You Matter

First of all, let me report to you that it has been an absolutely incredible month. I am so grateful for the people that I have in my life and the people that I have been able to meet as I have journeyed forth in this calling the Lord has placed on my life. The Lord has been impressing upon my heart how much people matter. It might seem hard to believe but in ministry, I have found that I can get so busy with tasks, moving from one project to another, that I blow right past the people the Lord has put in my path to minister to or even those He wants to use to minister to me. Sometimes I feel like Martha and I have to remember what the Lord said to her, that she had been distracted by serving. In a new and deeper way the Lord has put on my heart the importance of people, the importance of relationships, the importance of community and I value you all so much.

As I minister to and connect with missionaries all around the world, I hear the same thing from them, that me connecting with them means so much to them. As I reach out to those who have gone out, I use a variety of approaches, such as, email, phone calls, Skype, Facebook messenger, and personal visits. The overwhelming response of appreciation is confirmation that I am doing what the Lord has called me to. The Lord truly has called me to be a missionary to the missionaries.

I’ve been especially blessed to be able to spend time with missionaries who have come to the states on furlough. Each one of them has told me how much it would mean if SGWM would come visit them. This confirms to me the importance of short-term missions. We have all heard that short-term missions don’t change the world but I believe that they do create world changers. Another benefit of short-term mission trips is the edification, exhortation and encouragement of those on the field. Emails are good, FaceTime is fine, but I believe nothing replaces sitting in their living rooms with them and sharing their lives with them.

I have known since before I started here at SGWM that this was the Lord’s desire and plan for me and I am excited to see what He is going to do in and through me in this area.

I truly appreciate your prayers as I continue to move forward in seeking the Lord’s will for me. I am still in need of people who wish to partner with me financially. I am most appreciative of you who have joined me in this area and I’m grateful that I have reached 1/4 of my monthly needs. If the Lord leads you to join me financially, you can do so by clicking here to become a financial partner or mailing your support check to

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All for His Glory,


That’s What I Said

During this past month, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in what we call Missions Sunday here at my home church Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. This was a great opportunity to bring awareness to the congregation about the amazing work the Lord is doing among the nations through missionaries who set aside everything and sacrificing so much for the furtherance of the gospel.

During the main services, I was able to participate in a five-person Q&A panel from Saving Grace World Missions (SGWM). Our goal was to shed some light on the way SGWM gets to be used by the Lord in the Great Commission

All of us on the panel received an overwhelmingly positive response. Time after time, people expressed to me that they had no idea of all works SGWM was involved in. All I could keep thinking to myself  was “that’s what I said.” I had no idea when I first came on with SGWM how many areas of our missionaries lives this organization touches and how much there is to do in caring for them. As I transitioned from my 17-year career as a chemical dependency counselor to my new role here at SGWM there were times when I had great difficulty describing what it is I’m doing as I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of training and details that go into missionary care.

God used the panel discussion, along with several other divine appointments, to really help solidify in my mind the role I play here at SGWM and the plan He has for us as an organization and I am surer now than ever before that I made the right decision. I am filled with more excitement today for the calling God has on my life than ever before.

Another one of the incredible things I got to do this month was to lead the Bechtel family, one of our newer SGWM missionary families, on a vision tour to Rosarito, Mexico. While visiting Calvary Chapel Rosarito we were able to sit in on their church planting class and spend time with other pastors and missionaries there to glean wisdom on what the Lord might have for the Brechtel’s.

It is truly a privilege to walk this road with so many missionaries whose hearts are to share the Gospel and bring glory to God where ever He might call them. Thank you for joining me on this journey and investing your time in reading this update and faithfully praying for me.

There are three ways you could partner with me in this ministry.

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All for His Glory,

Tim Pappas

Time Flies By

First of all, let me wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and it’s so true! A few weeks back I had a starry-eyed Holy Spirit filled Jesus loving new believer, (a young man at our church who shall remain nameless) look at me one day with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen and declared to me “you have the best job ever,” and you know what? He’s right.

I used to think I had the best job in the whole world as I labored to walk men out of the deceptive tragedy that drugs and alcohol addiction brings to a persons life. I had a front row seat to see what the Lord could do in a man’s life if they would only surrender all to Him. Now don’t get me wrong, to a large degree I still think that I had the best job in the whole world working at Pacific Hills treatment center, but God has now allowed me to participate in an even greater calling on a global level.

