Bringing The Good News to Those Who Have Never Heard

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth! (Isaiah 52:7)

This verse reminds me how to be bold in Christ in all circumstances of our lives. We should preach our Living God to un-reached people. We should share our living hope to dead souls who have never heard anything about Jesus Christ. We share, we proclaim, and we declare our Savior’s salvation to many more dead people who were dying having not heard until now about our Savior Jesus.

Preaching in the Most Crowded City 

In the midst of a very crowed city, we three brothers in Christ from different churches shared and proclaimed our Lord Jesus to dead souls. By the mercy and grace of God, we were able to distributed 500 tracts and we personally met each person and told about our Savior. This was a blessed time for me. While we were sharing the Gospel, the police disturbed me, saying “Do not say anything about Jesus.” They turned to show me their temple and suggested that I leave. I slowly moved and went to other side of the road and began again to preach Christ. Many more crowds of people listened to my voice. I was looking at them, and they were thinking about their lives. Please pray for these 500 people. May God protect them and give them life according to His wish and plan.

This semester we had 25 students altogether. One student attended through my facebook site. The student’s father had heard and watched my videos beginning in 2017. He sent his son to our Bible College. Praise God! He is doing amazing work through my social site! Another student came from an area near Mt. Everest. We had been praying for 2 other students for a very long time. Years had passed. Now, God brought them in our Bible school! I mentioned about them before. You all prayed for them and sent some relief items for them during the lock-down. Before, they were living in caves and the forest and slowly they began living in huts. God has now brought these two students to our Bible college. Pray that God will use both of them in mighty ways in their respective villages.

My wife and her group of Bible school students. They share the Gospel with people they meet along their way.

My beautiful wife is also engaging in the mission field. She has been teaching Bible study from Genesis. Now, she is going to be finishing Genesis soon. She took about 6 months to finish this book. Every week on Sunday she is teaching from Viber. Other women and sisters are now requesting she teach from the book of Daniel and Revelations. Pray for her. She is ready to teach them and serve them. She needs a baby also. Pray for her to be able to have a baby in God’s time. We already asked the doctor. The doctor could not do anything. We also couldn’t afford treatment, because the cost of treatment is very high. We are leaving it in God’s hands.

Another important update is about our student who already graduated from Bible college. His name is Harka. He is now planting a church. Please pray for him, as he is planting a church very far from the capital city. This is a place where there are many people crowded together and there is not any churches that we have found. Especially pray for him, that God may provide him financial support to settle there. He has his own family including a wife and two children. He needs support both financially and spiritually to settle and live there. Please pray that God may provide him all things he needs.

This semester, I am teaching through the book of Matthew and the book of Hosea to our students. Please pray that God may provide protection over me and give me good health to serve Him and be always His faithful servant.

Peace and Grace.

Your faithful servant

Pastor Rabi and Mahima