No greater Joy this July!

Hey family and friends! PLEASE join us for our 3rd annual barbecue in Fullerton this July 13, 2024 from 2-6pm for our annual family ministry update! Food will be provided. Please text Marlene Grove at

714-981-4469 for address and to RSVP!

Hello friends and family! 

While Claudia and I have been married 26 years, we are like all parents who are most joyful when our children are doing well!

In fact, one of our favorite Bible verses is

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.” 3 John 4


Here are a few milestones we have reached this month!

  • On July 6th, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being in Mexico!
  • Our son Cristian graduated with honors from Santillana del Mar high School in Rosarito!
  • Claudia will have completed one whole year, leading the new women’s bilingual Bible study (Women of Worth and Purpose/Mujeres de Valor y Propósito)
  • Poiema completed her first year of Bible college at CBI Peru.
  • Natalie earned her Masters in Education and finished her first year teaching high school Biology. She also moves to Texas very soon!
  • Lydia and Geoff Hamano reached 6 months as newlyweds!
  • Claudia and I have completed two years overseeing the Biblical Counseling ministry!

Claudia and I get to do many exciting things as we serve the Lord at Calvary Rosarito. Here are a few photos from our lives the past month.

Serving as a Pastor at Calvary Rosarito

After a recent staff meeting at a park, we went for a hike!
Every Monday at 10:30, I get to lead our English staff prayer meeting!
We had the great blessing of baptizing Poiema!
We have a new podcast called, “After the Sermon” on Spotify! You can listen here!
This is Iris & Enrique! A couple I have been helping on their path to legal marriage!
Staying healthy with the Calvary Bike Gang! This is our prayer stop!
My great friend Pastor Wilson and I enjoying Father’s day at Casa Boubion.

Claudia’s Mission trip to Morelia, Michocan to host a Women’s Conference with Calvary Living Way, Morelia!

Claudia got to encourage the ladies in Morelia!
Women of Worth and Purpose, Biblingual Womens’ study every Thursday at 6:30 pm. Women are also invited to watch online. If you are interested request to be facebook friends
Poi and Claudia enjoying a moment with Debbie Bryson at the annual women’s retreat!
Our daughter Natalie at Sacramento State finishing her MA in Curriculum & Development. She is moving to Midland Texas for her next job!
Cristian graduated with Honors at Santillana Del Mar in Rosarito. Imagine 3 years in Spanish! Bien hecho hijo!
Celebrating Poiema’s 20th birthday at Casa del Pescador in Puerto Nuevo! It was a BIG blessing to have my mom join us too! Shout out to Geoff and Lydia as well as Natalie and Marcus Salinas!
Fenn, Sparky, and Cristian in the canyon by our house! We’re seeing more rattlesnakes than ever! Cuidado!

Claudia and Poiema VOTED in the recent elections in Mexico. All my children are dual national citizens and have the “INE” voting card!

Praise reports

  1. We celebrate living 3 years in Mexico!
  2. Our children are all on track and moving forward!
  3. Poiema decided to be baptized! (3 John 4)
  4. MDVP bilingual women’s study completes 1 year anniversary!
  5. Leading the Counseling ministry 2-year anniversary!
  6. The Gospel is preached after every service and on average 10 people respond to the altar call each week!
  7. We are blessed to see over 20 baptisms a month!

Prayer Requests

  1. For continuing the priority of our relationship with Jesus daily (prayer and Bible)
  2. For my discipleship group (Jorge, Sergio, Marco Antonio, Roberto & Victor)
  3. MDVP bilingual women’s study: for the ladies to be prepared for every good work God has prepared for them to fulfill.
  4. Safe travels for Poiema in Peru and continued growth while at CBI
  5. Training for competent future biblical counselors
  6. Developing a web resource for our counseling ministry
  7. For the Cordova family, my beloved first cousins, as we grieve the sudden loss of my cousin Adrienne. She leaves behind her son Miles and daughter Adelina.
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God is Good All the Time!

By Paul Boubion, May 2024 family update!

This is my dad and me about 8 or 9  years ago. He loved his hats and beanies! This March 14, 2024, at the age of 89, he went home to be with his Lord.

Have you heard this phrase? “God is good all the time! And all the time, God is Good!”

