Thanks Be To God

I want to thank all of you for your efforts in supporting us. This first outreach program went better than I even expected! As I began to plan the outreach program, I wanted to use the funds wisely and completely for nonbelievers—mostly to reach villages where there are no churches or pastors for the people in the local communities. As a result, I decided to go to a village that is an hour and a half from my city. We tried to reach the beautiful children there. None of them are believers. Their families are in severe idolatry. However, I was able to reach them through a sister who is gifted in teaching Sunday School. She has been trying to teach the children there about Jesus for the last few months. Almost every child wears a thread or small idol on their neck or wrist, which was tied on by a Hindu priest or parent to try to protect the children from evil sight and black magic.

Our 1st Day Of Outreach

As I went to this new village, I was welcomed into their community with flowers, which surprised me. Then we introduced ourselves to each other. Then, the children in the Sunday School started to tell memory verses they had learned from the Bible, like Psalm 23:1 and other great verses. After that, we helped the children to participate in a skit of Jesus’ birth. Each child had a role in the skit, and as they

participated, they were hearing about Jesus’ birth for the first time. Even though we didn’t have any costumes with us, it went very well.

I had also brought my laptop to show them a video of the Nativity. They enjoyed watching the video, and then we sang some Christian children’s songs with motions. Then, I led a couple of games with balloons for fun. In the first game, the children have to blow up the balloon until it bursts, and in the second balloon game, they have to sit on a blown up balloon until it bursts. Finally, we cut the cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and distributed the cake to all of the children and their families! We used a local government school building as a platform to do the whole program. Afterward, we gave the teacher supplies to distribute to the children, so that each child will receive the following: an English alphabet set, 1 pencil eraser and sharpener, a blue and black pen, and a slate and slate pencil or two note books, and a sketching pen set.

This is the program we followed in every village and with every child—Enter the village, tell about Jesus’ birth and the reason He was born, play games with balloons, distribute school supplies, do a skit of Jesus’ birth, show the Jesus’ birth video on the laptop, and finally celebrate Jesus’ birthday with cake. Then, we would say goodbye to the children and move to another village.

While doing the programs with the children, some of their parents also came to see and hear what we were teaching the children, so I believe they also heard the Gospel in a very simple and clear way.

Thank you all once again!

Day 1 Outreach Program (Part 2)

After reaching out to 20 to 30 children in a village, I went to a neighboring village where I expected about 20 more kids. Surprisingly there were more than 40 to 50 children who participated in the celebration for Jesus’ birthday.

I used the same pattern once again with these children, but my laptop was not big enough this time to show the movie of Jesus’ birth because there were so many kids. In this village, I really felt like I wished I had a projector with a big screen and a microphone with a sound box because some people were standing to see what was happening. If I would have had a big screen, I would have showed the movie to all of them, and at the end I would have been able to explain the Gospel to them. Anyhow, so many children were blessed who participated in this program. At one point, I wasn’t able to control them while I was distributing stationary items and cakes.

What I came to understand through this children outreach ministry is that all of the older generations (the children’s uncles and aunts etc.) somehow knew about Christianity, but they are so opposed to it. So if some of these kids grow up continuing to listen about Jesus Christ and stories from the Bible, within a few years there will be a good church in these communities.

This is A* who is studying 7th grade. She is in the second village that I visited. She is a Hindu girl, but she came to me and asked

“Brother, how should I pray to Jesus? Should I stand or bow or kneel?”

So I said, “It doesn’t matter how your posture looks when you pray, but tell me this–Why do you want to pray to Jesus?”

So she said “It has been a couple years that my parents are not living together. I live with my mother in a different village. My brother lives with my father in this village and whenever I have holidays I come to visit my father. But my father never comes to see my mother. So I wanted to pray to Jesus to bring my mother and father together.”

After hearing her story, I felt tears in my eyes because I knew how it scars a child to have a single parent when all of their friends and others children have both parents. Since I studied in a residential school, most of my childhood was without my parents. So I felt so close to her issue so I encouraged her and told her that I will be praying about her family.

I was very satisfied to meet these types of children and to introduce Jesus to them in their lowest circumstances. This child is super smart, very humble and believing in Jesus, that someday Jesus will bring her family together in unity. I wish I could meet her once again and strengthen in her belief upon Jesus Christ. 

Day 2 Outreach Program:

One of the believers from a church invited all of their relatives for Christmas some of whom are non believers and some are believers. So I attended that house fellowship church and preached the Word of God. I followed the outreach pattern with the kids and encouraged them to come to church every Sunday. I was able to meet kids here who are living with a single parent once again and strengthened them in spiritual things and prayed for their financial problems.

All of the kids and their parents were so happy to see the balloon games, cake cutting, and the distribution of stationary items. More than that, the children got introduced to Jesus and they experienced His love towards them.

Day 3 Outreach Program

In this village we went to, most of the people live in huts. After reaching there, we sent out a call to all the children. They appeared slowly. I used the same pattern with these children also.

Some of the children probably held a slate for the first time. The first thing I had them practice on the slate is what I had written on the slate (Love you Jesus) after I gave them the stationary items.

