Brenna Varga – Pécs, Hungary

Please Pray:
1. For our women’s Bible study groups that are starting for fall semester. Pray for the women participating, that they will grow deeper rooted in Christ and in understanding of God’s word as they study through the book of Colossians together. Pray for Brenna for wisdom and discernment and she lead’s her group.

2. For Johnny as he goes through his last semester of school (electrical engineering), pray the Lord will lead him and help him through the writing of his thesis and other class work.

3. Pray the Lord will provide a solution for our church childcare space, which has been outgrown.

4. Pray for our marriage, that we may continue to grow in love for the Lord and one another.

Thank you for your prayers!

Much love,
Johnny and Brenna – Email Blog


 Matthew and Noelle Harris

We thank God for your prayers over our family.

Praise God:
-The pastors and church leaders have continued growing in the knowledge of God’s Word.

– We have recently been able to start new Schools of Ministry in 2 of the Calvary Chapels here in Gulu.

– Noelle’s mom and a few of her family members will be visiting us this month

Please Pray:
1. The visit of Noelle’s family, that they would maintain good health and be blessed by what God is doing here.

2. The Discipleship School building project, which is nearly completed, and the opening ceremony next month.

3 The new Youth Division of our Soccer Academy, which is aimed at the young men of our community.

4. Our family, that we would have strength, rest, and health both physically and spiritually, as we continue the work that the Lord has given us.

In Christ,
 Matthew & Noelle & Family – Email Blog

Aniku Family – Midigo, Uganda

Please Pray:
1. Pray for the container! Loading and shipping.

2. Pray for the school. We praise God the chicken are starting to lay eggs and we are harvesting our first crops. Pray God will provide for the extra 10 archers, making the farm 30 archers to farm for the 900 students.

3. Pray for the sports ministry. Our season starts this month. We pray for a fruitful year of witnessing and sharing the gospel as we travel all over the country.

4. Pray for health and safety.

5. Pray as we send one of our local church members to medical school. The hospital has been in need of a doctor.

Thank you for your prayers and love!

In Him,
The Aniku’s – Email Blog

Brian and Jill Kanyike – Kampala, Uganda

Praise God:
-We thank the Lord for everyone who supports us and the ministry in Uganda.

-We are thankful for the many people who come through Uganda and South Sudan each year who desire to share the love of God with the people.

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for the pastors and leaders in Masindi as well as the chaplains who came for the refresher course.

2. Pray for the team members who came through to not only have ministered but they left being ministered to as well. Pray for those who had malaria to be completely healed.

3. Pray for the Russians who have now returned to Russia. Pray for their ministries and for their country.

4. Pray for Blessing’s wife and son as they grieve for him. Pray for the church to be a comfort to them.

5. Pray for Brian as he pastors and leads the ministry team at Arise Christian Fellowship.

6. Please prayerfully consider becoming part of the Kanyike Family support team.

Thank you for praying for the Kanyike Family and for the people of Uganda.

In Him,
Brian, Jill, Luke, Laylee, and Liana – Email Blog

Ends of the Earth Ministries

In South Sudan:
Please continue to pray for the nation of South Sudan. Decades of Civil War have collapsed the economy, resulting in mass starvation and desperation. Hopelessness and violence run rampant throughout communities.

Pray for our 500 students that are being daily discipled in the love of God and His Word, so they may lead their nation into a new season of hope.

Pray for the 75 children and young adults in our children’s home and for the Missionary parents that are laying down their lives to provide peace and unconditional love to these precious ones. Please pray for the new churches in the Tauso & Taposa villages. Pray that the pastors and medical staff will have the spiritual and physical tenacity to handle the countless challenges while living amongst Stone-Age tribes.

In Kenya:
Pray for the refugee students in our missionary training college in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. They are fasting and praying as they prepare to return to South Sudan to begin reaching cities across the border in North Sudan, with hopes to plant churches amongst Muslim peoples in 2020-21.

Pray for the Missions Equip Training Programs. We are in the throes of launching two new schools this year.

The first – International School, will be used in Bible Colleges as a complete missions training course. 

The second – Transformation, is a cross-cultural immersion training program, equipping missionaries to assimilate into their new culture while learning the language and world view.  Pray that God would continue to empower, envision and sustain us as we seek to establish nationally led, culturally relevant, biblical-based churches among unreached peoples.

Thank you for your prayers!