Does it sound cliché? Is it true? As we all struggle through trials and tribulations, we may wonder, “where is God?” This is what the Psalmist sang 3000 years ago:  “My tears have been my food day and night, While they continually say to me, “Where is your God?” – Psalm 42:3 

My father LOVED Psalm 42 and shared it many times! I will always remember how he quoted verse 1:

As the deer longs for the running waters, 

so my soul longs for you, O God

When my dad could still think clearly, he longed to be with the Lord. He continually repeated “I love God” and “God is Love” even as dementia took him. We have been saying goodbye for many years. 

I had a great father and loved him dearly! I miss him, but I am eternally grateful to God for him! 

Yet, I will see him again! I hope all who read this will be part of the Heavenly multitude worshipping and praising God before his throne (that’s described at the end of the Bible!) Thanks be to God! 

I leave you this thought found throughout Scripture as we all experience loss and trials: 

Why am I so sad? Why am I so troubled? I will put my hope in God, and once again I will praise him, my savior and my God.” Psalm 42:11

Thank you, to everyone for your love and condolences!

‭We have been living in Mexico for nearly 3 years. I have been reflecting on the great blessing it has been to serve the Lord here and how much we have learned! A special thanks to all you who take the time to read these updates and support us!

Biblical Counseling Mini-Conference

In March, we organized our annual Biblical Counseling mini-conference! This is the first time we planned an evening conference to be available to working individuals who may not be able to attend on Saturday! It was well attended.

Teaching the main session on March 16th.

The Bilingual Women’s study:

 “Women of Worth and Purpose” recently made its first local mission trip to Calvary Otay to do a women’s event. For some of the ladies, this was their first mission trip and they loved it! 

Calvary Otay women’s conference May 4th
Claudia leading a team to Calvary Otay in Tijuana.

Poiema is at CBI Peru for the semester and will return for the Summer soon!

Poiema at an outreach in a local park in Trujillo, Peru

Cristian continues to enjoy his last year of Preparatoria and is constantly studying Spanish vocabulary and grammar as he prepares to attend college in Mexico next year. 

Our dogs Fenn and Sparky are loving life in Mexico!

Teaching and Translating

Recently we had the blessing of receiving Rob and Heidi Douglass from CCSG and Ends of the Earth Ministries where Rob is the director. He taught our Church Planting class and the church congregation on Wednesday night where I got to translate him into Español! (Check out Rob’s message on Youtube)

My main ministry is pastoring and helping through our Biblical Counseling ministry, but occasionally I get to teach! I had the privilege of teaching our Wednesday night Bible study in the Book of Acts on April 17. Here is the link!

We stream services on Facebook live and then save them to our Youtube channel.

Claudia and I will be teaching on Women’s Ministry and Biblical Counseling at the 2024 Church Planting conference.

2024 Church Planting Conference, August 2-3

My next big project is to create a website for our counseling materials in Spanish and English and make it available through our church website

Prayer requests:

  • For our children
  • Claudia to co-lead the women’s bilingual study with wisdom, grace, and love.
  • Biblical Counseling ministry: to better manage the growing number of people requesting help.
  • Balance our family life, parenting, and above all, time with Jesus individually.
  • For my mom Joanne and our desire to visit her more frequently.
  • The upcoming Church Planting Conference this August 2-3, 2024
  • Claudia will be leading her first missions trip to Morelia June 20-24. Logistics, finances, and spiritual & physical health for each member of the team.

Praise Reports!

  • Women’s bilingual Bible study is going great! Including a Facebook live stream! Thursdays @6:50pm
  • Successful missions trip to Calvary Otay Mesa 
  • Counseling is going great for Claudia!
  • Paul exited teaching at the rehab clinic and is now discipling men Thursday nights
  • Cristian is doing great at school, church, and personally.
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New Year, & New ministry Opportunities

February 3, 2024

Greetings family, friends, and fellow co- laborers! (If you missed the December post, check out our missionary blog at:

We have been experiencing new beginnings, new ministry opportunities, new friendships, new things to pray for and marvellous things God has and will show us as we recommit spending time in His word daily. 

We are very happy and privileged to share with you our ministry opportunities for 2024. This is your spiritual fruit as you have been with us in prayer, financially and believed in us. 

Claudia and I as well as a group of gifted brothers and sisters meet with folks weekly for counseling!

Bilingual Women’s Bible study

Mujeres de Valor y Propósito”- “Women of Worth and Purpose”.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

Ephesians 2:10

Our Thursday night bilingual study is based on this beautiful Bible verse!! 

Our heart is to equip and disciple ladies the Lord brings to our study on Thursday evenings, and even using Facebook Live!

 How do we equip and disciple them? 

