Acapulco is on Red Alert!

But the work must go on!

This has been a challenging month due to this new Delta Variant Hype. Acapulco officials have decided to put our city back on red alert which means businesses are closed, certain public services are canceled, and people are monitored. Even though this has hit our town we have decided to leave our doors open and continue with the work as usual. We truly feel the Lord has called us to continue, so we will.

Church Plant Update

We had our inauguration service this last month for our new church plant Calvary Chapel Zapata and the response was amazing! Many new visitors showed up and right away made it their home. It’s very apparent that people are starving for solid biblical teaching. I was honored to give the very first sermon on opening day.

We are amazed at how the Lord provided to open this new work, however, we are still in need of sponsors that could come alongside them. The rent for our little storefront is $175 dollars a month and even though that doesn’t seem like much it’s a big hit for us, especially during the pandemic.

Please continue to pray, especially because we have another family ready to step out in a new venture of faith and open another Calvary Church on the south side of Acapulco.

I am so excited to share the pictures below. Pastor Pako (CC Zapata) has his whole family serving in the church! It was such a blessing to see! His wife leads worship, his sons are video recording and playing instruments, and their niece teaches children’s ministry.

Calvary Chapel Bible College Peru

I was so blessed to give a brief study for the students at C.C. Bible College Peru via the internet. Pastor John Bonner from Calvary Chapel in Peru has done an amazing job over there and it was an honor to share with his students. The school is currently going through the Calvary Chapel Distinctives and the subject was Church Government. It was fun to explain how we as a church operate and what sets us apart from others. Not to say we (Calvary Chapel) are the best, but we are definitely special.

Our Youth

Pastor Jose and his wife Keyla have done a great job disciplining our young men and women. This past month we took them to a workshop with other youth to play some games, learn some ministry dynamics, and hear the word taught. It is always a joy to see the next generation on fire for Jesus Christ.

Wedding Bells

We have a beautiful young couple that just received the Lord and were baptized at our church. They were living together and we encouraged them to get married. They didn’t have the money for a wedding much less a reception. Our fellowship poured out their love, stepped up, and stepped in. The church came together and donated everything for the ceremony and banquet; from the wedding dress to the food (3 goats were donated…yummy) to decorations, rings, music, cake, etc. We had a blast!!! Apart from officiating the wedding Stacy and I got to serve for the rest of the evening. Fun times!

Facebook Live actually works

Facebook has its pros and cons, but in this case, a big pro. We had a sister in the Lord come to Acapulco from Mexico City just so I can baptize her. Turns out she has been following our sermons via Facebook for the past two years and even though she lives far away, she says she considers me her pastor. I obviously encouraged her to get plugged into a local church but was beyond blessed to hear her testimony.

Pastors Conference

Once again the pastor’s conference in Mexico is just around the corner. The theme is a good minister of Christ. This year we have the honor of having some great Pastors who will be teaching the main studies. P. Raul Ries, P. David Rosales, P. Juan Domingo, P. Jaime Foote, P. Chris Martinez and many more.

We love our Acapulco team and I really hope they can join us as they did last year, but for some of them, it’s financially impossible. If you would like to sponsor one of our pastors or staff workers, we would be very, very grateful! The cost of airfare is around $185 dollars a person. We have at least 6 servants that could use the help. Any donation from the smallest amount is welcomed.

Villegas Boys

Our youngest son Micah has finally flown the coupe! He moved to Ensenada to start his studies at Calvary Bible College. We are so proud of him for making the decision.

We had the privilege of watching our son Elijah graduate from basic training. They moved him up to Sheppard Texas to start Tech School. Elijah will be working on the F16 Fighter Jet. This will be a great tool for him in the future. He has been able to be a light and witness to those on his team.

Noah continues his studies at Cypress Community College and is faithful to his home church, Calvary Chapel Living Water in Garden Grove. His goal is to be a computer programmer. There is no doubt in our minds that he will succeed.

So now that we no longer have kids at home, Stacy and I are dating all over again, just like when we were teenagers. Needless to say………we are enjoying it.

PLEASE keep our kids in your prayers. May God watch over each of them, strengthen them, fill them, and use them for His Glory!

Still in Love

Our future Missionary to the East

Lili has been one of our great and faithful servants. She leads our Amor en Accion ministry which is an outreach to our community and beyond. Her heart has always been to serve the Lord in India. She is currently connected with Saving Grace World Missions and they have been equipping her for the last year. She is currently in Rosarito with a team from Saving Grace. Please keep her in your prayers. May the Lord open a door to serve in the 10/40 window.

Prayer requests

  • Open doors for the Gospel and Salvations
  • Safety, provision, and health for our family and church family
  • For the new churches plants and their families (Calvary Chilpancingo and Calvary Zapata)
  • For our kids; Elijah, Noah, and Micah
  • For open doors for Lili

If you feel led to support us, click here! The Lord BLESS you!!