I Moved Again?!

October 2020

Hello Friends! I would like to start by saying, Wow, your amazing support during my time in Calvary School of Missions was overwhelming. I feel so encouraged by you partnering with me in the Gospel. What an honor it is to serve together. 

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”
Matthew 28:19

It has been sometime since I last updated you, so let me start with a brief recap. In July, I was able to attend Calvary School of Missions in Rosarito, Mexico. In CSOM we had daily classes and many outreaches for COVID Relief where we would share the Gospel as well as provide food and cleaning supplies. We were also able to learn from many experienced missionaries, which was a huge privilege. Day after day, we were exposed to many stories of unreached people groups, people who have no way of hearing the Gospel. It has been greatly put on my heart to go wherever the Lord will lead me, to reach people about the Gospel. To say this 6-week program was life changing kind of feels like an understatement. As the end of school drew near the leaders sat down with each of us to debrief on the whole experience. During our conversation, I was offered the great opportunity to intern with Saving Grace World Missions. I know I need to learn so much and I need lots more guidance as I follow the Lord onto this new mission field, so of course, I accepted. 

With all that said, I have just recently moved to California for the internship. I am back where my roots started and I see God’s fingerprints all over it. For one thing I didn’t even need to look for a place to stay. My dear friend Denise (who I served with in Mexico at La Mision para los Ninos) was kind enough to open her doors to me. Fun Fact: Denise is the one who told me about the school. Also, she lives within walking distance of Saving Grace where I will be serving as part of my internship. Talk about God’s perfect planning!

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Denise, Cheena and Maria

The Internship is an amazing opportunity where Pastors will be guiding us in becoming Passionate Servants of Jesus. I’ll be learning this by serving in various ministries, helping in the office, attending class each week, and being a part of special events. The classes given are to help strengthen our Biblical foundations as well as instruction on how to effectively share the Bible with others. In reality, I feel like I am just being completely embraced into this beautiful family that find their joy in Jesus. How did I get so blessed? Jesus. Jesus loves me this I know! I see the many ways I need to grow and I am encouraged when I feel the growing pains because that means I am already growing. My big pain is public speaking. Pray that I would have courage and boldness. I know God is asking me to be faithful to Him and that means having faith that he will work in me and through me. 

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Singing Praises with the Fam

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that, as God is growing me in so many ways, I would have patience with myself.
  • That the Lord will continually direct my steps and that my hands would be open to all He has planned for me.
  • Also, for my memory. There have been so many changes in my life lately, I am feeling a bit forgetful and overwhelmed at times.  

Praise Reports:

  • While at the school I was so amazed by you and your amazing financial support, we raised enough and then some!! God is amazing!!
  • Praise the Lord for growing pains that result from growth.
  • Praise the Lord for Denise and her lovely heart and home!!
  • Praise the Lord for this church family welcoming with such love and care!
  • Praise the Lord always for He is Good!!

I am very excited to see what the Lord does during this time. It is truly amazing to me how this all came to be. If you’d like to talk with me more in depth, please reach out! I’d love to connect with you and share stories together.