Proclaiming the Good News

How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?

And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

Romans 10:14-15 NKJV

This verse reminded me that I am a preacher of the True, Living God. At any cost, I should preach the Word of the Living God. God told my heart to preach His Word and share His Gospel to the unreached houses of villagers. While praying, we made a plan to do this task. We prayed and made a plan to preach to the people in at least 50 unreached houses in the area where our graduated student had already started a new church.

We went there and saw a blessing come from our Almighty Lord. We spent 3 months there altogether. Ten people are coming to his newly planted church. We also spent time with our dear brother and his family.

We gathered together and made a plan to share the Gospel house to house in two teams. One team went to the north and another to the south. During a two day period, we shared with the people in at least 50 houses about Jesus ChristWe shared the Gospel with 85 adults and 4 children altogether. We faced a lot of difficulty sharing the Gospel house to house, because we could not find many people at home on the first day. We met some people in homes, some in fields, some on the roadside, some feeding their sheep, goats etc.

We experienced a lot. They need Christ in their lives. Where we shared, the people are many different races. In one area the people allowed us to share the Gospel and listened it also, they were shaken their body while they were listening and said “Please leave here.” They could not hear it. They said that their God would be angry at them.

In another area, while we preached and shared the Gospel, one old man kept watching me. I thought why is this old man watching me over and over again? We went to him while he was sitting in the area for feeding animals. We asked him, have you heard about Jesus? He replied to us with his charming face and told us that he used to listen about Jesus on the radio. He got happy and said to us “Please give me the book.” We gave him the book (Bible).

I asked him, “Can you read?” He said that he can. I invited him to come to the church plant. He told me that he cannot move well or walk to get to the church. I told Harka follow up with this old man and start a Bible study with him. I prayed with him. He became very happy and asked us to please come again and again.

Another day big amazing things happened. We shared the Gospel to those in each house. Among them was one house where we found the temple of a false god. The people trust that by worshiping this god their sicknesses will be removed. We shared the Gospel in that house to a false god devotee brother and his mom. We left a Gospel tract with them. After some time, while we were sharing the Gospel in each house, that brother started following us. We thought, “now we are in a trap” because this man is following us.

While we went to 3 houses, the man continued to follow us and stopped his bike. He asked us “Can you tell me what you are sharing and giving tracts about? I want to listen to it.”

We became so fearful. We thought “This man is spying on us. He will take us to prison by claiming false things about us.” I gave let brother who is planting a church there share the Gospel with this man. He shared from the Bible from Genesis to Revelation for about 15 minutes.

The man told us, “Preach the knowledge, do not be afraid. I love to learn knowledge.” He asked us to share the Gospel to each person in his village. I also shared the Gospel of Christ with him through my testimony video. He accepted it and told me “I believe it.” He said that he will also plan to visit the church.

The man asked me two questions: 1.) He wondered how he could know if he will be able to go abroad? He has the desire to leave the country and earn money for a living. 2.) How can he be sure that he will not be shaken?

We just replied “Believe in Jesus and His amazing work.” Please pray for him. Please also pray that God will open the door to locked unreached people and houses. When we visited there, the total number of houses we found was 400. Pray for Harka to be able to do ministry there and to reach the unreached 400 homes.

We also shared in another place. For 3 days until night time, me and Mahima preached the Word of God in 32 houses altogether where there are many more people who are unsaved.

Never in the history of that place has any person or church tried to preach open preaching in the crowded city of the Dang market place. For the first time, God gave me the grace to open preach there with help of one of our Bible college students. We had dances and singing. At the end, I proclaimed the Word of God, sharing the Gospel and challenging them to accept Jesus as their Savior.

We also visited an area where two of our students are studying in Bible school. That place was remote. Our students came and studied. We felt very blessed from them where no road, no electricity and no other facilities were.

We also celebrated Christmas Eve as well as Christmas day.

Thank you so much for sending us, praying for us and supporting us.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Rabi and Mahima