  • Serving with them, 
  • mission trips, 
  • bible study, 
  • praying for them,
  •  personal devotions,
  •  praise & worship, 
  • taking the New Believers classes then baptism and finally our Pillar class! Then possibly later…
  • Signing up for our Doulos school of ministry and so much more! 
Lupita Hurtado and I welcoming our ladies.

This year I am co-leading the study with a future church planting pastor wife. I have the privilege of helping my very gifted friend Lupita become even better equipped ! She helps me in all that this ministry entails as she prepares for her future women ministry one day. Praise God!

Reaching more of our ladies through Facebook live!

We have, God willing, 3 mission trips on the calendar to go and encourage the pastors wives and their ladies. Churches that have been sent out from Calvary Rosarito.

Missions trips with Women of Value and Purpose (Mujeres de Valor y Propósito)

  • March 23 –Ensenada, day conference 
  • May 4 –Otay, day conference 
  • June 20-24 –Morelia, weekend conference 


Continuing on to discipleship. I have the privilege of discipling women one on one. It’s about a 3 month study. Called, “First Love”, it’s for all ages it may say youth but trust me it’s for all ages. I have the blessing of sitting with each lady the Lord brings to me. It doesn’t end when we finish our study but it continues, how do you ask they want to go and pour into another sister and sit with her and go through the study, that is amazing. I always say no book, or program is the end all for all to fix each issue. It’s just one more tool in your process of sanctification. I am not, the book, the program is not your savior, it’s Jesus Christ and Him alone. 

Pressing ahead with biblical counselling, it has been a blessing to sit with and speak on the phone with ladies who request biblical counselling. God’s word is faithful and proven to encourage, give hope, exhort, teach, and transform as long as you put into practice what you hear and learn. Thanks to the Lord the HolySpirit, Paul and our Pastor Mike Vincent I have learned and continue to learn how to counsel biblically. 

Our ministry verse is  2 Timothy 3:16-17

This encapsulates the essence of this ministry that Paul is overseeing and I am blessed to help with. 

God’s Word &  God’s truth set women, men, couples, young & old FREE indeed! 

Paul has an exciting schedule every week!

Reaching men & making new friends.

Cruz and Graciela are new to the church! Claudia and I constantly meet new people in our church patio every week!
Many families move to the border area looking for work and find our great church family!
Sports and food are a great way to reach out to men and make friends!
Edgar and Sal are brothers I meet with weekly! They have preached in the rehab clinic I visit every week!

Teaching in the School of Ministry on a Saturday and visiting our church plants

I had the opportunity to teach a 2 and a half hour class on the Bible and why we consider it to be the infallible Word of God!
Church Planting Conference in Hermosillo, Sonora!

Monthly Baptisms

How exciting to baptize folks every month. This January 21 people were baptized! (That’s my arm with the watch! with some of our pastors!)
It’s hard to say no to your friends! (I played the prophet Isaiah in the Christmas play!) But the prophet Brandon (as Micah) blew us all away!
Church Planting Class!
Our Highest level of training with our greatest level of comitment! We start up again February 12th! I manage the afternoon class. Come sit in if you can come for a visit!

Family Notes:

  • Poiema heads back to Peru February 10th to finish her semester at CBI, Trujillo.
  • Natalie is praying about her future plans and direction as she finishes her first year of teaching a high school biology class in Sacramento and finishing her Masters degree.
  • Cristian graduates  from high school in June. He’s praying & planning to study medicine in Guadalajara. 
  • Ben is doing well and on his way to deciding what he would like to do this new year.
  • Geoff & Lydia are touring Japan in February! Pray for vision as God opens doors for ministering there.
We had many friends over for New Years Eve!
Stay healthy!

Prayer Requests:

  1. That our relationship with Jesus Christ to be our #1 priority
  2. For wisdom in accepting ministry requests,
  3. To Love all people!
  4. Biblical Counseling ministry! For God’s wisdom and understanding
  5. Assisting with Church Planting class starting Feb 12, and teaching Feb 17. (Paul)
  6. Thanksgiving to God for His Provision and the great and exciting work we get to do!
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“United in Christ”

by Paul & Claudia Boubion

Hello family, friends, and fellow co-laborers in the faith,

What an amazing, and fruitful year “2023” has been! Full of twists and turns in the ministry, in our family and in our own personal relationship with Jesus. Yet, God has remained true, amazing, faithful, patient, forgiving and merciful with us! 

Family life

Visiting grandma Joanne and grandpa Octavio in Claremont for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving at the Hamano’s in Menifee. We’re all happy, this was like the 7th take!

