Something Big Is Happening

I decided to make it a bit more personal and share a video update with you. I am so thankful for you always being here to support me in what God is leading me. Praying abundant blessings over you.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please Pray that God will lead me in the next steps to take to prepare to move to the Middle East.
  • Pray for God would bring financial partners.
  • Pray for the people in the Middle East that God would soften their hearts and that they would be open to the Gospel.

Praise Reports:

  • Praise the Lord with me as I rejoice He has given me a heart for the Middle East, that He has given me direction on where I will be going.
  • Praise God, He is faithful to me, and He is faithful to every person, every tribe, and nation.
  • Praise God that He will make a way when we don’t understand.

Serving & Growing

Hello! Wow, it feels like this past month has gone by so quickly. Thank you for your continual prayers and encouragement. Though short, this month has been full indeed. I am grateful for all the ways I have been able to serve and grow during my internship with Saving Grace. Our classes continually remind me how little I know, yet they push forward with a great desire to learn. 

After Mission Study talks. 

I have been blessed to be able to step up and come alongside our children’s ministry leader, Nicole. I have been loving serving in the nursery as well as with the toddlers and now I can serve and love them in a bit of a new way. Nicole and I prayed and both felt the Lord putting it on our hearts to partner up to better serve God’s kiddos. I will continue serving but now I will be helping with little lessons and songs, as well as being available to lend a helping hand each Sunday. I mostly will be the feet on the ground to see how we can make things run smoother or encourage our other willing servants. I am so excited to be able to learn from Nicole as she works so hard with the sweetest, most gentle spirit; I find it an honor to help her in anyway she should ask. 

“Jesus said, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

Another cool opportunity I had this month was to serve at our bimonthly Missions Fellowship. I always attend and try to lend a helpful hand but this month I was able to help much more and for me that was such a blessing. I went early to prepare, cook and of course pray 100 times that there would be enough food and that people would be blessed. It truly is a sweet thing to serve others and watch them be blessed by the Lord. I pray God gives me His heart for people, so I can better love and serve them. These Missions Fellowships keep my heart stirred to go out to places where people have not heard the name of Jesus and who do not know the love and grace I have been given so freely. I am thankful for this gathering and all the things I learn from it. 

Fun times at Missions Study

God also made the way for me to go to the CBI Bible College. I went with 3 Saving Grace Missionaries, Aaron, Jena, and their sweet baby girl Lily. The drive to the College was such a blessing as they shared stories about villages, people serving the Lord in hard to reach places and better ways I can pray for South Asia. It was just cool to have good conversations and good laughs and be stirred for Missions. When we got to CBI Aaron taught a class on Missions and got into the word, I was so blessed to be there and to talk to a few of the students about stepping out and trusting the Lord. 

Aaron, Jena, and I at CBI

Thank you for coming alongside me as I do my best to walk after the Lord and His plans for me.

Prayer Request: 

  • As the Lord continues to stir my heart for South Asia, please pray for His guidance and my faith in His perfect plan. 
  • Please pray that I would grow in knowledge, understanding and memorization of the Bible. 
  • Please pray that I would be a light and a witness to my boss. 

Praise Reports:

  • God has kept His hand on my roommates and my health. Last month was craaazy with exposure, still God is faithful. Thank you for your prayers.
  • I have been able to reach out and encourage my boss. She seems to have an open heart to the Gospel. 
  • I am thankful for the new opportunities to grow and serve others.
  • Praise the Lord for His love and grace He pours on us.

Still Waters

Hello there, you know, the start of a new year is funny. I find myself reflecting on how I have come to this point and I ask myself what the future holds. The more I reflect the more I realize there is no way of knowing what is to come. The only thing I can do is, trust the Lord with all my heart and not lean on my own understanding. 

