New Year, New Hope

As we enter a new year, we are filled with a sense of hope. I believe God is still at work even through these tough times of restriction. Many ministries have been modified, but are still thriving at 100%. Below is a picture of our prayer team.

Calvary Chapel Saving Grace

We were super blessed to have Pastor Trent and his team (Deborah, P. Tim and Spencer) here in Acapulco. It was a short visit, but the Lord did so many things that blessed us personally and our fellowship. Below are some pictures of baptisms, sharing at an elderly home, men’s and women’s discipleship, children’s ministry and teaching at Calvary Acapulco.

Serving the Comunnity

We continue to visit our elderly family (taking all precautions). Most of them have been abandoned by family, but as a church we have adopted them into our own sheepfold. Serving them with food, games, music, manicures, haircuts and best of all the Gospel is always a joy.

Men’s Discipleship

A few weeks ago P. Hassan started an intense study for the men. It teaches them how to be faithful and responsible servants. The study is based off of first Timothy chapter three. The purpose is to raise leaders, missionaries and future pastors.

Women’s Ministry

Because of Covid we can only have a certain amount of ladies present, but at least 15-20 ladies tune in via zoom.

Bible College

Our youngest son Micah is graduating high school in June. He made the decision to attend Calvary Bible College of Ensenada in the fall. As parents we couldn’t be more proud of him. This was a move he did on his own. Please pray that the LORD would speak to him and that his foundation would be firm for whatever the future holds. 

Thank you all!!

We have been so blessed by your faithfulness to the Lord and Ministry! We are forever grateful. May the good Lord bless you all above and beyond. This work has been so fruitful and we pray it goes to your account!

Prayer Request

  • Open doors for the Gospel and salvations
  • Safety and provision for our family
  • Raise up more leaders and plant more churches
  • Elijah and his process into the Airforce
  • Noah and his schooling
  • Micah and the his move to Bible College
  • Upcoming marriage retreat
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