Celebrating birthdays 

November 19th, Cristian turned 18! Happy Birthday!

Geoff & Lydia’s wedding coming soon.

Biblical counselling 

My new office and counselling room is taking shape! (those are gifts for the children’s´ministry in the black bags!) We have had a lot of requests for Biblical Counselling this season! Thankful to God, Claudia and I have about 7 additional people helping us!

Bilingual women’s study

“Women of Worth & Purpose.” Equipping & Discipling ladies to be equipped for every good work, God has prepared beforehand for them to walk in.

Church planting visits and conferences 

Attending a women’s retreat in Morelia where I had the privilege of teaching.

Attending a women’s conference in Calpulalpan, Tlaxcala, where I had the privilege of sharing about church planting and getting to visit family and friends.

Paul got to visit The Rock Calvary Chapel in Port Charlotte, Florida. Pastor Aaron Smith and his wife Robbyn were wonderful hosts! That’s the Sunday service. 

My Pastor Mike Vincent of Calvary Rosarito and I in Port Charlotte, FL.

The 2023 Mexico Pastors and Leaders Conference in Mexicali gave me the privilege of saying hello to Pastor Hassan Villegas (CCAcapulco), Pastor Lucho Garcia and wife Nori from Calvary Gracia Lima, Peru! And Pastor John Barrilaro of CC Mexicali where Claudia and I met doing missions work when John and Laurie started back in 1995!

I had the pleasure of connecting with my former pastor David Rosales and his wife Marie at a the Pastors and Leaders conference in Mexicali! Claudia and I were part of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley from 1995-2006.

Newlife Rehab clinic

My friend Hector was rescued from the streets by his sisters a year ago and brought to the clinic in 2022. He was born again through the verse by verse Bible Study I get to do in the clinic every Tuesday night! I had the privilege of baptising him earlier this year. He went to be home with the Lord in October and I got to share the eulogy at his memorial service! 

Men’s Ministry

Pastor Mike and Pastor Ted watching the football game! We find that sports and food is a great way to reach men! Next to me is my new friend Gerardo. Next to him is Mario Vega our next church planter!


Staff meeting on Monday mornings. Getting briefed, equipped and discipled by Pastor Mike Vincent.

We recently celebrated our end of the year servants celebration. The Vincent family singers provided great music!

Patio ministry 

Two friends I get to disciple: Edgar (L) and Salvador (R). We are enjoying a Saturday night service together! Edgar was part of our life group and has gone with me to the rehab clinic and the youth prison to share his Christian testimony. Salvador  has a great heart to worship God and will be accompanying me to the Rehab clinic in 2024!

“2024” plans if the Lord wills:

Bilingual Women’s Ministry missions trips local and far, aswell as Paul’s mission trips:

Mission trips:

-Help host a women’s retreat in Morelia, June 20-24,2024

-Local one day conferences: Ensenada, Otay and Tijuana.

-Host a women’s retreat in Lima, Peru!

-Paul’s trip to Morelia, Oct 4-8, and the privilege of sharing at the retreat. 

Prayer requests:

Women’s Bilingual Bible Study:Continued vision, table leaders, women who attend be equipped and discipled.

Rehab.: Fresh vision and more committed and faithful men to accompany Paul.

Biblical Counselling: counsellors guided by the HolySpirit and counselees strengthened in the Lord.

One day conferences in March and October. Topics, workshops and hearts ready to be taught.

Family: Lydia’s upcoming wedding, Poiema heading to Peru to finish her second semester, Cristian finishing high school and future plans, Natalie finishing her first year as a high school science teacher, while getting her Master’s, Benjamin’s future plans and as for Paul and myself. Keep Jesus first, our relationship second, family and ministry. 

Praising God, for all of our family, friends and co-laborers in the faith. Thank you for partnering with us, believing in us, reaching out to us, praying, financially giving so that  the ministries we are serving in can be encouraged, poured into and have all they need, to fulfil God’s calling and good works He has prepared beforehand that we should walk in. This is your spiritual fruit aswell. Merry Christmas and a very blessed and prosperous new year, spiritually and physically. 

The best is yet to come!


Boubion Family

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Equipped and Equipping

By Claudia Boubion

Hello family, friends, and fellow co-laborers,

I want to start off thanking everyone who has, is and will be holding us up in prayer! 

Wow! God is amazing indeed! He continues to equip folks here in Mexico and beyond!