Seeking the Lord in the hills 

For me this first month of the year has been quit peaceful and rich. My church kicked off the year with a week of prayer and fasting together. We would gather daily to seek the Lord through His Word, praise, and prayer. To be honest, I was pretty nervous about it and unsure of how it would go; I guess I was unsure of my willingness. I felt God prompt me with the two questions of, first do I believe He is worthy? Second, Do I trust Him to sustain me always? These questions were heavy indeed, but much needed as most of life’s questions are. Times often come when we discover where we find our strength in life, what keeps us going and I am thankful to find time and time again that my strength truly comes from the Lord. He is a whole lot stronger and more capable than I am, so that’s pretty comforting. 

Nancy, Gabby, and I praising the Lord through song.

While I have been spending more time in prayer, Jesus has definitely been stirring up my heart. Through the Bible, pastors, classes, and friends, I continually feel called to go out into the world and share the Gospel. God faithfully fills my heart with a hope and a future and I just have the passion to share that beautiful hope with others. I am interning here with Saving Grace World Missions to equip and ready myself in faith that God will direct and send me in His timing. Not a minute too soon. I have been praying more and more about South Asia and I would so appreciate you to prayers with me about this. Knowing that 3.2 billion people have never heard the name of Jesus, they don’t have the love or hope He brings breaks my heart and it drives me to action. 

My map is the first thing I see when I wake up. 

Just at the tail end of the month, COVID made it’s way into my house. Rest assured I am in good health, but I have had to quarantine. We were quite shocked with the positive test but we have been cautious and have kept to our rooms. As an introvert, I fare well in my room. God always seems to meet with me. David said it well in Psalm 23, “He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters. He restores my soul…” Oh, that David and his beautiful way of conveying God’s love. 

Tis’ sweet to be loved by a gracious, loving, awesome and powerful God. 

Praise Reports: 

  • I am thankful we can meet and pray so freely in America. 
  • Praise to God, He has kept me covid free so far and kept my roommates symptoms mild.
  • Praise the Lord for fellowship and encouragement from family and friends. 
  • Praise Jesus from whom all blessings flow, for peace and for joy. 

Prayer requests:

  • Please join me in prayer for the Lord’s direction and guidance about South Asia but more, please pray for the people who haven’t heard to be saved.
  • If you could, please keep my roommates health in your prayers. 
  • Also, please pray with me for my coworker, she has many anxieties and doesn’t know Jesus, I so want to be used as a light for her. 
  • Please pray that Lord would grow me in wisdom, love, grace and knowledge of His word more and more everyday

A Work In Progress

“He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season…” 

Psalms 1:3
Our Growth Group

I am so blessed to have your continual love and support as I am taking steps to follow where the Lord leads. Knowing I have you in my corner has been such an encouragement to me, thank you. 

Wow, it feels as though I just arrived here in California and yet so much has happened. For one, praise the Lord, I got a job! Can I just share how Cool God is? Okay I will, so I was praying, asking God where to apply. I needed something within walking distance (as my 2 feet are my mode of transportation), and I needed something that would work with the internship classes, SGWM office hours, and Sunday mornings off. I also really wanted to work with kids. It felt a bit impossible to find something… Well, God heard my prayers! I got a job as a Pre-School Teacher! The hours work wonderfully with my internship schedule and of course I have Saturdays and Sundays off! I also get work with kids! My heart is so full. Thank you for your payers, God answered! 

Getting ready to sing the Days of the Week Song

Being a part of the Saving Grace Internship has been amazing. I am surrounded by men and women who are constantly encouraging me and pointing me to the Lord. Each week I have a Life Group, Growth Group, and Young Adults Study. All of these gatherings are centered around growing, encouraging, and loving each other in the way Jesus showed us to. Also, once a month we, female interns, meet with our Women of Wisdom. Terry, MaryAnn, Julie, and Lori take the time to prepare a love filled afternoon for us. We share a delicious meal together, lay our hearts out, pray for each other, all while stirring each other up for Missions. Their love and discipleship inspires me to reach out and care for others as they’ve done so sweetly to me. They are true gems. 

