God is So, So Good!!!

First off! We are so very grateful for all of our supporters. You guys have been faithful to the Lord and this ministry and we have been able to accomplish a lot. Secondly, we apologize for the delay in sending out our newsletter. These past few months have been intense (in a good way). Stacy and I spent some time at the Calvary Bible College in Ensenada. I taught a block course on one of my favorite subjects, apologetics. It was a 3-hour class, Monday- Friday and Stacy taught the women on campus and helped with their open house.

Men’s Conference

While in Baja, the Calvary Chapel Association of northern Mexico (which I’m blessed to be a part of) put together a men’s conference and I was one of the honored speakers. We had over 400 men in attendance.

Church plant #4

By the grace of God, we officially planted Calvary Chapel Jardin. Pastor Luis Felipe and his wife Erika have been faithful to the Lord and His saints. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store. God is so good!

Calvary Chapel Acapulco in Israel

We can’t believe it! We were able to make a trip to the Holy Land! This was the first time for everyone in our group. This was a dream come true for our Acapulco natives. The biggest blessing for us on that trip was being able to see the joy of the Lord in each one of our members.

Women’s Breakfast

This past month the women’s ministry put together a breakfast for the ladies with a special message given by Toni Schork. It was on Psalm 34:8 “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the Woman that trusteth in Him.”  Two women gave their lives to the Lord that day and many left very blessed.

Calvary Chapel Monrovia visit

We were super delighted to have CC Monrovia visit us. This small group did BIG things. Apart from helping with projects at every church plant, they evangelized to the community with beautiful results. They also cleaned, did a puppet show, encouraged people in the ministry, and gave a class on addiction.

Calvary Chapel Iguala…. coming soon….if the Lord allows it!

We are prayerfully considering opening another church in the city of Iguala. This town has a reputation for being the most corrupt of them all. It’s about three hours north of us. This would be a huge blessing. Pastor Julio and his family have a calling for that part of the state and not many are willing to go. Please pray for them! We are also planning a mission trip with Pastor Julio to the town of Teloloapan, Guerrero at the end of June (photo included). We will be evangelizing, giving kids classes, helping with medical needs, and giving needy families bags of food. Our goal is 120 bags of food. We have saved enough for 62 bags. We just need 58 more. Each bag costs about $14 dollars.

Men’s Ministry

It’s so encouraging to see these men committed to Christ. We have been going through an intense discipleship program equipping them for the work of the ministry. If the Lord allows it, some of these men will be sent out to start a new work.

Carlos Needs Prayer

Carlos is an engineer who fellowships at our church and has been out of work. We hired him at the church to do construction and repairs. He has done a great job for the last seven months. While working with an electric saw, he cut his hand so severely that he needed surgery. We are helping out as much as we can. If you have it in your heart to help, any amount is appreciated.

Blessed is the man that trusteth in Him!!

Thank you again to those who have stood by us and helped us in the ministry! We appreciate your prayers. We know that there is power in prayer and we ask that you would continue to cover us! Please pray for Hassan. He is extremely fatigued and dealing with a bit of depression. The enemy loves to bring discouragement, however, we know greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. We trust that the Lord will bring him out of this for His glory.

We also are grateful to those who help support us financially. We know that every good gift and every generous act of giving comes from the FATHER. May He bless you in abundance with love, peace, and joy! There is a link below if you want to give. God bless!!

Calvary Chapel Acapulco update

Typical Folklore Mexican dance at our Noche Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana in Calvary Acapulco

Men’s Retreat

This past month we had our men’s retreat “A man decided.” It was focused on being a man that has decided to serve Jesus with everything. So many people have superficial faith with very little action. Our emphasis was on truly committing to Christ and serving God in your marriage, family, church, and in evangelism. We have 32 men ready to turn Acapulco upside down!

Building Update

The bid to purchase the building has gone back and forth. After much prayer, we were not able to go forward. We believe the timing isn’t right. So for now we will wait on the Lord and trust His wisdom.

Bilingual Service

For the very first time in over 9 years, we decided to open a bilingual study at the first service. There is a group of Canadians that have joined our fellowship and we wanted to serve them. This has opened a huge door and more and more people are coming.

VBS Galaxy Express: Where you will discover the greatness of God.