I am blessed to share with you our new Bilingual Women’s study called, “Women of Worth and Purpose(Mujeres de Valor y Propósito)

Our key verse is Ephesians 2:10 

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Why? Because every woman is valuable and has a purpose in God’s kingdom here and beyond ‘til we see Him face to face. My heart is simply to equip them whether they’re 13 or 113 years old to fulfil their calling for every good work God has prepared for them to step into and glorify God with. We promote HIM, not ourselves, a very good place to be! 

Here’s a question or two:

  1. What good works should a Christian woman or man do? 
  1. What good works are you presently walking in and fulfilling? Because if you are, that’s great! You’re fulfilling your part in His plan of redemption! And, if not, why not? 

Time is of the essence! Jesus is coming soon! May He find us attending to His kingdom business.

(We know that good works do not save or make you more or less approved before God. It’s simply out of love, faith, and obedience that you are! Our approval, acceptance, and favor come from repentance over our sin and believing in Jesus Christ alone to forgive all our sinful actions past, present and future. That’s great news! 

All this to say, is God has allowed and redirected me to begin a new women’s study. Here’s the catch: it is bilingual, the first ever at Calvary Rosarito! Sept 26, was our first meeting. It was great to see new faces, new leaders, and a new enthusiasm.

Our first meeting was a great blessing! We will be studying the book of Psalms, I got to teach Psalm 1 in Spanish. My translator Dannya was a blessing. 

A great time of worship with my friend Mariela and her niece Miroslava (Miri). Truly God is faithful to provide in all areas of this new women’s study!

We’re so thankful for you as you partner with us prayerfully and monetarily, this is YOUR eternal fruit as well! 

POIEMA at CBI in Trujillo, Peru

Poiema is currently attending Calvary Bible Institute and was very busy this week preparing for a large Church Planting conference in Trujillo Peru!

Pastor Dan Valdez, Poiema and Yésica from Calvary Rosarito !

Our pastor Mike Vincent & Pastor Lorenzo Ruiz visited with Poiema at the conference!

Paul teaching at a conference in Hermosillo, Sonora on September 3rd:

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for leader unity, guidance and love for the ladies God brings.
  • Future leaders with the same heart and commitment as the group grows
  • My trip to Morelia, Oct 4-8, I have the privilege of sharing at the retreat. 
  • For Poiema to grow in her faith and vision for her future as she works at CBI Peru. And provision for expenses. She returns in November.
  • Wisdom and energy for Paul as he teaches Tuesdays at a rehab clinic, directs the 1pm church planting class on Mondays, oversees Biblical Counselling and his work with the staff and the executive board. 


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Visiting Peru!


August has been a BIG month for us!

Poiema chose to attend CBI (Calvary Bible Institute) in Trujillo, Perú so I accompanied her as this is a rather BIG step for anyone who has not traveled on a passport! If you’re wondering why people consider Bible Institutes instead of traditional secular universities… it has a lot to do with God’s calling. The universal Christian Church needs workers who know their Bible and want to serve in ministry. Remember that the first universities in the U.S. were started to equip & train and produce ministers and pastors! However, we still have a need for pastors, church planters, and missionaries!

Poiema is now in an exciting place full of adventure and new people. Pray for her!

“Turistiando” being tourists outside of Lima, Peru.
Poiema and I enjoyed a 12-hour layover in Cancún before flying to Lima! (that’s us at the Mayan site Tulum)

Visiting Church Planter Lorezo Ruiz in Peru!

When Poiema and I went to Peru, we had the privilege of visiting our friend Lorenzo Ruiz and his family who live outside of Lima. I planned it so that we arrived in Lima on Wednesday and left Friday so that we could enjoy a few days visiting him and his familia!

In 2022, Lorenzo joined our church planting training school at Calvary Rosarito. He left his wife Rocio and their 3 boys Brayan (12), Angelo (10) and Andriu (7), and came all the way from Calvary Ventanilla outside of Lima, Peru to train with us for one year. I told him we were hoping to visit him and he insisted we stay with him a few days at his house. He said, “Pastor Pablo, I know you Americans are different…. and you like your privacy when you travel… but, I really want you to stay at my house!” Of course, hospitality is a beautiful quality and I discovered that hospitable people like the Ruizes want to be inconvenienced on your behalf to show you their love. Isn’t that beautiful?

Poiema with Marisol (Lorenzo’s sister in law (L) and his wife Rocio (R)

They fell in love with Poiema and now she is family! I told her, from now on, she must stay with them a couple days whenever traveling through Lima!