Our Women of Wisdom 

Each week I am able to be a part of amazing classes in which the Pastors of Saving Grace disciple us in the Word. I wish I could convey the impact these men of God have had on my life. It’s only been a short time under their leadership and yet I know I will never be the same. These men teach with such passion and they live their lives driven by the love of Jesus. After a 4-week course on Discipleship, led by 2 of our Pastors, and seeing the example of so many around me, I am moved to take part in discipleship. In honesty, I struggled with this because (despite how much I talk) I always felt as though I have nothing important to say. However, now I know it’s not about me or what I have to say, it’s about God and what He has to say through His word. I just have to be faithful to share and to love on those around me. 

Pastors Joel, Mike, and Trent 

A good portion of my day to day is me realizing how small I am in the grand scheme of things. I’m constantly learning new things and realizing how much I still don’t know. How much I still don’t do. What can I say? I’m a work in progress. Yet, so is everyone. I take comfort in the beautiful fact that God is working, always. 

Praise Reports: 

  • God provided me with a job! 
  • That I have gotten so involved and been so welcomed and loved. 
  • Praise the Lord for Leaders who genuinely want to see us grow!

Prayer Requests: 

  • Please continue to pray that I’d grow in time management. 
  • Pray that, in His time, God would put a specific place on my heart to go to. 
  • Please pray that God would lead me as I step out in discipling others.

I Moved Again?!

October 2020

Hello Friends! I would like to start by saying, Wow, your amazing support during my time in Calvary School of Missions was overwhelming. I feel so encouraged by you partnering with me in the Gospel. What an honor it is to serve together. 

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”
Matthew 28:19

It has been sometime since I last updated you, so let me start with a brief recap. In July, I was able to attend Calvary School of Missions in Rosarito, Mexico. In CSOM we had daily classes and many outreaches for COVID Relief where we would share the Gospel as well as provide food and cleaning supplies. We were also able to learn from many experienced missionaries, which was a huge privilege. Day after day, we were exposed to many stories of unreached people groups, people who have no way of hearing the Gospel. It has been greatly put on my heart to go wherever the Lord will lead me, to reach people about the Gospel. To say this 6-week program was life changing kind of feels like an understatement. As the end of school drew near the leaders sat down with each of us to debrief on the whole experience. During our conversation, I was offered the great opportunity to intern with Saving Grace World Missions. I know I need to learn so much and I need lots more guidance as I follow the Lord onto this new mission field, so of course, I accepted. 

With all that said, I have just recently moved to California for the internship. I am back where my roots started and I see God’s fingerprints all over it. For one thing I didn’t even need to look for a place to stay. My dear friend Denise (who I served with in Mexico at La Mision para los Ninos) was kind enough to open her doors to me. Fun Fact: Denise is the one who told me about the school. Also, she lives within walking distance of Saving Grace where I will be serving as part of my internship. Talk about God’s perfect planning!

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Denise, Cheena and Maria

The Internship is an amazing opportunity where Pastors will be guiding us in becoming Passionate Servants of Jesus. I’ll be learning this by serving in various ministries, helping in the office, attending class each week, and being a part of special events. The classes given are to help strengthen our Biblical foundations as well as instruction on how to effectively share the Bible with others. In reality, I feel like I am just being completely embraced into this beautiful family that find their joy in Jesus. How did I get so blessed? Jesus. Jesus loves me this I know! I see the many ways I need to grow and I am encouraged when I feel the growing pains because that means I am already growing. My big pain is public speaking. Pray that I would have courage and boldness. I know God is asking me to be faithful to Him and that means having faith that he will work in me and through me. 

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Singing Praises with the Fam

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that, as God is growing me in so many ways, I would have patience with myself.
  • That the Lord will continually direct my steps and that my hands would be open to all He has planned for me.
  • Also, for my memory. There have been so many changes in my life lately, I am feeling a bit forgetful and overwhelmed at times.  