What a huge blessing it was to have VBS this year! It was on the GREATNESS of GOD. He undoubtedly showed His greatness. There were many obstacles, like our electricity going out, and apart from there being no light, there was extreme heat. That did not detour our kids or staff. Just like the red sea parting, we saw how the Lord made a way where there was no way. Someone we don’t know donated a generator making everyone see how BIG our God is.

Fiesta Time

Every year we celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day as a church. It’s a night full of worship, fun, and family. Some of the best food ever was found under our roof. We had prizes for those with the best traditional outfit and for the best dish made. Tamales won by a mile. We had activities for the kids too. This event is an outreach as our congregants invite others from all around.

Saying Good-bye

Pastor Jose and his family have been with us for the past two years but the Lord has now called them to serve in the state of Chihuahua. They will be taking over an existing Calvary Chapel as the current pastor has also been called to return to the States. Although they will be missed God has raised great leaders in our church to take over their responsibilities. Please keep them in your prayers.

Welcome Aboard

Marian has been a faithful servant here in Calvary for over 8 years. She does practically everything but preach. Marian is an elementary teacher for a Christian school and she has been working on staff part-time. However, our ministry requires her full-time. By faith, we asked her to work with us full-time. This has freed me up to attend to the sheep and not worry about the day-to-day operations. We hope to find a supporter that could help keep her on staff. She is worth every peso. Please keep her in your prayers.

Senior Pastors Conference

This year the pastor’s conference will be held in Rosarito Mexico. This conference is always a refreshing moment for all of us. As you know, we have 3 senior pastors from the churches we planted. This trip is financially impossible for them. The airfare was $400 us dollars round trip per person. We put it on our credit card. If you feel led to support a pastor please send us a message. Thank you!

From left to right P. Francisco from C.C. Zapata, P. Jose Antonio C.C. Colosio, Myself, and P. Ricardo C.C. Chilpancingo

Calvary Chapel Jardin

Our prayer is to plant another church before the new year. Luis Felipe and his wife Erika have been preparing themselves for the big move and the time has finally come. This church will be located on the north side of Acapulco. He currently teaches a discipleship class and a young adult group. She runs our bookstore and their kids help with children’s ministry. It is always hard letting go of faithful leaders, but we are confident the Lord will use them in a mighty way.

Men’s and Women’s studies

The 70 is an intense discipleship for men. I am currently discipling 17 men. Our goal is to raise leaders and church planters. As always we generally start off with 25-30 men but only half survive. Stacy just finished teaching Kay Smith’s book, PLEASING GOD. They took a trip to the movies to celebrate. She is now going through Chuck Smith’s WHY GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING.

AMOR in Action

We love our elderly home! It is a ministry that can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but it also fills us with such joy to be the arms and feet of Jesus. To bring smiles to a group that might feel forgotten, to love on them, and share a meal and the Word of God. Our group is growing and our church is learning what it means to serve others.

Prayer and Praise

Please pray for:

  • For wisdom
  • For Protection, both physically and spiritually.
  • For souls to be saved

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness. He has brought us through some tough storms and it just strengthens us to know He is by our side. We are thankful for all of you who faithfully pray for us and those of you who are able to support us financially.

Hands to the plow!

“No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.”

These are some powerful words from our Lord Jesus Christ, and we take them to heart. If there was ever a time to give it all we got, it’s NOW!

It is so obvious that satan has been more aggressive than usual. Everything has been set up for him to rule without even needing to hide. So why should we! We have determined more than ever to hit the streets, seek the lost and proclaim the gospel with fervency, boldness, and authority, making sure it’s provoked by love and covered in grace.

Tough times ahead

Acapulco is currently going through another crime wave. The cartel has gotten very bold in these last days and has challenged the authorities for control of the city. Please pray for our police and military. They face evil and powerful entities. Their lives are in danger on a daily basis. Many of the fellowship in our church. Apart from praying for safety, another important prayer is that the cartel heads would get SAVED! May the Lord give us open doors to minister to them.

A special visit

We were so blessed and encouraged by Calvary Chapel Mexicalli, who came down to help our ministry in many ways. Pastor Juan and his wife Lorena shared in our marriage couple ministry. They gave an amazing testimony about how God can restore a marriage on the brink of destruction. During the pandemic, many marriages went through a very tough season, so this word came on time. Everyone was truly refreshed.

