Calvary Chapel Acapulco update

Typical Folklore Mexican dance at our Noche Mexicana

Fiesta Mexicana in Calvary Acapulco

Men’s Retreat

This past month we had our men’s retreat “A man decided.” It was focused on being a man that has decided to serve Jesus with everything. So many people have superficial faith with very little action. Our emphasis was on truly committing to Christ and serving God in your marriage, family, church, and in evangelism. We have 32 men ready to turn Acapulco upside down!

Building Update

The bid to purchase the building has gone back and forth. After much prayer, we were not able to go forward. We believe the timing isn’t right. So for now we will wait on the Lord and trust His wisdom.

Bilingual Service

For the very first time in over 9 years, we decided to open a bilingual study at the first service. There is a group of Canadians that have joined our fellowship and we wanted to serve them. This has opened a huge door and more and more people are coming.

VBS Galaxy Express: Where you will discover the greatness of God.

What a huge blessing it was to have VBS this year! It was on the GREATNESS of GOD. He undoubtedly showed His greatness. There were many obstacles, like our electricity going out, and apart from there being no light, there was extreme heat. That did not detour our kids or staff. Just like the red sea parting, we saw how the Lord made a way where there was no way. Someone we don’t know donated a generator making everyone see how BIG our God is.

Fiesta Time

Every year we celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day as a church. It’s a night full of worship, fun, and family. Some of the best food ever was found under our roof. We had prizes for those with the best traditional outfit and for the best dish made. Tamales won by a mile. We had activities for the kids too. This event is an outreach as our congregants invite others from all around.

Saying Good-bye

Pastor Jose and his family have been with us for the past two years but the Lord has now called them to serve in the state of Chihuahua. They will be taking over an existing Calvary Chapel as the current pastor has also been called to return to the States. Although they will be missed God has raised great leaders in our church to take over their responsibilities. Please keep them in your prayers.

Welcome Aboard

Marian has been a faithful servant here in Calvary for over 8 years. She does practically everything but preach. Marian is an elementary teacher for a Christian school and she has been working on staff part-time. However, our ministry requires her full-time. By faith, we asked her to work with us full-time. This has freed me up to attend to the sheep and not worry about the day-to-day operations. We hope to find a supporter that could help keep her on staff. She is worth every peso. Please keep her in your prayers.

Senior Pastors Conference

This year the pastor’s conference will be held in Rosarito Mexico. This conference is always a refreshing moment for all of us. As you know, we have 3 senior pastors from the churches we planted. This trip is financially impossible for them. The airfare was $400 us dollars round trip per person. We put it on our credit card. If you feel led to support a pastor please send us a message. Thank you!

From left to right P. Francisco from C.C. Zapata, P. Jose Antonio C.C. Colosio, Myself, and P. Ricardo C.C. Chilpancingo

Calvary Chapel Jardin

Our prayer is to plant another church before the new year. Luis Felipe and his wife Erika have been preparing themselves for the big move and the time has finally come. This church will be located on the north side of Acapulco. He currently teaches a discipleship class and a young adult group. She runs our bookstore and their kids help with children’s ministry. It is always hard letting go of faithful leaders, but we are confident the Lord will use them in a mighty way.

Men’s and Women’s studies

The 70 is an intense discipleship for men. I am currently discipling 17 men. Our goal is to raise leaders and church planters. As always we generally start off with 25-30 men but only half survive. Stacy just finished teaching Kay Smith’s book, PLEASING GOD. They took a trip to the movies to celebrate. She is now going through Chuck Smith’s WHY GRACE CHANGES EVERYTHING.

AMOR in Action

We love our elderly home! It is a ministry that can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but it also fills us with such joy to be the arms and feet of Jesus. To bring smiles to a group that might feel forgotten, to love on them, and share a meal and the Word of God. Our group is growing and our church is learning what it means to serve others.

Prayer and Praise

Please pray for:

  • For wisdom
  • For Protection, both physically and spiritually.
  • For souls to be saved

We are so thankful to God for His faithfulness. He has brought us through some tough storms and it just strengthens us to know He is by our side. We are thankful for all of you who faithfully pray for us and those of you who are able to support us financially.