Yours for the unreached,
 Rob Douglass – Email Blog


Bond Heather and Breanna – Africa, Asia and USA

Please Pray:
1. Pray for Heather as she is having some health issues and needs healing and wisdom on next steps.

2. Pray for Bond as he teaches Missions Conference on Sept 23 – 25 and that many would be stirred to reach the nations

3. Pray for Bond’s weekly teachings into our campus in S. Asia. Pray for good connection, electricity to work and that they would be equipped for ministry.

4. Pray for our travels to Nepal. Pray for the schedule, for all who will be gathering together and for it to be a fruitful time together with church planters from throughout Asia

Many thanks,
Bond, Heather and Breanna – Email  Blog

Mike and Sarah Vincent – Rosarito, Mexico

Praise God:
– Praise God for the 50+ students we have enrolled in this semester’s church planting classes.  

-Praise God for a blessed visit in September to our church plant in the state of Chihuahua! 

Prayer Requests!
1. That God would bless Brian and Brittany as they prepare to move and church plant in December.  

2. That God would help Sarah and I as we recently moved her father Ted down to live with us here in Mexico.  

Thank you for faithfully praying for us! 

Con mucho amor de Mexico, (with much love from Mexico)
Mike, Sarah, Grace, and Daniel – Email Blog

Paul and Claudia Boubion – Tijuana, Mexico

Please Pray:
1. Biblical counseling ministry

2. Vision, direction for my children’s plans

3. Thanksgiving for miracle and answered prayer for My son!

Thank you for your prayers!

In Him,
Paul, Claudia, Lydia, Poiema and Cristian – Email Blog

Joel and Amy Garcia – California, USA

Praise God:
-Praise God that He has given me new roles and increased responsibilities and opportunities to serve Him! I have taken on the role of Ministry Pastor here at our church, Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. Please pray for wisdom and vision as I oversee the ministries of our church!

-Praise God that He is giving me opportunities to teach! On top of teaching our Young Adults group weekly, I have the opportunity to teach at our upcoming Men’s Retreat, multiple times during an upcoming trip to Nepal, and a couple of Sunday mornings at the church after that filling the pulpit for our Senior Pastor while he is away on a trip to Peru. Pray for the anointing of the Spirit for those times and for the time and diligence to study.

-Praise God that He is opening doors to travel again! Along with one of our SGWM board members, Heather Gaona and her husband Bond, SGWM missionaries Aaron and Jena Garcia, and my friend and church’s Youth Director Isaac Douglass, I am traveling to Nepal in mid-October to represent SGWM, meet ALL of our national workers from South Asia and the Middle East, and put on a conference for all of them to encourage them in their ministries! Pray for strength, guidance, and the Spirit’s filling to represent Him and His Word well on that trip, and for Amy and the kids as they will be home without me for 10 days.

 Love in Christ,
Joel, Amy, Maggie, Harrison, Jude, and Clara –Email  Blog

L.O. – Intern with SGWM

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for my family’s salvation.

2. Please pray for the salvation of my patient and her whole family who are Hindu and Agnostic believers.

3. Currently I am at 53% of my on-going monthly support and I need 80% in order to move to South Asia in December. Please pray God would raise up more people to partner alongside my future husband and I so that we can reach our goal of 80%.

4. Please pray for God’s grace to enable me to be a learner. As I will be moving to South Asia soon and getting married and partnering with my soon to be husband in life, church, ministry. I will be learning the native language and how to live and minister in that culture.

Thank you for your friendship and financial partnership. I am grateful for you.Our aim is to make His name known among the nations.

God bless you,
L – Email

Tim and Jenn Pappas – California, USA

Praise Report

 -Praise God Tim gets to officiate the wedding and has been able to do biblical premarital counseling with them

-Praise God he has strengthened Jenn as she has worked full-time since the day she got back from Mexico. We’re thankful for the much-needed income

-Praise God for our good health

-Praise God for His guidance and the opportunities He gives us

Prayer Report:
1. Please pray for our faithfulness to what God has entrusted us with

2. Please pray for the salvation of Jenn’s boys Andrew and Stanley 

3. Please pray for Jenn’s oldest son Nathan and his fiancé Austins wedding in October. 

All for His Glory,
Tim and Jenn – Email Blog

Jana Sandbulte – Indiana, USA

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for my parents’ health. 

2. I have been having pain in my neck for about a month; please pray that God will heal it or that I will find out the cause and how to treat it. 

