Blessed By God’s Word

Village Christmas Outreach

Thank you so much for helping us and supporting us, as well as praying for our trip and ministry!

On December 23, we had a pre-Christmas celebration in the village. Two of our Calvary Chapel churches also participated. We met the local pastor and leaders of the village church.

At least 200 people came to our services. They were blessed by the sharing of the Word of God from Pastor Aanad. We were able to feed those who came. We also distributed some winter hats/bonnets from my beautiful wife and my online fellowships/social media groups.

Eating at the Christmas Outreach

It was very hard for us to climb the mountain to this village area. Nothing was around to support us or hold on to while we traveled up and down the small narrow path. The people there were very poor, both spiritually and physically. We encouraged them and shared with them about joining our Bible training center. Pray for their lives to be rooted in the Word of God so that in the upcoming days we can take them, teach them, guide them, and disciple them.

Sharing at the Village Christmas Outreach

Grace and Peace,

Rabi and Mahima

Visiting in the Village