Calvary Chapel Mexicalli from Baja California

They also brought a construction crew that WOULD NOT QUIT!!!. They visited every one of our church plants to help build much-needed classrooms for each of them. They finished every project the same day they started. They were absolute soldiers!

Calvary Chapel Colosio

Calvary Chapel Chilpancingo

Calvary Chapel Zapata

We also had a great time evangelism. We hit the surrounding streets of each Calvary, sharing the good news. We take joy knowing the word will never return void.

Women’s ministry

Stacy continues to teach women’s studies here at the church. They are currently going through Kay Smith’s book, Pleasing God. (Pictured above) They brought a cake to celebrate her birthday.

Men’s Discipleship (The 70)

This month I started the men’s discipleship program once again. It’s called The 70, in reference to the 70 hand-picked men made by Moses and later by Christ Himself. Men were specifically chosen for a greater call. It’s an intense four-month course made for equipping men to become leaders. Overall I’m looking to prepare the next set of pastors and church planters. It’s based on 1 Timothy 3. We go through every requirement for the deacon and elder. I usually start off with about 25-30 men but end up with around 10-12 diligent servants. It’s always a great reward to see men transformed to serve Christ faithfully.

Middle East Visit

Left to right (Me, Muhammed, Jordan, and Bryan)

The Lord has opened the door to the middle east. It turns out Mexicans are a perfect fit. I was able to accompany Pastor Trent Douglas from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. One of our sisters from the fellowship has the heart to minister to Muslims, and so I decided to join the team as we spied out the land and learned how we could come alongside her. It’s tough terrain, but very obvious the Lord has a plan. I believe this also helps our church be mindful of others around the world. Sometimes we can be consumed by our own needs forgetting the world is bigger than just Mexico. Muslims need Jesus just as badly.

Facing Goliath

Our fellowship has hit a very big obstacle.

This building has been home to us for the past three and a half years. In Acapulco, it’s very difficult to find an affordable building that can host a congregation with classrooms for children. Well, I recently got a phone call from the owner telling us someone wants to buy the building. This was a big blow to us all. Not only because it is home but also because we believe we are in a very strategic area. We are currently located right off the main street downtown. We always have visitors just for the simple fact that they saw our sign. Most of them end up making Calvary their home church. Also, many of our people don’t have vehicles and so being on the side of the main highway puts us right at their bus stop. This building has been a tremendous blessing with so much to offer. All that to say. WE WANT TO STAY, and we feel led to stay! Legally the owner has to allow us to give an offer. Now, this is where Goliath steps in. The owner is asking for 8.6 million pesos which comes to $340,000 U.S. dollars. We are looking into getting a loan, but even so, it’s going to take a great miracle. So please, please pray for us! Below is a short video of our beloved church.

Video of our 10:00 a.m. service

Prayer and Praise

We thank God for His faithfulness. We still can’t believe all that He has done.

We ask that you please partner with us by praying for our church and family.

For the Lord’s protection from the enemy and souls to be saved.

May we bring honor to His Name in this place. Thank you all for the love, prayers, and support.

Many blessings

Financial Support

Ups and downs

Stacy and I have been on an emotional roller coaster. As the Lord continues to move and open doors, we have also experienced pain and heartbreak as well.

Here is what you missed. We were both hit by covid. Hassan stepped on broken glass and needed 7 stitches. We lost a family in our congregation, who strayed from sound doctrine and started a new church, teaching salvation by works of the law. The husband of one of our congregants was shot 7 times in broad daylight. One bullet lodged in his brain. By the grace of God he survived and is recovering slowly. The biggest heartbreak was the loss of our brother Noe. 

At the end of January, one of our beloved brothers passed away in a horrible car accident. His life was taken by a drunk driver. Noe was an amazing servant and friend. He and his whole family served the church with excellence. He played on the worship team, his wife served (and still serves) as an usher, and the kids serve in the media studio. They would show up early and clean the sanctuary together. He was an amazing father, husband, and servant of the Lord Most High. He left a mark on us all. He will be greatly missed. Please pray for his family.

His grace is sufficient

Even though we have gone through heartaches and pain God has still shown Himself faithful. We were able to attend a leaders conference in Cuernavaca Mexico and invited the leaders of each church plant to come along with us. The theme was “The Prodigal Church” and the speakers shared a warning not to be misled by today’s current climate of fear. All our church plants and their leaders were able to attend.

The great commission continues!

