I am blown away by God’s amazing faithfulness. This last month has been amazing! After receiving support from you we were able to work on our church building. We extended the sanctuary and it is now able to sit at least another 80 adults. For the first time in 3 years, we painted the exterior of the building. To be honest, we intentionally didn’t paint our building to not stand out for safety reasons, but as time passed we have gotten to know the community and feel safer. 

Evangelism and Bible Studies

We have been more dedicated to evangelism. Our women’s Bible study took the lead by hitting the streets nearby during the day and the men did the same by night. The women just completed the book study Lies Women Believe and the Truth That Sets them Free. Hassan also had the privilege to baptize one of his new disciples.

Also below are pictures of the Convalescent home we visit faithfully every month, rain or shine. 

We are so thankful for the group Amor en Accion. They traveled during a tropical storm to be with the elderly, to serve them, cook for them, treat their wounds, and teach the Word to them. They do it all for the Love of Christ!

The 70

This last month Hassan concluded the first semester of his discipleship. This is a very intense course. Our aim is to equip men for the work of the ministry, raise up new pastors and teach them that ministry isn’t simply preparing a Bible study, but working hard and being faithful in all areas. The group will start again in August this time to study apologetics and evangelism.

Prayer Night

Prayer night is a staple in the church. We know there is power in prayer, so we dedicate an evening to non-stop prayer. Our petitions include our city, authorities, the lost, healings for the sick, growth, and most importantly for Jesus to be exalted in our lives and in the community.

Calvary Chapel Distinctives

One of our requirements to serve is to complete our Calvary Distinctives Course. We have so many people from different backgrounds that this class allows us all to be on the same page. This is our 4th group of graduates.

New Church Plant

We are so happy to announce that another church plant will open next month. We have an amazing family who has been with us since the beginning and the Lord has now called them to start a new work. The church will be on the east side of Acapulco. The city is called Zapata and is known to be one of the most dangerous parts, regardless, Jesus is on the throne. We just put a deposit down for a storefront on the main highway. The cost would be $200 dollars a month. If you would like to come alongside this new work please drop us a note. Keep the Flores family in your prayers. 

Calvary Chilpancingo Update

Pastor Ricardo has done an amazing job in spite of many obstacles. His wife was hit hard with Covid as well as many congregants but by the grace of God they all recovered with no problems. Pastor Ricardo started his online teachings which have helped tremendously.

Jose and Keila have done an amazing job not only with the youth and young adults. They have gone above and beyond the call. What blesses us the most is to see the authentic love they have for Jesus and people.

Pastor Wes Bentley

We had the great pleasure of having Pastor Wes Bentley from Far Reaching Ministries bless our fellowship with a very encouraging word. He flew down to our city for a few days just to visit Calvary Acapulco, what a blessing! The church was challenged by his preaching. Even though we have it hard, it could always be worse.

Villegas Family Update

These last few months have been non-stop and the next couple months coming appear the same. We will soon be empty nesters as our youngest son Micah heads to Bible College in Ensenada. He just graduated High school and is very excited to start this new chapter in life. Micah eventually wants to go to law school, but decided to get grounded in his faith before arriving to a secular school. We thought that was a great move on his behalf. Our middle son Noah is still hitting the books hard. He is living and working in California. His desire is to work in computer programming. Our eldest son Elijah graduates Basic Military Training for the U.S.A.F. at the end of this month. We are so excited to visit him in Texas and be apart of this celebration. 

Prayer Request

  • Open doors for the Gospel and Salvations
  • Safety, provision, and health for our family
  • For the new churches plants and their families
  • For Elijah in the Airforce
  • Noah and his schooling
  • Micah and his move to Bible College
  • Upcoming VBS 
If you feel led to support us, click the link. The Lord BLESS you!!