Glorifying Our Almighty God

Hosting Our Online Worship Service

We want to thank God, those at Saving Grace, and our entire family in the Lord for all of your help and support for us while we are in this situation that has brought us into a pitiful condition. We love you so much. Every day and every night we think of you and pray for your all. 

   Nothing can stop (us from) glorifying our Almighty God.

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26)

   All over the world, the Corona Pandemic has created a lot of problems. All the churches have also been on lockdown. But, by God’s grace, our church is still open. We gather on Saturday mornings with those who live near us. We pray and have fellowship with one another, as we study the Word of God and exhort each other in this very difficulty time. Praise God! He shows His mercy upon us. We are still safe and secure by His own precious blood.

Having Fellowship Together

We had another golden opportunity to share the Word of God through Zoom with different churches around the world and also to about 30 to 45 young adults from a different church.

   We have had two home fellowships during this period of time. Last week, we met together in a house to house fellowship. However, now Nepal is on a strict lockdown. The government doesn’t allow us to walk here and there. So, we had our church fellowship with the help of technology (through live social media). Everybody can listen the Word of God so they can prepare, examine themselves, repent, and be restored through our Lord Jesus.

Grace and Peace,

Rabi and Mahima