Praise Reports:

  • While at the school I was so amazed by you and your amazing financial support, we raised enough and then some!! God is amazing!!
  • Praise the Lord for growing pains that result from growth.
  • Praise the Lord for Denise and her lovely heart and home!!
  • Praise the Lord for this church family welcoming with such love and care!
  • Praise the Lord always for He is Good!!

I am very excited to see what the Lord does during this time. It is truly amazing to me how this all came to be. If you’d like to talk with me more in depth, please reach out! I’d love to connect with you and share stories together.  

Family of God


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Hi friends, 

I seriously can’t say thank you enough! Your sweet encouragement these past five weeks during my time at the Calvary School of Missions has made my time here abundantly rich and fulfilling. I pray God blesses you so abundantly!

This week we provided COVID relief such as cleaning supplies and fresh food for families who attend Calvary Chapel New Beginnings in Primo Tapia and people in the Rancho Cuarenta community. Meanwhile, we continued with our weekly reading and hearing from seasoned pastors and missionaries during our class time. Everywhere we went, I kept having the recurring thought, “I’m in the family now.”  A family that is big and is still growing; the family in Christ Jesus. This family is designed to be faithful to each other, to encourage one another, and love one another. As I have been serving alongside the team, I have been asking myself, “am I truly loving my family? Am I supporting and encouraging them? Am I being faithful?”

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I was blessed to be able to attend and serve at Calvary Chapel Rosarito’s Church Planting Conference this past weekend. It was during this Conference that I was struck by the thought of how big our “family” truly is. There is something so special about being with the family of God. In the morning I interacted and played with the 3-7 year-old children which freed up the parents to sit in the teachings and learn about church planting. At some point, I started to sing Su Amor, a children’s song I learned in Spanish. While I was singing and being silly little Alejandra walked over to me with a recognizing smile. I realized that she was doing the hand motions for the song I was singing. Together we sang and finished the song, then in her sweet small voice, she said, “ You were at the church of Santa Cruz and showed us this song, no?” (well, in Spanish haha). Instantly we had this connection. All because a couple of weeks back we went to Calvary Santa Cruz, to encourage our church family with the love of God. During that outreach, my classmates and I had taught the kids a few worship songs with hand motions. My goodness, it was such an encouragement to me that she remembered this song about God’s love. Oh to see the joy in her eyes as she sang and to feel how comfortable she was with me because I was faithful to love my family in Christ.

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Alejandra & Elisa
“He who is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much…” Luke 16:10

To be a child of God is to be brought into this big beautiful family, with all kinds of new brothers and sisters to love both young and old no matter what the age or background. In this family we are to be faithfully loving and helping the people right in front of us. Even something as simple as singing and dancing with kids can be more impactful than we think.   

Praise Report

  • Thank you for such a big and loving family
  • Praise God for continued unity in our school family
  • Thank you Lord for good health and safety
  • God continues to provide and take care of me

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray God directs my steps after school is over (on my last week here)
  • Also, for continued unity in our last week.
  • Safety as we will be heading to the states soon!
  • That God would provide the last bit of my tuition and that I would trust Him to do so.

What are some of the ways you love on your church family? How can I be praying for you? I love hearing back from you!! Many thanks to those who have decided to financially partner with me, it’s been amazing to see how many people want to join with me this way! God is so so good to me! If you’re interested in partnering financially click the link below:

All the blessings,


Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours


Hello friends,

My oh my, how quickly time flew by this week. Much and many thanks for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support during my time at Calvary School of Missions.