3. Please pray for my children, as we have begun a new school year. 

4. Please pray for the nursing home/assisted living ministry that I am a part of; that God will give me words of encouragement to say that speak truth and wisdom from His Word. 

5. Please pray for me to manage my time wisely, according to God’s priorities. 

Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless you,
Paul, Jana and Sari, Kaylee, and Rose – Email Blog

Joni Houser – Indiana, USA

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for God to lead me, as I am seeking more opportunities for evangelism. 

2. Please pray for my Dad’s health and for the doctors to have wisdom. He has been having lightheadedness, nausea, and vomiting for the past few weeks and the doctors are running tests.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

God bless you!
Joni – Email Blog


Craig and Daisy Tippie – Huacho, Peru

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for our last leg of our fund-raising trip, we have one more church to share with and the CCBC in Twin Peaks as well.

2. Pray for health and provision.

3. Pray that the SOM needs will be met, and our interns remain faithful!

4. Pray for us to return home to Peru safe and sound

Thank you from our hearts, 
Daisy and Craig – Email Blog

The 10/40 Window

The 10/40 Window is a rectangular geographic area stretching from North Africa through the Middle East to Asia, covering 68 countries. Two-thirds of the world’s population live within the 10/40 Window.
Three out of every five people in the 10/40 Window have no access to the gospel. According to the Joshua Project, 68.6% of the 10/40 Window’s ethnic groups (5,984) are considered unreached, with a total population of 3.09 billion.

(Some names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.)

Worker 14 and Family

Prayer Requests
1. Please pray for upcoming changes to our ministry and family life.

2. Pray for wisdom in the “when/where/how” we need to answer this next month.

3. Pray for wisdom in the team we need to build as we move forward in reopening the Bible training center.

4. Pray for more co-laborers to come alongside us in monthly support. We’ve had to update our budget this summer and realise we’re in serious need.

5. Pray for the opportunity to purchase a motorcycle for our family. A need recently arose with the changes in our family. We’re looking at buying something in the next month while a special discount offer is going on across the State.

Thank you for interceding on our behalf and lifting up the Lord’s work in our country

God bless you,
14 and family

Darryl and Kayo Record – Cambodia

Prayer Requests:
1. We spent from the middle of June to the beginning of August in Japan; we visited churches there. After we returned from there, please pray for fruit from those visits.

2. Now that we are all recovered, we are restarting our previous ministries (apologetics/evangelistic videos, magazine editing, video production, ministry to Chinese living in Cambodia, and helping Precious Women organization). There are also new opportunities and partnerships on the horizon. All of these things are good things, and we thank God for these open doors. Please pray for wisdom to keep all of these small projects in balance.  


God Bless!
Darryl, Kayo, and Benjamin – Email Blog

Worker 11 – 10/40 Window

Praise God:
-Thank God that God is keeping me and my family safe from every trouble, trouble and trouble.

-Thank God that my friends came from the South and God kept them safe and we were encouraged by them.

-Thank God that my younger sister and some of her friends have come to our house to accompany us to the ministry and preach the gospel, counselling, teaching action songs to children and through drama about the Lord Jesus Christ telling.

-Thank God that God arranged for a new movie projector. And may God also arrange a sound system to use the projector, a projector screen and a mike for preaching the gospel in the days to come.
Prayer Requests:
1. Kindly pray that people may remain stable in all kinds of persecutions. 

2. Pray that there are a lot of outreaches to be done in these days; may God protect us and spread the gospel to as many people as possible.

3. Pray that God provide employment in my area because many believers are migrating from our area to big cities for employment.

4. May God bring the resurrection to all our little house churches and that people may be steadfast and strong in the faith and in the word of the Lord.

5. Pray that in our Bible study about 99% of the people who come illiterate can understand the word of the Lord more deeply. 

6. Pray that for our local pasters here that God will give unity among the people of every organization so that we all can face the coming persecutions together. 

7. Pray that in the coming days that during our conference, God will fulfill every need of theirs.
8. Pray that my church can be registered so that in the coming days, we can get help from it in case of persecutions.

Thank you!

God bless you for your prayer, support and Christian love.

Worker 12 – 1040 Window

Praise God:       
 -A new family accepted Lord Jesus Christ. 

– I thank God because we have started two new house churches in New Place and now we are running three house churches.  

-Every Friday, I and some of my colleagues started the prison ministry, this is the biggest jail in Uttarakhand, in which there are many young people who are in jail for some reason or the other, I thank God for teaching those people.  

