my wife to teach from Daniel as well as Revelations. Pray that God may give her the strength and wisdom to teach the correct doctrine from Bible. Our Youtube channel is also growing; day-by-day new people are visiting it. God may provide me the wisdom to glorify Him through the different social media I use.

Thank you so much Saving Grace and the entire team of Calvary Chapel for supporting us, raising us, equipping us, and sending us in this field of ministry where we learn new things. Though we faces difficulties, we win through the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rabi and Mahima

I Cried Unto the Lord

A Christian Pastor In the Area I Grew Up In! Praise the Lord!

Thank you for praying for and supporting our ministry. We pray that God blesses you all.

Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God.

Matthew 5:9 (NKJV)

Jesus told us to go and preach the Word of God. We went and proclaimed the Word of God through the Book of Acts.

Near the capital city is the place where I grew up. God put a burden in my heart to pray for the villages in that district to be reached for Christ. When I went there, my heart began to rejoice, because I got an opportunity to meet a church pastor there!

In previous years, people from that village rejected the Gospel when I shared it. They even chased our Gospel-sharing group out and threw stones at us. When I went there, I saw a small church. That was the answer to my prayers.

Sharing God’s Word

When I met the church pastor, he invited me to share and teach the Word of God. So, during the holy festival time, pastor Anand and I went there. We preached, taught and proclaimed the Word of God. About 100 believers, including local pastors, leaders, church youth/young adults, and women from different areas of that district came. We taught them from the books of Acts. We also had fellowship together.

Please pray for a new church building so that everyone can come inside.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for a certain area where there are local pastors asking to be able to go to a Bible college/training center. This place is connected to the border road of China. In the future, it is planned for this road to go from the capital to the district on the Chinese border.
  • Please pray that this church will have sound Biblical doctrine teaching.
  • Pray that God would change the thinking that Christians are low in the cast system. People of this area discriminate Christians as low caste.
  • Please pray for the church to be able to own some land. The number of believers is increasing. They have been collecting money to buy land and build their own church so everyone will be able to fit inside.
  • Pray for the local pastors and leaders. They are doing different social activities. Please pray that these activities can flourish and be fruitful.

God bless you,

Rabi and Mahima

Blessed By God’s Word

Village Christmas Outreach

Thank you so much for helping us and supporting us, as well as praying for our trip and ministry!

On December 23, we had a pre-Christmas celebration in the village. Two of our Calvary Chapel churches also participated. We met the local pastor and leaders of the village church.

At least 200 people came to our services. They were blessed by the sharing of the Word of God from Pastor Aanad. We were able to feed those who came. We also distributed some winter hats/bonnets from my beautiful wife and my online fellowships/social media groups.

Eating at the Christmas Outreach

It was very hard for us to climb the mountain to this village area. Nothing was around to support us or hold on to while we traveled up and down the small narrow path. The people there were very poor, both spiritually and physically. We encouraged them and shared with them about joining our Bible training center. Pray for their lives to be rooted in the Word of God so that in the upcoming days we can take them, teach them, guide them, and disciple them.

Sharing at the Village Christmas Outreach

Grace and Peace,

Rabi and Mahima

Visiting in the Village

Glorifying Our Almighty God

Hosting Our Online Worship Service

We want to thank God, those at Saving Grace, and our entire family in the Lord for all of your help and support for us while we are in this situation that has brought us into a pitiful condition. We love you so much. Every day and every night we think of you and pray for your all. 

   Nothing can stop (us from) glorifying our Almighty God.

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

   All over the world, the Corona Pandemic has created a lot of problems. All the churches have also been on lockdown. But, by God’s grace, our church is still open. We gather on Saturday mornings with those who live near us. We pray and have fellowship with one another, as we study the Word of God and exhort each other in this very difficulty time. Praise God! He shows His mercy upon us. We are still safe and secure by His own precious blood.

Having Fellowship Together

We had another golden opportunity to share the Word of God through Zoom with different churches around the world and also to about 30 to 45 young adults from a different church.

   We have had two home fellowships during this period of time. Last week, we met together in a house to house fellowship. However, now Nepal is on a strict lockdown. The government doesn’t allow us to walk here and there. So, we had our church fellowship with the help of technology (through live social media). Everybody can listen the Word of God so they can prepare, examine themselves, repent, and be restored through our Lord Jesus.