Every 2-3 months we have baptisms and fellowship. It’s always a joy to celebrate as a church and witness the Lord’s saving grace.

Encouraging the ladies

Stacy is teaching Romans to the ladies in our church each week. She recently was invited to be the guest speaker at a Calvary in the heart of Mexico and Calvary Colosio, our latest church plant. She did an amazing job encouraging the women to keep the course. Please pray for her next speaking engagement in Tijuana for Pastor’s wives.

In Calvary Chapel Colosio teaching on the power of prayer
Calvary Chapel Colosio
Calvary Chapel Mexico City(Ecatepec) teaching that His Grace is sufficient

Church plants

As the book of Acts says “The Lord added to them day by day those that were saved.” All three church plants have seen the Lord move within the fellowship. We are blown away to see the growth of each one. Lord willing a new church will open within the next couple of months. This will be on the north side of Acapulco. We will keep you posted. Please continue to pray for them.

Calvary Chapel Colosio– Pastor Jose Antonio and Marisol
Calvary Chapel Zapata– Pastor Pako and Esther
Calvary Chapel Chilpancingo– Pastor Ricardo and Claudia

Breaking Bread

Every Monday Stacy and I continue to invite new families to our house for dinner. It’s a great time for laughter and fellowship. This allows us to get to know every congregant that attends our church. As you can imagine we have a long way to go.

Playing a game called “Don’t get mad”

Love is in the air

This past Valentines’ we put together a dinner followed by a couple of teachings. It was a perfect moment to remind everyone of the importance of our first ministry, Marriage. We had 17 couples attend the event.

We started this newsletter with sorrow, we end it with joy. OUR KIDS: our greatest joy!

We were able to have a wedding for Elijah and Bianca here in Acapulco! It was wonderful to have all our kids together!!

Please Pray

  • For Our kids: Elijah, Bianca, Noah, and Micah
  • For Our church family and church plants
  • For safety and protection
  • For Hassan’s upcoming trip to Jordan. Lili is also going and raising funds. 
  • For evangelism and souls to be saved
  • For Miriam, our children’s ministry director. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer.

We pray for you as well!! Thank you for your prayers and financial support. May the Lord bless you 100-fold! Philippians 4:19 “And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”

2022, Here We Go!


There is no greater joy than serving our King! Calvary Acapulco is at full throttle! Mexico dropped Covid restrictions for a while and people started returning to the sheepfold. It is such a pleasure to see the house of God full again. There is a lot that has happened since our last newsletter, let me catch you up.

Leadership Conference in Rosarito

Thank you all for the prayers and support! This year 22 of our leaders went to the Pastor/Leaders Conference. We had in attendance Calvary Chapel Acapulco, Calvary Chilpancingo, Calvary Zapata, and our newest church plant Calvary Colosio. The conference was about being a faithful minister of Christ. The main subject was about making it through the hard times of ministry. It was an amazing time and we all left encouraged!

Calvary Chapel Centro….Coming soon!

We are praying for our fourth church plant in the heart of Acapulco, Down Town. We have an amazing family that is lined up. However, we want to take things a little slow and make sure this is what God wants. We have no doubt God wants us to plant more churches but we know His timing is perfect. I never want to do ANYTHING in the flesh just to look good. Please pray as we seek the Lord in this new adventure.

Calvary Chapel Colosio

We finally opened the doors to our newest church plant on the south side of Acapulco which is in a very populated part of the city. Our first service was completely full! We were reminded of the famous line in the movie, A Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.” We are constantly amazed at the Lord’s faithfulness. Please keep Pastor Jose Antonio and his wife Marisol in your prayers.

Calvary Chapel Chilpancingo

Our first church plant has finally moved to a new location. They outgrew the previous building which is a testament to what the Lord is doing in that city! C.C. Chilpancingo just celebrated 1 year in ministry.

Calvary Chapel Zapata

Calvary Chapel Zapata is putting in work! Pastor Pako and his family are energizer bunnies. They have been doing outreaches in different parts of the community. They give food and clothes to the needy, but they always make the Gospel a top priority.

Apologetics Class

Apologetics, a reasoned defense of the faith, has always been a passion of mine. I taught it for 4 years at the Bible College in Ensenada. We started a course here in Acapulco and the response was great. I currently have 52 students.

Youth Ministry

Our son Micah came home while on break from school. He was given the opportunity to give the message and did a great job. Pastor Jose and his wife Keyla are doing a good job ministering to the next generation of believers.

