Uplifting Each Other in the Lord

“For even the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

MARK 10:45 (NKJV)

By the grace of God, we are doing ministry. God has given us the vision to raise many more young people up in Christ.

We are doing ministry according to that calling. One of the brothers God brought us to our Calvary Bible Institute is Harka. His life was very terrible when he was without Christ. He drank alcohol and his behavior was totally bad.

He always behaved like an addict. He was losing his life. He lost everything he earned from the work he did in another country. He was involved in bad things also. While his life was totally the worst and dark, he met my friend Pastor Bishnu. Pastor Bishnu witnessed to Harka. Then I met with Harka on Facebook, while he was at a Bible college in a neighboring country. He always watched my sermons on Facebook. He and I talked through facebook chat.

Then Harka came to the Calvary Bible Institute where I was teaching. Harka had accepted Christ only three months before. When he first came to the Bible Institute, he always asked crazy question like, “Why do you all laugh?” “Why do women come here to study if God does not allow women to be pastors?” But within three months, he was totally converted to Christ.

He worked hard to study God’s Word. He learned the English language too. He performed the best in every subject in Bible college. Through him, three sisters joined our Calvary Bible Institute. Now, they are going to graduate soon.

Harka has now planted a Calvary Church in a new place in the western part of the country. While he was ministering, he lost his 10 year old daughter. She was a lovely child. All of the church family loved her so much. As a child, she always wondered about what is heaven like. She always told everyone in her village area, “When we die, we directly go to heaven.” She shared the Gospel at such a young age. During the time of her death, you and all of the believers prayed for Harka to stand strong in his faith in Christ.

After Harka graduated, he returned to his village and finished high school. He shared with me about his hopes to get a bachelors degree in college, but now he is doing a job cutting wood to help provide for his family. He has a beautiful wife, a son and a daughter.

Harka left his village and his father and mother to do ministry in new places. Earlier we went to the area (that Harka has now moved to) and shared the Gospel. During that time we found a home and contacted the house owner. Harka is now renting that house for his family and church. There are now 11 members in his church. Pray for Harka’s ministry to reach the unreached people.

God loves people who are lepers. So, we also love them, teach them, equip them and love to serve them. Pastor Anand and I, as well as our dear students, are doing Bible study with them every Friday. Our students are learning and practicing: “How to preach,” How to serve,” & “How to have fellowship.” By the grace of God, we are teaching the book of 1st Samuel every Friday. Altogether, 15 to 20 people attend our Bible study. Please pray for more unreached people around the leper colony to come to our Bible study. God is using me to train the believers who are lepers and to raise them up in God’s Word. I am doing ministry at the leper colony also. I also have a home church service every Saturday online, as well as a gathering fellowship with brothers and sisters.

By the grace of God, this semester I am teaching the Gospel of John. I love to teach my dear students. They also enjoying learning. In my home church, I am teaching Philippians. I love to teach and equip others through the book of Philippians. Paul taught the great lesson of how to have joy in Christ in every pitiful condition. We counted the word “Joy” 19 times. It was great to rejoice in Christ. Paul rejoiced in Christ even when he was prison. He also prayed for and encouraged his fellow brothers and sisters. We also should do that in Christ– raise up others and encourage them and uplift them in Christ during the hard times in ministry.

My beautiful wife is also helping me and helping with Calvary Bible Institute. She raises up young and old women in God’s Word. She is teaching Bible Study where many sisters and mothers from different churches gather online. She already finished teaching Genesis during the last year and a half, by going through every chapter and every verse. Now she is teaching Daniel every week on Sunday. Pray for her to be able to have a baby. Pray that if she does not have a baby, God will provide a job for her. Others do not like that she has free time only. They will gossip. So to stop gossip, she needs to have a nice job.

Thank you so much for supporting us, praying for us and uplifting us. May God bless every family of Saving Grace World Mission.

Grace and peace,

Your faithful servant,

Rabi and Mahima