It is a great privilege to encourage church planters!

I talked with Lorenzo about his plans and vision for these difficult inaugural months. He is basically starting from zero going to a bustling suburb of Lima 15 min from his house. I got to hear and see first hand his plan in action. I gave him words of encouragement and faith as I saw him full of contagious enthusiasm! 

One of the coolest things I saw was a living room full of family and friends that want to follow Lorenzo to Calvary Puente Piedra to assist in the work and be trained. I told him, that is the sign that you are a good leader! You have people wanting to follow!

Thank you!

Finally, Lorenzo and I want to thank all who of you from CCSG that donated funds to Lorenzo in June when we had our ministry update barbecue at the Groves! Finances are always a need and a great blessing. He sends a special thanks to Mike Vincent for the great mentoring and training he got at Calvary Rosarito! 

Also, thank you to those who have been so generous in supporting the Boubions financially! My wife and I were so blessed by your generosity. We have already put those funds to good use supporting our women’s ministry as well as the expenses for visiting and blessing church planters like Lorenzo in Puente Piedra, Peru!! 

Claudia’s Trip to Her Birthplace!

Claudia and my daughter Natalie visited family in Guadalajara, Jalisco while I was in Peru.

They spent their whole time visiting her aunts and uncles and cousins. Her tia (aunt) Araceli accompanied them everywhere including a visit to Guanajuato and San Miguel Allende (two colonial Silver Cities)

Prayer Requests:

  1. That we will always make our relationship and time with Jesus #1
  2. For Claudia, as she develops a new women’s study designed to teach them how to study the Bible verse by verse and teach others! And, to reach the hundreds of women who aren’t being discipled and choose the right day and time for it!
  3. For Poiema as she studies and serves abroad at CBI, Peru with Corey Kilgus! This is a big step of faith! 
  4. For Lorenzo & Rocio and their family to stand firm and unified in their calling to plant Calvary Puente Piedra! For their nascent core team that is forming. For people from all classes and cultures to feel welcomed and loved as they join the church.
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It’s all about us!

By Claudia & Poiema Boubion

Sharing with you our dear family, friends and co-laborers, what amazing things God is doing here in Rosarito, Mexico and beyond!

First things first, priorities, priorities! Devotional time is a must on the mission field!!  Meaning your alone time with Jesus one on one in His word the Bible. Wherever you find yourself living or serving God. Make Jesus first, and everything else will fall into place. 

Matthew 6:33

 -What 3 things do you encourage a new believer to do to encourage her devotional time with Jesus, her first ❤️love? I tell them start with prayer, first ask Him to forgive you for any wrong doing, then ask God to help you understand His word, choose a book of the Bible to read consistently, and grab a notebook and pen because you are showing God you are ready to hear from Him and then live it out.

Now think, what does your devotional time with Jesus look like? If you are, praise God, if not, why not? I encourage you to start now, no time to waste!

Moving on to our Women’s Monday night Spanish Bible study. I have the privilege of co-laboring with these 10 ladies. Our heart is to help the women grow in their faith and relationship with Jesus Christ and raise future leaders amongst them. We have women between the ages of  16-75 and beyond. God is good!

Bible study leaders whom the Lord has blessed this ministry of over 50-70 women to pour into. Please keep us in your prayers, the needs are great.

Concluding with, our church planting pastor’s wives. After visiting a church planting conference, a year ago I saw our pastors spending time with the church planting pastors, but what about the wives of these pastors? So the Lord stirred my heart to do something about it. I have made it a point to spend time individually with the pastor’s wife each time I visit a church plant, pray for them and keep in contact through text. Recently, I visited both Calvary Maranatha in Mazatlan, Sinaloa and Camino Viviente in Morelia, Michoacan. While sitting with these ladies and other pastors’ wives, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking with were of great encouragement to me, as I pray I was to them.

 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Delia Madrid, in Morelia 

Angela Carranza, in Mazatlan

I have sooooo much more to share, but this is all for now. As I began in my update. Our devotional life is of utter importance to stay strong, encouraged, motivated, hopeful, forgiving, merciful, gracious, endure, and fearless for the Lord til He comes again.