Amor in Action

We continue to visit this Nursing Home every month, bringing food, love, laughter, and the Word. We have become close to these men and women. It is heartbreaking when one of our beloved grandma’s or grandpa’s leave us. However, we know they are no longer in pain and we know that they have all heard the Gospel.

This is Alfredo. He is quadriplegic and has been in this nursing home ever since his mother died. He is a Christian and enjoys discussing the Bible on our visits. We were able to buy him a new air-filled mattress on our last visit.

Mission trip to the Middle East

Pastor Trent from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace is putting together a team of missionaries to visit the middle east. For the team’s safety I can’t give more details regarding the destination, but what I can say is that the Lord is doing something awesome there. Pastor Trent has invited me and our missionary Lili to come along. Lili has been preparing to serve in that region for a good amount of time and we really hope to go. The cost is out of our reach and so we pray for God to open doors. If you feel led to come alongside this vision please send us a message.


One of the things that we want to do with our church is to have more one-on-one fellowship. Above are just some of the families that we have visited. We are making it our goal for 2022 to have each family over to our house to get to know them personally.

Our family

Our boys are all in different places. Elijah graduated from tech school and is currently at a base in New Mexico. He married Bianca right before he went into boot camp. We had the pleasure of having her live with us for 9 months. They are now finally together and will have their wedding in March. Noah is studying at a community college and working at Macy’s. He has a girlfriend who we got to meet on this trip. She got our approval. Micah is at the Bible College in Ensenada. He just completed his first semester and loves it. We were able to drive to New Mexico to visit Elijah and Bianca for Christmas and see Noah and Micah as well. What a sweet time it was together again.

Please pray…

  • for safety
  • for our church plants: Chilpancingo, Zapata, and Colosio
  • for souls to be saved
  • for a possible upcoming trip to Middle East
  • for leaders to rise up
  • for wisdom in counseling broken marriages
  • for our youth ministry


We truly acknowledge that any partnership with our ministry is a team effort in which we bear fruit together. When you become a financial partner you are a co-laborer in the work God has given us. Please prayerfully consider coming alongside us. The smallest contribution goes a long way. Thank you all!

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In Christ,

The Villegas Family

Acapulco is on Red Alert!

But the work must go on!

This has been a challenging month due to this new Delta Variant Hype. Acapulco officials have decided to put our city back on red alert which means businesses are closed, certain public services are canceled, and people are monitored. Even though this has hit our town we have decided to leave our doors open and continue with the work as usual. We truly feel the Lord has called us to continue, so we will.

Church Plant Update

We had our inauguration service this last month for our new church plant Calvary Chapel Zapata and the response was amazing! Many new visitors showed up and right away made it their home. It’s very apparent that people are starving for solid biblical teaching. I was honored to give the very first sermon on opening day.

We are amazed at how the Lord provided to open this new work, however, we are still in need of sponsors that could come alongside them. The rent for our little storefront is $175 dollars a month and even though that doesn’t seem like much it’s a big hit for us, especially during the pandemic.

Please continue to pray, especially because we have another family ready to step out in a new venture of faith and open another Calvary Church on the south side of Acapulco.

I am so excited to share the pictures below. Pastor Pako (CC Zapata) has his whole family serving in the church! It was such a blessing to see! His wife leads worship, his sons are video recording and playing instruments, and their niece teaches children’s ministry.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru

I was so blessed to give a brief study for the students at C.C. Bible College Peru via the internet. Pastor John Bonner from Calvary Chapel in Peru has done an amazing job over there and it was an honor to share with his students. The school is currently going through the Calvary Chapel Distinctives and the subject was Church Government. It was fun to explain how we as a church operate and what sets us apart from others. Not to say we (Calvary Chapel) are the best, but we are definitely special.

Our Youth

Pastor Jose and his wife Keyla have done a great job disciplining our young men and women. This past month we took them to a workshop with other youth to play some games, learn some ministry dynamics, and hear the word taught. It is always a joy to see the next generation on fire for Jesus Christ.

Wedding Bells

We have a beautiful young couple that just received the Lord and were baptized at our church. They were living together and we encouraged them to get married. They didn’t have the money for a wedding much less a reception. Our fellowship poured out their love, stepped up, and stepped in. The church came together and donated everything for the ceremony and banquet; from the wedding dress to the food (3 goats were donated…yummy) to decorations, rings, music, cake, etc. We had a blast!!! Apart from officiating the wedding Stacy and I got to serve for the rest of the evening. Fun times!