Grace and Peace,

Rabi and Mahima

God Is in Control

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:9-10

 These months we are locked down and cannot leave our room due to the corona virus. These have been hard days. The government has prohibited local movement. But, social media has helped a lot. We are contacting believers, family, and friends via facebook and online media. We celebrated Good Friday and Easter within our family.

Sharing God’s Word Which We Are  Streaming Live Online

We are doing home fellowship each day. There are six of us staying under one roof.

   During the day, we are going through the Book of Habakkuk. We are  streaming this Bible Study live through facebook, so that others can join us.God is doing great things even during this lock-down. We have been able to help one of the families, who did not have enough food due to the lock-down crisis. We provided them some basic food items and helped them.
   We are conducting regular fellowship in our home. We also stream our Sunday and Wednesday services live. It is exciting to see people joining and engaging in the fellowship via facebook and Youtube.

Helping A Family With Food

I believe God is in control of everything, even in this hour of calamity. Full of hope, I am praying and believing that everything will be for the glory of God. 


Rabi and Mahima 

Beautiful Beginnings

We are thankful for all the Lord is doing here and we want to share with you an update this month from our church and the CC Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry where we are serving and a new semester has begun. Thank you for joining us in prayer as we appreciate your partnership as we desire to reach this country with the Gospel together.

Sweet Fellowship

Our Calvary Chapel Church

Jesus says in Luke 12:22-34, that we should not worry and specifically in Luke 12:32 he says, “Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” We have seen God taking care of us and the church He has entrusted to us. As we gather, we continue to pray that more would come and know Jesus. Each week we are growing in God’s Word. We have now finished the book of Acts which took over 1 year. Through the study of the book of Acts, God has taught our fellowship to be bold witnesses of Christ and giving testimony of Christ in our lives. Now we have started teaching through the book of Genesis during our weekly church service. I will continue to teach through the book verse by verse and look forward to what the Lord will teach me and our church through the study.

We recently were blessed to have Pastor Aaron visit our church and teach the Word. God gave me the opportunity to translate and He is teaching me each time I am able to do so. I want to be obedient and faithful to Him and this is a new area for me so please pray that God would give me the abilities I need to serve Him in every way.


This semester, I am teaching the book of John at the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry. God has given me the grace to serve Him, disciple others, teach them and pray for each of our students so that in the future God may use them to establish churches. It is my heart to see the students sent to where the Gospel is needed.

Great Class Session at the Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry

My wife is also studying as a full-time student in Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center & School of Ministry. This is her 2nd semester, so I request you to pray for her to finish race she is running as she studies God’s Word. We have been married less than one year, so please pray for me and my beautiful wife to be used in God’s kingdom for His glory. Another area of ministry that God has opened up for me is to teach the Word through Facebook, YouTube and Online Fellowship. Please pray that as I teach, that the ministry online would be fruitful and those viewing and listening would come to know Jesus and grow in His Word.


Rabi and Mahima

Teaching the Word Throughout Summer

Student’s Church Group

During the semester break, we were able to take several trips to different remote parts of the country to teach the Word of God and share the Gospel.

Sharing the Word at Bible College Student’s Village and Church

God gave us an opportunity to visit one of the current students from the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center during the semester break. We visited his church in the west. I was able to share the Word of God from the book of James and teach them that it is by faith alone that we are saved and that it is not by our works.

Ministering at a Church in a Remote Area

Ministering in a Remote Place

By the grace of God, we got an opportunity to teach, train and equip them in the Word. God led us to be His witnesses in such a remote place where people don’t know the truth. The people in this region are lacking education, health centers, and proper sanitation. They suffer from malnutrition and there is a lot of early marriage. God took us to several villages to minister to these people during the semester break.  The people are living in the forest area and are cut off from the rest of the world. When they heard the Gospel, they believed in Jesus as their Lord and people are changed! Pray for these people as they are able to eat for six months and then they have 6 months of famine where there is no food in the region. Pray God will provide them with quality education, home shelter, health facilities, transportation and Biblical teaching.

Visit to my Wife’s Home Church

God gave me an opportunity to share the Word of God in my wife’s home village. It was a great honor to be able to visit the place where she is from and to teach the people from the Bible. Even though we are now married and living in the capital, we both have a heart for her home area and the people there.

Rabi and Mahima

Please for for the fall semester that is now underway, that as I teach, and Mahima is a student, that we would both grow in God’s Word and be further used for God’s glory.

Thank you for praying and supporting us,

Rabi and Mahima