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.” 
2 Corinthians 4:3

This has been a week of reflection and seeking God’s heart. I don’t even know how to begin putting into words all the things I’ve been learning but they’re so important I want to try. God has constantly been speaking truth and life into me while I’ve been here. He’s told me that I am precious to Him, that I am valuable. Who am I that the great God of heaven loves me? Values me? I’m overwhelmed by Him. He also began showing me through His word that He is relational, how He just wants to be worshipped, to be loved wholeheartedly, and to be praised faithfully. He gives us so many promises of never leaving us alone when we walk through the hardest of trials. He is always there with us. God’s heart is so…big! He wants Everyone to know him, NO ONE is left out!!! To be truly loved is to be loved by God. With all this stirring inside me, how can I not feel this burning desire to share this amazing love with everyone? My heart breaks at the thought of anyone not knowing this love, the free gift of salvation. I feel like I’ve just come to life, breathing new air, seeing the world with new eyes. I want to stand on salvation as I step out on to the crazy waters of life, eyes fixed on Jesus, and share the love of God with all. My heart is for all the lost and broken-hearted to be found and loved like never before. 

Julia Maria and me

On Tuesday we headed to Rancho Cuarenta to share encouragement, COVID relief, and the sweet gospel. I was drawn to Julia Maria, a woman with a kind smile and sweet countenance. She looked a little taken back by everything going on so I started to talk with her. It was a sweet time of sharing testimonies but the air got thicker when she talked about her son. Her heart seemed to lose hope as she told me her son Jesús doesn’t know Jesus Christ. I listened as Ana shared her heart with me and so much of God’s love for her came rushing through me. I asked to pray for her son and she seemed so moved at the offer. Together we prayed for her son’s salvation with the hope that God will do a work in his life. 

Sister Yessica

I left that conversation knowing that God’s heart breaks for every heart that doesn’t know Him. “Break my heart for what breaks yours” has been my prayer this week and wow how my heart breaks. 

Praise Reports:

  • Praise Jesus for continued unity within our group! Feels like family!
  • Gracias Dios for continued health and safety! 
  • Thank You Jesus for always being faithful to provide for me!!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Ana’s son Jesús that he would come to know the Lord. 
  • For unity to continue to flow within our group
  • Health and safety always 
  • Pray that God blesses our times of rest and renews our strength
  • Faith that my Father in Heaven will continue to provide for me

Please send me Your prayer requests, I’d love to pray with you as you pray for me. I am so blessed by you who’ve come on this journey and partnered with me financially. I am over halfway there and so encouraged by how the Lord provides! God is amazing, Amen? If you’d like to partner with me in this way here is my giving link:

All the blessings, 


Sweet Saving Grace


San Vicente, Mexico

Hello Friends,

How ya doin? I hope you’re doing so well. I can’t believe we’ve already reached the halfway mark of Calvary School of Missions. You coming alongside me during this time of schooling and seeking God’s plan for my life has truly touched my heart. Knowing that I have people in my corner, praying for me, and encouraging me has really comforted me while here in Rosarito, Mexico. My prayer is that you’re blessed through my updates and that you feel like you’re here with me.

“Be strong and of good courage…” 
Joshua 1:6

On Thursday, we set up a simple Bible program for kids in a local church plant, a message, testimonies for adults, and COVID food supplies for the families. I was to be assisting Jordon (one of my fellow classmates) with a simple lesson for the kids. However, that swiftly changed when he was feeling under the weather, and I was asked to teach solo. I, of course, said yes (with all my bundles of nerves), jumped in the van, and began looking over Jordon’s notes. As I sat there listening to words of encouragement and asking God for help, I suddenly felt peaceful. Upon arrival, I asked Jessica (the lovely beauty featured in the photo above) to translate for me. I knew in my heart that God spoke to me the night before to ask her. She said, “Oh Yes! Of course!” As we walked in front of the group of kids, I opened my mouth and nothing.