Facebook Live actually works

Facebook has its pros and cons, but in this case, a big pro. We had a sister in the Lord come to Acapulco from Mexico City just so I can baptize her. Turns out she has been following our sermons via Facebook for the past two years and even though she lives far away, she says she considers me her pastor. I obviously encouraged her to get plugged into a local church but was beyond blessed to hear her testimony.

Pastors Conference

Once again the pastor’s conference in Mexico is just around the corner. The theme is a good minister of Christ. This year we have the honor of having some great Pastors who will be teaching the main studies. P. Raul Ries, P. David Rosales, P. Juan Domingo, P. Jaime Foote, P. Chris Martinez and many more.

We love our Acapulco team and I really hope they can join us as they did last year, but for some of them, it’s financially impossible. If you would like to sponsor one of our pastors or staff workers, we would be very, very grateful! The cost of airfare is around $185 dollars a person. We have at least 6 servants that could use the help. Any donation from the smallest amount is welcomed.

Villegas Boys

Our youngest son Micah has finally flown the coupe! He moved to Ensenada to start his studies at Calvary Bible College. We are so proud of him for making the decision.

We had the privilege of watching our son Elijah graduate from basic training. They moved him up to Sheppard Texas to start Tech School. Elijah will be working on the F16 Fighter Jet. This will be a great tool for him in the future. He has been able to be a light and witness to those on his team.

Noah continues his studies at Cypress Community College and is faithful to his home church, Calvary Chapel Living Water in Garden Grove. His goal is to be a computer programmer. There is no doubt in our minds that he will succeed.

So now that we no longer have kids at home, Stacy and I are dating all over again, just like when we were teenagers. Needless to say………we are enjoying it.

PLEASE keep our kids in your prayers. May God watch over each of them, strengthen them, fill them, and use them for His Glory!

Still in Love

Our future Missionary to the East

Lili has been one of our great and faithful servants. She leads our Amor en Accion ministry which is an outreach to our community and beyond. Her heart has always been to serve the Lord in India. She is currently connected with Saving Grace World Missions and they have been equipping her for the last year. She is currently in Rosarito with a team from Saving Grace. Please keep her in your prayers. May the Lord open a door to serve in the 10/40 window.

Prayer requests

  • Open doors for the Gospel and Salvations
  • Safety, provision, and health for our family and church family
  • For the new churches plants and their families (Calvary Chilpancingo and Calvary Zapata)
  • For our kids; Elijah, Noah, and Micah
  • For open doors for Lili

If you feel led to support us, click here! The Lord BLESS you!!


I am blown away by God’s amazing faithfulness. This last month has been amazing! After receiving support from you we were able to work on our church building. We extended the sanctuary and it is now able to sit at least another 80 adults. For the first time in 3 years, we painted the exterior of the building. To be honest, we intentionally didn’t paint our building to not stand out for safety reasons, but as time passed we have gotten to know the community and feel safer. 

Evangelism and Bible Studies

We have been more dedicated to evangelism. Our women’s Bible study took the lead by hitting the streets nearby during the day and the men did the same by night. The women just completed the book study Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets them Free. Hassan also had the privilege to baptize one of his new disciples.

Also below are pictures of the Convalescent home we visit faithfully every month, rain or shine. 

We are so thankful for the group Amor en Accion. They traveled during a tropical storm to be with the elderly, to serve them, cook for them, treat their wounds, and teach the Word to them. They do it all for the Love of Christ!

The 70

This last month Hassan concluded the first semester of his discipleship. This is a very intense course. Our aim is to equip men for the work of the ministry, raise up new pastors and teach them that ministry isn’t simply preparing a Bible study, but working hard and being faithful in all areas. The group will start again in August this time to study apologetics and evangelism.

Prayer Night

Prayer night is a staple in the church. We know there is power in prayer, so we dedicate an evening to non-stop prayer. Our petitions include our city, authorities, the lost, healings for the sick, growth, and most importantly for Jesus to be exalted in our lives and in the community.

Calvary Chapel Distinctives

One of our requirements to serve is to complete our Calvary Distinctives Course. We have so many people from different backgrounds that this class allows us all to be on the same page. This is our 4th group of graduates.

