Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours


Hello friends,

My oh my, how quickly time flew by this week. Much and many thanks for your continued prayers, encouragement, and support during my time at Calvary School of Missions.

“But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.” 
2 Corinthians 4:3

This has been a week of reflection and seeking God’s heart. I don’t even know how to begin putting into words all the things I’ve been learning but they’re so important I want to try. God has constantly been speaking truth and life into me while I’ve been here. He’s told me that I am precious to Him, that I am valuable. Who am I that the great God of heaven loves me? Values me? I’m overwhelmed by Him. He also began showing me through His word that He is relational, how He just wants to be worshipped, to be loved wholeheartedly, and to be praised faithfully. He gives us so many promises of never leaving us alone when we walk through the hardest of trials. He is always there with us. God’s heart is so…big! He wants Everyone to know him, NO ONE is left out!!! To be truly loved is to be loved by God. With all this stirring inside me, how can I not feel this burning desire to share this amazing love with everyone? My heart breaks at the thought of anyone not knowing this love, the free gift of salvation. I feel like I’ve just come to life, breathing new air, seeing the world with new eyes. I want to stand on salvation as I step out on to the crazy waters of life, eyes fixed on Jesus, and share the love of God with all. My heart is for all the lost and broken-hearted to be found and loved like never before. 

Julia Maria and me

On Tuesday we headed to Rancho Cuarenta to share encouragement, COVID relief, and the sweet gospel. I was drawn to Julia Maria, a woman with a kind smile and sweet countenance. She looked a little taken back by everything going on so I started to talk with her. It was a sweet time of sharing testimonies but the air got thicker when she talked about her son. Her heart seemed to lose hope as she told me her son Jesús doesn’t know Jesus Christ. I listened as Ana shared her heart with me and so much of God’s love for her came rushing through me. I asked to pray for her son and she seemed so moved at the offer. Together we prayed for her son’s salvation with the hope that God will do a work in his life. 

Sister Yessica

I left that conversation knowing that God’s heart breaks for every heart that doesn’t know Him. “Break my heart for what breaks yours” has been my prayer this week and wow how my heart breaks. 

Praise Reports:

  • Praise Jesus for continued unity within our group! Feels like family!
  • Gracias Dios for continued health and safety! 
  • Thank You Jesus for always being faithful to provide for me!!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for Ana’s son Jesús that he would come to know the Lord. 
  • For unity to continue to flow within our group
  • Health and safety always 
  • Pray that God blesses our times of rest and renews our strength
  • Faith that my Father in Heaven will continue to provide for me

Please send me Your prayer requests, I’d love to pray with you as you pray for me. I am so blessed by you who’ve come on this journey and partnered with me financially. I am over halfway there and so encouraged by how the Lord provides! God is amazing, Amen? If you’d like to partner with me in this way here is my giving link:

All the blessings,