2022, Here We Go!


There is no greater joy than serving our King! Calvary Acapulco is at full throttle! Mexico dropped Covid restrictions for a while and people started returning to the sheepfold. It is such a pleasure to see the house of God full again. There is a lot that has happened since our last newsletter, let me catch you up.

Leadership Conference in Rosarito

Thank you all for the prayers and support! This year 22 of our leaders went to the Pastor/Leaders Conference. We had in attendance Calvary Chapel Acapulco, Calvary Chilpancingo, Calvary Zapata, and our newest church plant Calvary Colosio. The conference was about being a faithful minister of Christ. The main subject was about making it through the hard times of ministry. It was an amazing time and we all left encouraged!

Calvary Chapel Centro….Coming soon!

We are praying for our fourth church plant in the heart of Acapulco, Down Town. We have an amazing family that is lined up. However, we want to take things a little slow and make sure this is what God wants. We have no doubt God wants us to plant more churches but we know His timing is perfect. I never want to do ANYTHING in the flesh just to look good. Please pray as we seek the Lord in this new adventure.

Calvary Chapel Colosio

We finally opened the doors to our newest church plant on the south side of Acapulco which is in a very populated part of the city. Our first service was completely full! We were reminded of the famous line in the movie, A Field of Dreams, “If you build it they will come.” We are constantly amazed at the Lord’s faithfulness. Please keep Pastor Jose Antonio and his wife Marisol in your prayers.

Calvary Chapel Chilpancingo

Our first church plant has finally moved to a new location. They outgrew the previous building which is a testament to what the Lord is doing in that city! C.C. Chilpancingo just celebrated 1 year in ministry.

Calvary Chapel Zapata

Calvary Chapel Zapata is putting in work! Pastor Pako and his family are energizer bunnies. They have been doing outreaches in different parts of the community. They give food and clothes to the needy, but they always make the Gospel a top priority.

Apologetics Class

Apologetics, a reasoned defense of the faith, has always been a passion of mine. I taught it for 4 years at the Bible College in Ensenada. We started a course here in Acapulco and the response was great. I currently have 52 students.

Youth Ministry

Our son Micah came home while on break from school. He was given the opportunity to give the message and did a great job. Pastor Jose and his wife Keyla are doing a good job ministering to the next generation of believers.

Amor in Action

We continue to visit this Nursing Home every month, bringing food, love, laughter, and the Word. We have become close to these men and women. It is heartbreaking when one of our beloved grandma’s or grandpa’s leave us. However, we know they are no longer in pain and we know that they have all heard the Gospel.

This is Alfredo. He is quadriplegic and has been in this nursing home ever since his mother died. He is a Christian and enjoys discussing the Bible on our visits. We were able to buy him a new air-filled mattress on our last visit.

Mission trip to the Middle East

Pastor Trent from Calvary Chapel Saving Grace is putting together a team of missionaries to visit the middle east. For the team’s safety I can’t give more details regarding the destination, but what I can say is that the Lord is doing something awesome there. Pastor Trent has invited me and our missionary Lili to come along. Lili has been preparing to serve in that region for a good amount of time and we really hope to go. The cost is out of our reach and so we pray for God to open doors. If you feel led to come alongside this vision please send us a message.


One of the things that we want to do with our church is to have more one-on-one fellowship. Above are just some of the families that we have visited. We are making it our goal for 2022 to have each family over to our house to get to know them personally.

Our family

Our boys are all in different places. Elijah graduated from tech school and is currently at a base in New Mexico. He married Bianca right before he went into boot camp. We had the pleasure of having her live with us for 9 months. They are now finally together and will have their wedding in March. Noah is studying at a community college and working at Macy’s. He has a girlfriend who we got to meet on this trip. She got our approval. Micah is at the Bible College in Ensenada. He just completed his first semester and loves it. We were able to drive to New Mexico to visit Elijah and Bianca for Christmas and see Noah and Micah as well. What a sweet time it was together again.

Please pray…

  • for safety
  • for our church plants: Chilpancingo, Zapata, and Colosio
  • for souls to be saved
  • for a possible upcoming trip to Middle East
  • for leaders to rise up
  • for wisdom in counseling broken marriages
  • for our youth ministry


We truly acknowledge that any partnership with our ministry is a team effort in which we bear fruit together. When you become a financial partner you are a co-laborer in the work God has given us. Please prayerfully consider coming alongside us. The smallest contribution goes a long way. Thank you all!

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In Christ,

The Villegas Family