New Church Plant

We are so happy to announce that another church plant will open next month. We have an amazing family who has been with us since the beginning and the Lord has now called them to start a new work. The church will be on the east side of Acapulco. The city is called Zapata and is known to be one of the most dangerous parts, regardless, Jesus is on the throne. We just put a deposit down for a storefront on the main highway. The cost would be $200 dollars a month. If you would like to come alongside this new work please drop us a note. Keep the Flores family in your prayers. 

Calvary Chilpancingo Update

Pastor Ricardo has done an amazing job in spite of many obstacles. His wife was hit hard with Covid as well as many congregants but by the grace of God they all recovered with no problems. Pastor Ricardo started his online teachings which have helped tremendously.

Jose and Keila have done an amazing job not only with the youth and young adults. They have gone above and beyond the call. What blesses us the most is to see the authentic love they have for Jesus and people.

Pastor Wes Bentley

We had the great pleasure of having Pastor Wes Bentley from Far Reaching Ministries bless our fellowship with a very encouraging word. He flew down to our city for a few days just to visit Calvary Acapulco, what a blessing! The church was challenged by his preaching. Even though we have it hard, it could always be worse.

Villegas Family Update

These last few months have been non-stop and the next couple months coming appear the same. We will soon be empty nesters as our youngest son Micah heads to Bible College in Ensenada. He just graduated High school and is very excited to start this new chapter in life. Micah eventually wants to go to law school, but decided to get grounded in his faith before arriving to a secular school. We thought that was a great move on his behalf. Our middle son Noah is still hitting the books hard. He is living and working in California. His desire is to work in computer programming. Our eldest son Elijah graduates Basic Military Training for the U.S.A.F. at the end of this month. We are so excited to visit him in Texas and be apart of this celebration. 

Prayer Request

  • Open doors for the Gospel and Salvations
  • Safety, provision, and health for our family
  • For the new churches plants and their families
  • For Elijah in the Airforce
  • Noah and his schooling
  • Micah and his move to Bible College
  • Upcoming VBS 
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He Is On The Throne

Jesus continues to do what He does best, save souls and disciple believers. It is always a blessing to see people come to Christ. The zeal of a new believer is super contagious and lights a fire in every heart. As we go through the book of Revelation, sinners see the grave need to be saved and give their lives over to God and believers rejoice in the coming of our King. Please pray for souls as we continue our study through the book of Revelation.

He has Risen!

Easter Sunday we had many new visitors as well as a guest pastor, Yoshima from Calvary Chapel Merida. The word was great and the fellowship a joyous occasion. Calvary Kids sang and did their memory verses. Last year we celebrated from home, so this year was so sweet. Uniting together was a breath of fresh air. 

Young Adults and Youth

Pastor Jose and his wife Keyla have been a great addition to the ministry. The fellowship received them with open arms. They started the young adults as well as youth ministries which were a huge need at our church.

Marriage Retreat

This year we had our second marriage retreat with over 20 couples present. It was a 3 day 2 night retreat at a local beach. The theme was Colossians 3:14. We taught from the scripture on how a marriage is to work in perfect harmony with Christ and each other.

Inductive Bible Study

The men’s discipleship just started I.B.S two weeks ago. Mexico has a very large need for Bible teaching pastors and we have taken on the challenge of equipping those men with the aim to send them out. Right now we have 14 men that have committed themselves to this course.

Loving Our Elders

As always we try to spoil our elders with every visit. We visit once a month. We always cook them a meal, sit and talk to them, play Loteria (Mexican Bingo), teach them scripture, and meet their practical needs. For most we’re the only family they have. This trip we had a nurse with us to clean wounds and we got a lamp for Alfredo to read in his room. 

Extending our sanctuary

After a year in our building we have finally come to the point of needing to expand our sanctuary not only because of the of size of our church, but to meet Covid requirements in having more space for those that attend.

The estimated cost will be $1,380 US dollars. We can definitely use any help we can get. The support of any amount goes a very long way here in Mexico.

Dr. Chavez

A brother that is near and dear to our hearts has suffered a huge hit from Covid. His recovery has been very slow and painstaking. Please keep Dr. Chavez and his family in your prayers.

Villegas Family

Thank you all for the love, prayer and support!

Life in general is very challenging and being away from our family, friends and country can add more difficulty to that challenge, however all of you have been a tremendous blessing to our family and ministry. We thank God very much for everyone of you!

