Teaching the Word Throughout Summer

Student’s Church Group

During the semester break, we were able to take several trips to different remote parts of the country to teach the Word of God and share the Gospel.

Sharing the Word at Bible College Student’s Village and Church

God gave us an opportunity to visit one of the current students from the Calvary Chapel Pastors Training Center during the semester break. We visited his church in the west. I was able to share the Word of God from the book of James and teach them that it is by faith alone that we are saved and that it is not by our works.

Ministering at a Church in a Remote Area

Ministering in a Remote Place

By the grace of God, we got an opportunity to teach, train and equip them in the Word. God led us to be His witnesses in such a remote place where people don’t know the truth. The people in this region are lacking education, health centers, and proper sanitation. They suffer from malnutrition and there is a lot of early marriage. God took us to several villages to minister to these people during the semester break.  The people are living in the forest area and are cut off from the rest of the world. When they heard the Gospel, they believed in Jesus as their Lord and people are changed! Pray for these people as they are able to eat for six months and then they have 6 months of famine where there is no food in the region. Pray God will provide them with quality education, home shelter, health facilities, transportation and Biblical teaching.

Visit to my Wife’s Home Church

God gave me an opportunity to share the Word of God in my wife’s home village. It was a great honor to be able to visit the place where she is from and to teach the people from the Bible. Even though we are now married and living in the capital, we both have a heart for her home area and the people there.

Rabi and Mahima

Please for for the fall semester that is now underway, that as I teach, and Mahima is a student, that we would both grow in God’s Word and be further used for God’s glory.

Thank you for praying and supporting us,

Rabi and Mahima