– Got the opportunity We did a medical camp in our village which benefited many people and got well done by the mercy of the Lord.  

Please Pray:
1. Many newcomers have heard the gospel, praying for them to speak and communicate with the living Word of God from their hearts. 

2. Some new families have come to Christ to pray for them to grow and glorify God’s words even more. 

3. I am sifting the house from here praying that God will guide me and give all the arrangements and financial support because the rent of the new house is too high for me.

4. Praying the tires of the bike are too old and have to be replaced every day one has to go far away for the ministry by bike itself and without bike it is not possible to go to different places. 
Thank you so much for your prayers and Love. 

God bless you,
Worker 12

Prakash and Muna – Nepal

Praise God! 
-The new semester of Bible College has started.

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for the spiritual revival at Charis Bible Church Kathmandu Nepal.

2. Pray that local people around the Church come to know the Lord Jesus and come to the Church for fellowship and Service.

3. Please pray for CC Hetauda and CC Janakpur that people around the may know the Lord and come to The Church.

4. Please pray for good health and study of CC Bible College Nepal.

5. Please pray for upcoming Pastor’s conference and graduation program in Nepal- pray for the safe journey of all our guests from within Nepal and out side of Nepal.

Thank for your prayers!

Prakash and Muna – Email  Blog

Rabi and Mahima – Nepal

Please Pray:
1. Pray for upcoming Pastor’s conference to be successful; God may do a mighty work in Nepal.

2. Pray for the up-coming graduation for our dear students. May God give them vision to do ministry.

3. We share gospel to unreached people they might me save and accepted Jesus.

4. Pray our Dear brother Harka who graduated and now is doing ministry in his church plant in a new area. May God provide his financial needs, and that people will hear gospel and accept Jesus as their savior.

5. Pray our believers will grow and those that left come back.

6. Pray God will help our health to be produce our child. The doctor couldn’t do anything, so we left to work. May God provide in His own time.

Thank you for your prayers!

Grace and Peace,
Rabi and Mahima – Email Blog

Anand and Usha – Nepal

Praise God:
– Thank you, prayer warrior for praying for us. God had been changing life our Bible college students, because of His Word. During the coming days we are expecting a great harvest.

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for our good health.

2. Please pray for the upcoming South Asia conference in Nepal.

3. Please pray for the people who will be traveling for the South Asia conference.

4. Please pray for the students; that God may speak with them continuously in this last month of the semester.

Thank you for faithfully praying

God bless you,
Anand, Usha, Asher and Amos – Email Blog

Worker 15 and Family – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray that the Lord will give my wife, V, good health. 

2. Please pray that our new students this year will be prepared for the work of the Gospel and pray for God’s protection as the radicals are targeting Christians in our area. 

3. May the Lord help us to be humble in our hearts and follow His footsteps in everything that we do. 

Thank you for your prayers!

Co-workers in Christ,
Pastor 15 and Family

Worker 3 – 10/40 Window

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Please Pray:
1. By God’s grace we have been doing wonderful. Thank you so much for your valuable prayers.

2. Do continue to pray for the growth and need of our local Church.

3. Please continue to pray for our Bible School.  

4. Kindly pray for me and my family; may the Lord use us for the expansion of His kingdom.

Thank you very much for your prayers!

God bless you.
3 and Family

Worker 9 – 10/40 Window

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for me and for the other teachers, that we will be blessings and good teachers to the Bible school students.  

2. Pray for the students, that they will also grow in the Word and be well-equipped to be used to expand the kingdom of God in their home areas.  

Thank you so much for your prayers.

God bless you,
Worker 9

Worker 16 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for my children, that they will grow in the knowledge and fear of the Lord. 

2. Please pray for God’s wisdom and strength to take care of my children and learn His Word. 

3. Please pray for the Bible College students, that they will grow and learn the Word of God. 

4. Please pray that the Bible College will run smoothly. 

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,

Worker 7 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for this upcoming season, that my desire would be the desire of all the youngsters in the church as I seek to disciple them. The school break for them will be a great time to focus on the growth of their spiritual lives.  

2. My mother is doing a little better than previous months, but still requiring oxygen. God has been so faithful in providing her medical needs this past year; please continue to pray for her complete healing. 

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,

Worker 13 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please continue to pray for our ministry here in the mountain area. 

2. Please pray for the villages here, that God will open more doors for us to share His Word with them. 

3. It is not easy to share God’s Word here in the district that we live in. Please continue to pray that God will change the people’s hearts here. 