I went completely blank. Everything I had just rehearsed was gone. I turned to her as she was expecting me to say something so she could translate it and all I could say was, “I have nothing. Oh my goodness. My mind just went blank.”  Now mind you, Jessica and I have only talked maybe a handful of times. I really didn’t know what to expect from her. Her response was a smile of encouragement and these words, “Okay, do not worry. You can do this!” She then started talking to the kids in Spanish keeping them entertained and calm. At this moment I knew God used her to be my sweet saving grace. I started praying for God to give me the words to speak while Jessica gently encouraged me. Slowly, we moved forward going over Philippians 1:6, “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.” I’m not entirely sure when, but I found my voice again and together we finished the lesson.

 All in all, it was such a wonderful day. I felt so thankful, that God would, through Jessica, come alongside me to share the word with those kids. I feel inclined to say that that very same morning we had been learning about the importance of communication with our translators, how a good relationship with your translator will lead to more success in communicating with others. Can I get an Amen? Praise be to God for His boundless grace and guidance. 

The week continued with many more lessons from both the classroom and the outreaches. God is teaching me to trust Him fully, to have grace with myself, that rest is important, and that He will always come alongside me with His sweet saving grace. 

Praise Reports:

  • Praise Gods for my sweet sister Jessica being there alongside to help me!!!!
  • Thank you, Lord, for continued unity within our group
  • For continued health and safety as we’ve gone out
  • Glory to God for His continued faithfulness to provide for me!!

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued prayer for unity in our group is so heavy on our hearts.
  • Please continue to pray for health and safety as we go out. 
  • Pray that God blesses our times of rest and replenishes us.
  • That I would be able to soak up all I am learning. 
  • Please pray for faith, always, that God knows my every need and He will provide. 

Much thanks to you who’ve decided to come alongside me financially. Your partnership is a tremendous blessing to me. It’s because of you all I am able to be here and do all these wonderful things for God’s kingdom. I get closer and closer to paying off my tuition and that is sweet indeed. If you’d like to partner this way, here is my giving link: If you have any questions please feel reach out, I’d love to hear from you. 

All the blessings,




“I am the vine, ye are the branches.” 
John 15:5

Hi friends,

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey God has laid before me. My heart is so encouraged by your continual prayers and partnership. I pray God blesses you 100 times over.

As my second week here in Rosarito, Mexico comes to a close, I feel amazed. I am blessed to be able to attend Calvary School of Missions where the heartbeat is to raise up teams to go out to unreached people groups and share the gospel. Our classes continue to blow my mind and our readings are taking me deeper.

This is little Camila. She reached for me and let me snuggle with her during the outreach. 

Last week I shared how we were encouraged to lay down all our plans at the Lord’s feet that we might hear from Him and receive the direction He has for our futures. This week we learned how to be absolutely surrendered to God’s will. The thought of surrendering my life to God’s will impacted me greatly. Oh, that I might be completely empty of myself and seek God’s face wholeheartedly. When I abide in Him fully I can be filled with His love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, graciousness, faithfulness, and self-control.

“God raised him up and prepared him as an instrument for His glory” 
Andrew Murray, Absolute Surrender

This past Thursday we went to Colonia San Fernando to provide COVID relief. We went with food supplies in hand and the gospel on our lips. As soon as we arrived, I immediately saw the brokenness of heart and body in this community. I headed straight over to help set up for a kid’s craft table. As I moved towards the children, I prayed for God’s boldness and love to shine through me. I read from Galatians 5:22-23 sharing on the Fruits of Spirit, and a girl translated from her Spanish Bible. I was so encouraged by the little boy Antonio who stood across from me as I read. He was so engaged and responsive. It was sweet. He encouraged me to keep doing my best to communicate and ask questions. While I was teaching the lesson, I felt the Holy Spirit filling me and pouring out the fruits of the Spirit. It was a truly sweet moment for me because this was the first time on an outreach that I felt perfect peace. I knew God was working, I could feel His joy and peace washing over me. How wonderful to experience God’s peace in the midst of a broken community. I pray that you too would be filled with God’s sweet peace in these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic and other scary situations.