Poiema’s time to share:

Youth ministry earlier this year in February, I had the opportunity to start helping and serving with the youth. The youth (specifically the youth girls) have been on my heart for some time and I’m very thankful for the opportunity I have to serve them. In the past few months I have been able to start and lead a small bible study going through some chapters from the book of Proverbs all through the Youversion Bible App. I was then able to host a girls night hangout at my house, which was a lot of fun. We were able to get closer with one another through group games (also thanks to the fact that we weren’t in a huge space, nobody was able to hide in a corner!) and at the end we were blessed to have a small devotion and a time of worship! Besides serving in greeting for our youth group before every service, as well as putting together the group’s activity calendar, that sums up everything I do. Right now we’re trying to put together a girls small group where we will study the book “Lies Young Women Believe”. I am praying that a study like this would be a catalyst for discipleship and spiritual growth in the life of these girls as well as for revival in our youth group!

Serving as a greeter for our youth group before every service on Sunday.

Our girls night, hangout at my house, which was a lot of fun. 

Children’s Ministry

As for my work in the children’s ministry I am a teacher in the second service for the 3-4 year olds. It has been such a blessing and honestly such a learning curve for me having to lead a large group of children with the attention span of 5 seconds. Despite their short attention spans and their young ages, I have learned not to take for granted my role in these kids’ lives! For some of them, my class is the first place they’ll learn or even hear about God. I pray every week for the children in my class that we would be able to instill in them the knowledge that God does exist and that He loves them! 

Poiema taking care of one of her 3-4 year olds at a children’s event at church.

Future plans in Peru

As many of you know, in 2022 I graduated from high school here in Rosarito, 

and for the past few years I have been praying for God’s guidance in my life regarding my next steps. And for the past couple months I believe God has revealed to me what those next steps are. So through many answered prayers and God’s specific confirmation towards this direction, I am confident to say, God willing that I will be attending bible college at CBI Peru in Trujillo. Please pray for me during this time as it is quite the step of faith for me and unlike anything I have ever done before. I am so incredibly excited for what God is going to do these next few months!

        Quote for the month!

Praise reports:

-God is answering our prayers concerning our children’s futures

-God is providing in different ways for ministry and family needs.

-God is opening doors for ministry in exciting places

Prayer requests:

-Keep our priorities straight “Jesus first”, marriage and children to grow and stay strong

-Poiema preparing to go to Bible College in Peru:

mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually.

-Love God’s way: With grace, mercy and forgiveness.

Once again we could not be here or do what God has called us to do without your love, prayers, and support.

 This is your fruit as you co-labor with us ‘til Jesus returns.


Boubion Family 

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Learning How to Counsel Folks!

February 2023 Learning How to Counsel Folks!

Biblical Counseling Ministry

Claudia and I have jumped into the Biblical Counseling ministry since last year ( 2022 ) and it seems to have snowballed! Most folks see counseling from a secular psychology perspective, whereas the Biblical counselor uses the Word of God to help folks turn to God first for the things we struggle with. This does not replace the need for doctors or negate the reality of mental illness and the trauma and scars many of us have, but ultimately we believe these things are the result of the “Fall” described in Genesis chapter 3. Furthermore, we believe and have seen that the inspired Word of God is sufficient to help people work through their problems. Check out our ministry’s subtile from 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Every scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching, for showing mistakes, for correcting, and for training character,so that the person who belongs to God can be equipped to do everything that is good.

2 Timothy 3:16-17

The more we are involved in counseling folks, the more the work looks like DISCIPLESHIP!  This is exactly what Jesus commanded at the end of his earthly ministry! Check out what he said at the end of Matthew’s Gospel:

“Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything that I’ve commanded you. Look, I myself will be with you every day until the end of this present age.”

Matthew 28:19-20 (CEB)
This is from a recent breakfast with our counselors.

A simple example of how this works in Marital Counseling. If you have been  married, you know that your spouse can never meet all your needs. However, God can and does! We point people to Jesus who IS perfect, and has promised

“to NEVER leave us nor forsake us”

(Hebrews 13:5b)

So ultimately, our goal as Biblical counselors is to help people grow in their Christian walk and relationship with Jesus. When God becomes first in your life, the other things are now in their proper place and priority.  

We recently got to visit Israel. This is a photo from the Mount of Olives where Jesus frequently visited.
Claudia visiting our church plant in Monterrey, Mexico.

Prayer requests:

  1. Thanksgiving! For the generous sponsorship our youngest children received to attend the CCSG Spring youth retreat!
  2. Wisdom, patience and strength for Claudia and I as we lead the Biblical Counseling ministry at Calvary Rosarito!
  3. Our church planting school’s 62 students (Claudia and I are mentors)
  4. The folks at NewLife rehab center where we visit every Tuesday.
  5. God to strengthen our communities to be healthy places where folks make friends and flourish and grow.