I don’t know how to adequately represent what has gone on over the last few months as I engage in God’s call upon my life and as I get to participate in the furtherance of the gospel around the world. One aspect of my job that excites me to no end is that I am able to serve missionaries who are ministering to completely unreached people groups. My role so far is to assist in directing the administration portion of Saving Grace world missions as well as participating on an active level in missionary care. I reach out to missionaries and help to build bridges between them and the Home office, letting them know that they are not forgotten or alone out there while sharing the love of Christ and strengthening them and they’re calling. I am apart of an incredible team of men and women who are serving our missionaries. This team is comprised of folks who assist missionaries in the area of pastoral care, administration, missionary training, social media and public relations, financial management, counseling and all around personal care for those that sacrifice so much to reach those who do not know the Lord Jesus and have no assurance of salvation.

In Closing, I would like to praise the Lord for those that He is brought alongside of me as financial partners in this calling. I Thank you all so much for your generous support, love, and prayers. Thanks to you I am nearly 1/4 the way to meeting my monthly needs. Again I see this as exceedingly abundantly above what I can even ask or think as this has been one of the most difficult areas of growth for me in asking for help. Thank you all so much and a very Merry Christmas to you.

Some Might Say I’m Crazy

For the last 17 years I have been able to serve the Lord on the front lines of the battle by doing ministry at Christ-Centered Residential Chemical Dependency treatment. I have had a front row seat to see the power of God in the transformation of men’s lives as we worked through the trauma, grief, abuse, neglect, and various other issues that arise from lives lived in rebellion to God. I have had the privilege of seeing men turn their lives back to the Lord, or come to Him for the first time ever, and get set free from the grip of the enemy and the bondage of sin.

Several Years ago the Lord began to provoke my heart with the great need of the nations for the gospel. Not fully knowing what to do with this, I began the journey on a path of short-term mission trips where it became clear to me that the Lord was calling me to full-time engagement in His great commission both in over sea’s ministry as well as here in the states. I have been able to travel to India 3 times, Haiti 3 times, Nepal, Belize, and Mexico over 30 times. During these trips, I’ve been able to teach the word of God in School of Ministry settings, do local outreaches, engage in feeding programs, medical clinics, orphanage work etc, all while sharing the love of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others.

Here In the states, I’ve been able to be involved in outreach to the Muslim community through door to door witnessing in refugee communities, street witnessing outside of Mosques and leading a team of 10 to Phoenix, Arizona for a week-long trip to there Arabic festival. For over five years now I have also had the privilege of pastoring two church plants in Alzheimer units in Yorba Linda, CA. I have also been able to engage in inner-city outreaches in Watts, CA, street witness and evangelize at malls, beaches, and parks.Two weeks ago I lead a team to Texas for disaster relief of Hurricane Harvey and this weekend I will lead a team of 14 young adults (some not so young) to Rosarito Mexico.

All this is not to give me glory or credit, but to give glory to our Great God and King who wishes that none should perish. The God who desires all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth, has allowed me to take part in the furtherance of the Gospel… WOW.

A few months ago I stepped out of my 17-year career and moved forward in what I believe was a call from the Lord that took place several years ago. This call was to be directly involved in overseas missions. At first, I was sure that I was headed overseas to plant a church. But, in what I believe to be the sovereign hand of God, the door opened for me to serve full-time at Saving Grace World Missions. I am now involved in cross-cultural missions and directly involved in the lives of missionaries as the Assistant Director. Daily I work towards serving and equipping missionaries to share the Gospel around the world. I will also continue to lead short-term mission teams both stateside and abroad. This kind of schedule and ministry enables me to stay in the states to care for my elderly mom with Alzheimer’s and, at the same time, move forward in the call God has on my life in this new season.  All of this is a step of faith for me and I am now actively in the process of raising support. This is also something new to me and I would ask that each of you would pray for me as I seek to raise enough funds to provide for my daily necessities, local outreaches, and short-term missions trips. I truly appreciate your prayers as I continue to seek the Lord and His will for my life.


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All for His Glory,

Tim Pappas