Leaders’ Conference

Calvary Acapulco leadership with Pastor Juan Domingo

Before anything, we want to thank God and every one of you that made this trip possible. 

This year has been difficult for everyone, but your generous support helped us send our leaders to this refreshing conference.

We were all encouraged by every teaching and the rich fellowship that followed. Pastors Chris Martinez, Bryan Parish and Juan Domingo honored us by praying for our church plant and the new assisting pastor at CC Acapulco.

A special thanks to Connections House who did an amazing job hosting us.

P. Ricardo and P. Chuy praying with P. Juan Domingo
Teaching about faithfulness

Blessed Parents

While our team was away our son Elijah helped by leading worship. 

Elijah will be shipping off to boot camp within the next couple of months, but before doing so, he paid us a visit and stepped up to support the team.


No virus is powerful enough to stop the Lord’s work! Hassan was honored to baptize a new believer. We don’t mind if it’s one person or 100 people, we rejoice! We believe Jesus is coming back soon! That is why we have determined to continue the work regardless of the situation.

Adding to the team

Our fellowship has some great ministries, but one that has been lacking is our youth ministry. Jose and Keyla are a young couple with an absolute love for Jesus. Both of them were Hassan’s students at Calvary Bible College Mexico.

We spoke with them at the conference and they were super excited about the possibility of serving with us here in Acapulco. We believe reaching the new generation is vital to our mission! This couple will do an amazing job. One of the key factors is finding missionary support. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help support them, please let us know. 

Prayer request

  1. Wisdom and Faith was we continue to minister in our city. May we be prudent yet faithful to serve the church and the lost.
  2. More servants to open new church plants within our state.
  3. Boldness to proclaim Jesus in every moment.
  4. Safety from corruption and danger.
  5. Open door for Jose and Keyla to serve our youth
  6. For our children- Their future, their walk, and their protection. 


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Equipping Leaders

Hi family!!! We are super excited! This September, Calvary Chapel Northern Mexico will be having a conference for pastors and leaders of every Calvary Church in the northern part of Mexico. Its purpose is to encourage and edify the church and its servants during this tough season. Coronavirus has hit us hard in many ways and we feel the call to uplift the fellowship and continue our call to serve Jesus!

This year Stacy and I have the privilege of teaching at the conference. I will be teaching from Acts 20 and Stacy will be sharing with the pastor’s wives.

Personally, I would love if all our leaders from Calvary Acapulco could make this conference, but for some it’s financially impossible. Would you please pray for an open door for them? Also, if you wish to sponsor a servant, any donation would be appreciated. We have estimated the cost of travel and lodging to be $200 per servant. We have at least 5 servants who could use the sponsorship. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support.

Health Update

Thank you all for the prayers and encouragement during our quarantine. As most of you know Stacy and I tested positive for Covid-19. Even though I am currently contagious my symptoms are practically gone. Stacy still struggles with a cough and had to be put on different meds. She says she feels better, but we could use your prayers for a complete recovery.

I do hope our time sick was somewhat of an encouragement to others knowing that Covid isn’t an automatic death sentence as the media portrays it to be. I do want to encourage everyone to be safe. If you have current health issues you might not be as fortunate.

Elijah and the Airforce

Elijah with his girlfriend, Bianca

Our oldest son, Elijah, has decided to join the U.S. Airforce. His desire is to enlist for Special Warfare as a ParaRescue. As a kid, he has always loved helping others in need. The ParaRescue motto is “That Others May Live” and that describes my son. As parents, this can make us very nervous, but we know the good Lord has him in His hands. Regardless, I ask for your prayers as he enters this new path.

Sunday Service Book of Revelation

After so many questions regarding the end times, I decided to jump ahead and tackle the subject head-on. Even though we see final judgment, the book offers insight into the revelation of Jesus Christ as the Lord God. The goal is to continually fall in love with our Lord.

Support the Villegas Family

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Thank You!!!

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First and foremost, thank you all for the years of prayer and support! As we come into our 7th year serving in Acapulco, God has opened a big door for our family and ministry. We have partnered with Saving Grace World Missions, a ministry that helps and equips missionaries on and off the field.

For the last couple of years, we struggled to find a mission-minded organization to help our efforts in reaching southern Mexico. We appreciate the whole SGWM staff and are very grateful to be a part of the team.


For those who have supported us through PayPal or C.C. La Mirada. Please be informed that those accounts will be closing within the next month. All future partnerships will be through our new link posted on this newsletter and blog. Every donation remains tax-deductible through SGWM.

Our First Church Plant

Southern Mexico has a huge need for Bible-teaching churches. We feel the urgent call to be part of the solution. That is why our goal is to plant as many churches as possible throughout southern Mexico, mainly our state of Guerrero.

By the grace of God, we planted a new Calvary Chapel fellowship. The name of the city is called Chilpancingo and it’s the capital of our state, Guerrero. Our assistant pastor (Ricardo Solis) felt the call and the Lord confirmed. We went on a spy trip and within 2 hours the Lord provided a building and house for pastor Ricardo’s family. We were amazed by God’s provision. This past Sunday was their first service. This is only the beginning but we count on your prayers and support to make this possible. The Lord has provided some great families but we still need the resources to support the work.

Calvary Chapel Chilpancingo

Church Planting Conference

We thank God for the opportunity to learn more about planting churches by attending Calvary Chapel Rosarito’s Church Planting Conference. The conference was a great tool as we heard from church planting pastor’s. They gave us great words of encouragement and wisdom. We pray and hope to plant more Calvary Chapel churches in the near future.

Handling the Pandemic

Like most churches, we took a big hit. Acapulco suffered many serious cases of Covid-19 infections. Some of our congregants have been hospitalized due to health difficulties. The church had to close its doors for approximately 3 months. As of right now, they have allowed us to re-open with a maximum capacity of 40 people. The good news is that this season forced us to grow in creating quality videos for our sermons. We are able to have live online services for both Sunday and Wednesday studies and now verse by verse teachings are reaching many homes in Latin America. Jesus continues to honor His word regardless of the situation.