A Work In Progress

“He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season…” 

Psalms 1:3
Our Growth Group

I am so blessed to have your continual love and support as I am taking steps to follow where the Lord leads. Knowing I have you in my corner has been such an encouragement to me, thank you. 

Wow, it feels as though I just arrived here in California and yet so much has happened. For one, praise the Lord, I got a job! Can I just share how Cool God is? Okay I will, so I was praying, asking God where to apply. I needed something within walking distance (as my 2 feet are my mode of transportation), and I needed something that would work with the internship classes, SGWM office hours, and Sunday mornings off. I also really wanted to work with kids. It felt a bit impossible to find something… Well, God heard my prayers! I got a job as a Pre-School Teacher! The hours work wonderfully with my internship schedule and of course I have Saturdays and Sundays off! I also get work with kids! My heart is so full. Thank you for your payers, God answered! 

Getting ready to sing the Days of the Week Song

Being a part of the Saving Grace Internship has been amazing. I am surrounded by men and women who are constantly encouraging me and pointing me to the Lord. Each week I have a Life Group, Growth Group, and Young Adults Study. All of these gatherings are centered around growing, encouraging, and loving each other in the way Jesus showed us to. Also, once a month we, female interns, meet with our Women of Wisdom. Terry, MaryAnn, Julie, and Lori take the time to prepare a love filled afternoon for us. We share a delicious meal together, lay our hearts out, pray for each other, all while stirring each other up for Missions. Their love and discipleship inspires me to reach out and care for others as they’ve done so sweetly to me. They are true gems. 

Our Women of Wisdom 

Each week I am able to be a part of amazing classes in which the Pastors of Saving Grace disciple us in the Word. I wish I could convey the impact these men of God have had on my life. It’s only been a short time under their leadership and yet I know I will never be the same. These men teach with such passion and they live their lives driven by the love of Jesus. After a 4-week course on Discipleship, led by 2 of our Pastors, and seeing the example of so many around me, I am moved to take part in discipleship. In honesty, I struggled with this because (despite how much I talk) I always felt as though I have nothing important to say. However, now I know it’s not about me or what I have to say, it’s about God and what He has to say through His word. I just have to be faithful to share and to love on those around me. 

Pastors Joel, Mike, and Trent 

A good portion of my day to day is me realizing how small I am in the grand scheme of things. I’m constantly learning new things and realizing how much I still don’t know. How much I still don’t do. What can I say? I’m a work in progress. Yet, so is everyone. I take comfort in the beautiful fact that God is working, always. 

Praise Reports: 

  • God provided me with a job! 
  • That I have gotten so involved and been so welcomed and loved. 
  • Praise the Lord for Leaders who genuinely want to see us grow!

Prayer Requests: 

  • Please continue to pray that I’d grow in time management. 
  • Pray that, in His time, God would put a specific place on my heart to go to. 
  • Please pray that God would lead me as I step out in discipling others.