Praise Reports:

  • That God has kept us, classmates, in sweet unity
  • Praise God for peace in hectic times
  • We have stayed safe while going out
  • Good health
  • God always meets my needs

Thank you to all who have chosen to partner with me financially for the School of Missions. I am halfway to my goal of $2,300! Praise God and His goodness. I have until August 17th, if you are interested in partnering with me financially. Here is my giving link:

Prayer Requests:

  • For continued unity for us students and leadership
  • Continued safety as we go out
  • Good health
  • Direction for after the school is over
  • That I might be a sponge for the knowledge coming my way
  • Continual provision financially 

If you have any questions or prayer requests please let me know. I’d love to hear from you ? 

All the blessings,


Sharing a Living Hope

Week 1 SOM 2020

Hi friends, 

My heart is so full to be here in Mexico as a student in Calvary School of Missions. I’m so thankful for all you who have encouraged me and nudged me forward in being a light in the world. Your constant support and prayers for me is something I will forever be thankful for. Also, thank you for continuing to follow along with my journey in missions to share a beautiful living hope with the lost. 

No description available.
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19 

The first week of school has been packed full! The amount of wisdom and information I have taken in is honestly amazing! Slightly overwhelming, in the best way. Each day starts with personal devotions, then class in the mornings, and outreaches or reading in the afternoons, and ends with prayer and worship on most evenings. In coming to this school we’ve been encouraged to lay down all our plans, hopes, and dreams at the feet of God, to fully surrender to what He has for us. Being here has just been a constant reminder that forever learning and growing and being stretched is such a good thing.


So the first outreach we went on was super encouraging to me. In all honesty, it didn’t start very easily for me, but it’s amazing how a simple gesture can change fear into living the gospel. We went to meet with a local pastor in Tijuana who had been ministering to this community whose houses had recently been engulfed in flames. At first, I felt really invasive and wasn’t sure how to act, however, the people were so inviting and kind, considering everything they had gone through. We brought them food and prayed for them while they shared their hearts and stories with us. 

I admit, I still felt awkward, but I was really trying not to show it and just embrace the moment. We prayed with this family, where 18 people were staying together in this little tent shelter and a little girl sat in the shade. As I always do with kids I smiled and sent her a little wave and before I knew it she, her brother and I were playing peekaboo and laughing so genuinely. That’s where it struck me that we were there to extend loving-kindness, to share hope, and to live the gospel, nothing more, nothing less. How simple?! Why was I so fearful? I love extending a hand to those who need a hand, love to those who need love, hope to those who need hope. How incredibly blessed am I that the good Lord brought me here so that He might be those things through me.

My peekaboo friend Stephanie

A big lesson I learned this week, has been to empty myself so that I might be a vessel that God can fill and share any way He should choose. On the rest of our outreaches, I was trying to do just that. Whether it be doing impromptu worship dances, street witnessing, serving food to people, praying for my brothers and sisters, sharing the gospel, or even holding a welcome sign for people joining us for Sunday service, I will do it to the best of my ability for the glory of God. I’ll admit, I’ve been so stretched, but I’m thankful, wow, so thankful for this time to grow and learn from our amazing teachers and missionaries who are here with us. They have been so encouraging and incredible in laying out the simple gospel. 

One great take away I’ve had is that we all can extend a helping hand to others. We’re all able, we all have it in us to step out of our daily comfort zones and share the gospel, and to share the love of Christ. This world is so broken, everyone is hurting in some way or another, we just have to be a light. 

“Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few.” 

Matthew 9:37

Prayer Requests:

  • That the Lord would give me boldness to share 
  • Wisdom on how to share
  • Continued unity with my wonderful classmates
  • Faith that the Lord will provide my needs

I’d love to hear from you if you have prayer requests, want to share what God’s been doing in your heart! If you want to hear more about what I have been learning or if you have any questions at all, please shoot me an email, I check it daily.

All the blessings,