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How did you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas day 2022

The Boubions have been in Mexico for only 1.5.yr and we just celebrated our 2nd Christmas in Tijuana. This year we got to open up our home to a group of friends from our church community. The US-Mexico border is unique. While people come here from all over the world hoping to cross, there are also many other folks who find themselves in this area without family, without plans. Our local church, Calvary Rosarito, has always been ready with open arms to receive people into our community and church family. Our Christmas celebration was like the church! People from every background and social class, enjoying the Lord together as family.

This season is a great time to show  friends and family the true meaning of Christmas!

God sent His son Jesus to planet earth, to save us lost sheep.

Some of our friends enjoying a fun time on Christmas day in Tijuana!

Do you celebrate Christmas with a tree, a manger, Bible reading?

In Mexico, like everywhere else in the world, there is confusion about this great holiday. We’ve had conversations with people who believe Christmas is a pagan holiday or that the tree is a symbol of idolatry. Here are the verses quoted to me by a friend:

3 For the customs of the peoples [are] futile; For [one] cuts a tree from the forest, The work of the hands of the workman, with the ax. 4 They decorate it with silver and gold; They fasten it with nails and hammers So that it will not topple.”

Jeremiah 10:3-4

This friend of mine said he learned this on YouTube! We talked about the context being about idols and statues people used to bow down to. We had a great conversation about how powerful reading through the whole Bible is and studying it verse by verse, and be like the Bereans (Acts 18:10-11).

After all these great conversations, We’ve been able to end with the great blessing and encouragement to make our homes Christ-centered every day of the year, especially Christmas!

And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.

Luke 2:7
One team game we played was to create a nativity scene in under 10 minutes.

I hope you had a great time this Christmas with your loved ones!

Jesus is the reason for the season!

Praise Reports

  • All our family celebrated Christmas together!
  • We’ve been able to teach a Bible study in a rehab clinic every week since the Summer!
  • Paul gets to lead our English staff prayer meeting every Monday.
  • Claudia finished the Church planting class.
  • My son Ben loves the church community & has made friends
  • Our daughter Lydia will be returning to Orange County to intern with SGWM and Calvary Chapel Saving Grace.

Prayer Requests

  • The Recently deported and the families affected
  • Time and energy for Claudia to continue to disciple and counsel women
  • The patients at Clinica Newlife (rehab)
  • Family care and unity
  • Calvary Connections Mexico, our newest church plant
  • For Pastor Mike Vincent to finish his church planting book “the sending hub” and for Lydia and Paul to continue to help effectively
  • To reach the lost, troubled, lonely and suffering in this city with Christ’s love.
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Why serve God?

The Boubion family has been in Mexico serving at Calvary Rosarito for 16 months. Do you know what the Paul the Apostle says to the Ephesian church?

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 2:10

So, God actually “prepared” good works for us to do for Him! What a great honor!

Here are a few photos of our family’s ministry activities the last month!

Baptizing new Believers!

This is Miguel, recently arrived from Venezuela.

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Visiting Church Plants

It is a great blessing to encourage pastors, their families and their congregations! In the last year we have visited church plants in Ensenada, Hermosillo, Monterrey, Chihuaha, Culiacan, Mazatlan, Mexico City, Tulancingo and even Guatemala.

We live in a fallen world! Bones break, cars are smashed, pets die! But God is always with us and is always faithful!

Our son Cristian is enjoying his high school “fútbol rápido” team!

Biblical Counseling ministry monthly breakfast and the sisters who serve with us!

Thanks for your prayers! If you want to follow more frequent ministry family news ‘friend’ me on facebook: Paul Octavio

There is a lot happening here! One of the exciting things happening is my wife Claudia discipling several ladies every week! At Calvary Rosarito possibly half the church are new believers. These saints need to be discipled. We are part of a great church where new people get saved every week, baptized and taught the word verse by verse. Our biggest need is to provide discipleship for these dear saints!

Poiema is our newest licensed driver!

In August, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and got to visit Teotihuacan!

Prayer Requests

  • For good health and lots of energy!
  • Our kids to develope more Spanish fluency
  • Direction for the counseling minstry
  • A strong marriage & be an example to other families.
  • For the Church Planting school & students
  • God’s direction and wisdom for helping the poor
  • Miracles of healing and provision for the sick
  • Weekly Bible study at a rehab clinic
  • God’s guidance with the English speaking staff prayer meeting
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