4. Please pray for our believers here, that they will grow in God’s Word and stay strong. 

5. Please continue to pray for our church building construction, that God will provide some funds and we will be able to finish the work before Christmas. I am praying that we will be able to celebrate this Christmas in the new building. 

6. Please pray for my family and my needs; may God provide them. 

Thank you so much everyone for your love in Christ!

God bless you,

Worker 6 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Pray for our church to grow more in love and unity. 

2. Pray for our new church plant in the village. 

3. Pray for Brother P’s church plant to grow. 

4. Pray for our student B; he is ill and his liver is infected. 

5. Pray for the conference in our country, that it would be blessing to all and everyone would be refreshed and have safe travels.  

6. Pray for chairs; we need to buy 30 chairs for the church and also 2 more sound speakers and cables. Pray for God’s provision.  

7. Pray for my family’s good health. 

Thank you! 

God bless you,

Majhiya and Sarita – Nepal

Please Pray:
1. We have found the opportunity to share with others about Jesus! Praise the Lord! Please pray for more open doors.

2. We conduct small house fellowship services. Please pray for unbelieving neighbors who have joined us sometimes, as they are curious and confused during this time of lockdown. Pray that their hearts will soon be changed.

3. Please pray for our health and safety.

4. Remember us in your prayers for His guidance in upcoming days and pray that God will open the hearts of our neighbors for salvation.

Thank you for faithfully praying for us

Majhiya and Sarita

Milan Pariyar – Nepal 

Prayer Requests:
1. Please pray for me and my family, that we will remain healthy. 

2. Pray for my brother, M, as he joins me in the ministry. 

3. Pray for the new believers here who just publicly showed they are following Jesus. 

4. Pray for financial provision to be able to start a family buffalo farm so that we can support ourselves

Thank you,

Worker 2 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. For me, that I will grow in the Word and in the knowledge of the Lord and be His bold witness. 

2. That the Lord will open the hearts of the people whom I have shared the Gospel with.

3. For my church’s growth, that more and more people will be saved and be added to the church.

4.For God’s wisdom and strength to do the work of the Gospel.

5. For my family members to grow in the Word.

Thank you so much once again for your prayers. 

Worker 2

Worker 4 – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray for our students

2. Please pray for new believers3. Please pray for our safety.  Thank you for your prayer and support! 

Yours in Christ,

Raju – 10/40 Window

Please Pray:
1. Please pray that all the believers of our church will learn the Word and be filled with His knowledge and wisdom and become doers of the Word also. 

2. Please pray for me, that God will help me to grow spiritually more and more every day of my life. 

3. Please pray for the need of a church building for our church. 

4. Please pray that God would add new numbers to the Church members. 

5. Please pray that by the means of social works through our church, we will be able to reach out to the people. 

6. I am getting married this November; please keep me in your prayers. 

Thank you for your prayers.

God bless you,
Raju – Blog

Worker 10 – 10/40 Window

Thanks be to the Lord that God has kept you and us together, and thanks be to the Lord who blesses each and every one of us and saves us from every danger! Thank you also to those who continuously pray for us! 

Please Pray:
1. First of all, pray for the villages in our area, where some people are against the people of God; pray for God to change their hearts. 

2. Pray for the leaders here who are members of the anti-Christian party, who do not want the kingdom of God to come. Pray for those leaders, that God will change their hearts. 

3. Pray for the believers of my church, that they will be strong in the Word. 

4. Pray for my life, that God opens new doors for me so that I can share the gospel of God to all of the people in my area.  

5. The government has a record of our mobile phone number to keep an eye on us because of our Christianity. Pray that God will help us and will bring those who belong to the anti-Christian government group into faith. 

6. Pray for the believers in my village who are students; pray that they can change their lives with the blessings of God. 

7. Pray for my mom who had surgery. She is now taking liver medicine; pray for her to get well soon. 

8. Pray for some of our believers who want to publicly show their faith in Christ; pray that God will prepare them completely. 

9. Pray for our region, that God will change the hearts of all the people here and walk in God’s path. 

10, Pray for my brother who has exams in December; that his exams will go well with God’s blessings. 

Thank you for your prayers!

God bless you,

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.” – Hebrews 13:3 

Thank you for praying! Your prayers are impacting lives and helping, “Reach the Nations…One Soul at a Time.”

 Saving Grace World Missions