Prayer Request

  1. Continued safety for our family and church
  2. Open doors to evangelize
  3. Leaders to be raised up and plant churches
  4. Resources to extend the sanctuary

Financial Support

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New Year, New Hope

As we enter a new year, we are filled with a sense of hope. I believe God is still at work even through these tough times of restriction. Many ministries have been modified, but are still thriving at 100%. Below is a picture of our prayer team.

Calvary Chapel Saving Grace

We were super blessed to have Pastor Trent and his team (Deborah, P. Tim and Spencer) here in Acapulco. It was a short visit, but the Lord did so many things that blessed us personally and our fellowship. Below are some pictures of baptisms, sharing at an elderly home, men’s and women’s discipleship, children’s ministry and teaching at Calvary Acapulco.

Serving the Comunnity

We continue to visit our elderly family (taking all precautions). Most of them have been abandoned by family, but as a church we have adopted them into our own sheepfold. Serving them with food, games, music, manicures, haircuts and best of all the Gospel is always a joy.

Men’s Discipleship

A few weeks ago P. Hassan started an intense study for the men. It teaches them how to be faithful and responsible servants. The study is based off of first Timothy chapter three. The purpose is to raise leaders, missionaries and future pastors.

Women’s Ministry

Because of Covid we can only have a certain amount of ladies present, but at least 15-20 ladies tune in via zoom.

Bible College

Our youngest son Micah is graduating high school in June. He made the decision to attend Calvary Bible College of Ensenada in the fall. As parents we couldn’t be more proud of him. This was a move he did on his own. Please pray that the LORD would speak to him and that his foundation would be firm for whatever the future holds. 

Thank you all!!

We have been so blessed by your faithfulness to the Lord and Ministry! We are forever grateful. May the good Lord bless you all above and beyond. This work has been so fruitful and we pray it goes to your account!

Prayer Request

  • Open doors for the Gospel and salvations
  • Safety and provision for our family
  • Raise up more leaders and plant more churches
  • Elijah and his process into the Airforce
  • Noah and his schooling
  • Micah and the his move to Bible College
  • Upcoming marriage retreat
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On The Move

Calvary Chapel Acapulco Leaders

In our last meeting, we decided to never shut down again. The pandemic had us close the doors but now more than ever the church needs to be open and serving the community. There are too many people suffering and in need of Jesus. We are convinced that fellowship is the most essential gathering above all. Our leaders are ready and motivated to move forward.

Calvary Church Plant

Calvary Chapel Chilpancingo

Pastor Ricardo has hit the ground running. The new church plant in the capital of our state, Chilpancingo, has got some momentum. This is a great reminder of how hungry people are for the word of God. We didn’t come in with any fancy programs or gimmicks; we simply teach the Bible faithfully and that has been the heart of our ministry.

Childrens Ministry

Children’s Ministry in person
Children’s ministry online classes

After a long period of time, we are finally able to open up our children’s ministry. Many were afraid to bring their children in fear of the Coronavirus. We started online classes for them. We know that there is a great importance of teaching our kids the word of God. Someone donated Bibles and we were able to gift each child with their own Bible for Christmas. 

Women’s Bible Study

The women’s Bible study just finished studying the book of Luke and have started the book of Jude. Stacy hosted a breakfast with a few of her women from the study group to encourage them during hard times. 

Prayer Night

We believe in the absolute power of prayer and that’s why once a month we dedicate the whole night for prayer and fasting. We start at 7:00 pm and close right before midnight. Apart from this powerful night, we have prayer meetings 1 hour before every service. 

Family Time

For the first time in many years, we were able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family in the states. Our son Elijah surprised us by proposing to his girlfriend Bianca. They hope to have their wedding next year. Bianca is one of our servants here in Calvary Acapulco. She truly loves the Lord and we are so blessed to have her in our family.

Prayer Requests

Would you keep us in your prayers? We would appreciate it! 

  1. Please pray for the salvation of the people of Acapulco.
  2. Pray for wisdom to lead the Church.
  3. Pray for leaders and our church plant CCChilpo.
  4. Pray that we would grow in grace, unity, and love.
  5. Pray for the health of our family.
  6. Pray for Lilibeth who wants to be sent out to India.
  7. Please pray for our upcoming Marriage retreat.

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God bless you!!