I was so blessed to plant seeds of hope in these little hearts and to give them a few items they need for their education like note books, slate, sketch pens etc., and show them the movie of Jesus’ birth and celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

Day 4 Outreach Program

We have a gas station that is run by the government in our hometown. Prisoners work there under authority and security. My father knows a prisoner who has been working there for the last few years. I told my father that I would like to meet that prisoner and celebrate Christmas with him. So my father helped me meet him. When I met him, I explained my heart for the prisoners. He said “Since it is a festival, nobody will say anything. You can bring a few cool drinks, disposal cups and cakes. I am going to invite my officer who is a deputy jailer to cut the cake.”

So I did as he said. The officer who got invited by the jailer introduced himself to me. I asked his name and added his name in a prayer before the cake cutting. Then 2o to 25 prisoners who work there gathered and participated in the celebration. Since they do not have much time to leave their jobs, I wasn’t able to take their picture altogether.

The prisoner who my father knows told me before I left that he wants to give me an ID card after he is released from jail. This way, I can go into the jail with government permission and spread the Good News. So I am praying for his release.

It was a happy thing to meet the prisoners and their officers and show them the love of Christ. The officer fed the cake to the jailers and jailers fed the cake to officers and I saw equality. 

There are no ups and downs at the foot of the cross we all are one I was so happy to see the love of Christ made them equal on that day.

Day 4 Outreach Program (Part 2)

When my mother was hospitalized for more than 4 months in a government hospital, these pharmacists became good friends of mine. They would ask how my mother was doing when I went to the pharmacy. They have seen hundreds and thousands of Covid patients dying in that hospital.

So I went to that pharmacy on Christmas with a cake and soft drinks. I told them that my mother is alive and doing well because of her God and that today is the day that He came to the earth for all of us. Then they welcomed me inside the pharmacy and allowed me to have fellowship with them. All of them are serious idolaters, but I used my mother’s testimony to talk about our Lord. Now, I have more access to them to talk about God and what they have to do in response to the Gospel.

This Christmas season and the funds you guys sent helped me reach them with a great testimony. They know it is a miracle for someone who was admitted in an unconscious condition and to come alive and go home from the Covid ward after four months. So they believe it is only God who can do that.

God bless,

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

He Teaches My Hands

Hello Team,

November has been a challenging month for me in the process of finding out what God has for me in regards to a church plant.

I taught in a church for 3 to 4 months prior to the conference. To make the long story short, I am not willing to be part of it anymore. I have a couple of families who have come alongside me to start a new work for God. So, I started a Bible study in one of the believer’s houses. We are also visiting those who are sick and trying to comfort them with God’s Word and our presence in their houses. 

I never thought that being a pastor was this busy. I think that coordinating with people is a big thing. Everybody has a different mind set and everybody wants to be shown on stage. I am asking God to please help me in this. I am the youngest one here and am not married. I am trying to get everyone on the same page. It is so hard. But when it comes to the Word of God, my team is saying to me ‘You have preached so well, your explanation was so good and understandable.’ 

The Word of God is the weapon. I treasure your prayers during this church planting journey.

Please continue to pray for me and the ministry I am doing for God. My past experience, since graduating from Bible college, has been so different than this. I use to be a ministry worker at Bible colleges in several different places of the country. My ministry was investing the Word of God into students’ lives, taking care of them while they were sick, and observing them on the campus learning new songs for worship and new languages. But now, I am dealing mostly with elders and with almost all age groups.

Merry Christmas to you all. Someday I want to celebrate our Savior’s birthday with all of you!

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

A Month of Refreshing

Hello Team,

October was a month of refreshing! Refreshment from the Word of God, seeing my old friends, making new friends, traveling to my favorite place, having fellowship with my co-laborers and eating delicious food with all of the saints at the conference.

5 years ago, I graduated from CBI in a nearby country. It was such a happy moment for me to be part of the graduation ceremony of my students in whose lives I was able to invest my time and studies–just like my pastors and leaders did in my life! Students who graduated told me “Thank you for everything!” and “Thank you for your time.” These things that they said blessed me so much.

Meeting my co-laborers all over from my country and a nearby country and Saving Grace’s team was amazing, It was just a few days of fellowship, but it was definitely needed and useful for me to move forward in this race. Everyone has a unique experience of ministry in their lives and hometowns. It was so inspiring and encouraging to hear all of their ministry stories and to learn from their experiences.

I came back with so many gifts that I had received from the U.S team and beloved ones. Every gift is a precious gift to me and every time I see them, it is a reminder of all of your love through our Lord!

Thank you all for your love and support! 

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Encouraging Others to Know Jesus’ Love

Hello, dear team,

It is always nice to write to you about what is happening here with me and about the ways God is working among us, as we are growing as a spiritual family and church.

We have been doing a lot of house visitations for various reasons. Some are prayer meetings of thanksgiving. Some are birthdays. Some are different gatherings! Whatever the reason is, we are meeting and giving glory to God for what He is doing in our lives.

One of our church members was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is about 60 years old and uneducated. For this reason, I took a lot of time to talk to her doctors and was involved a lot in helping her to the point of having an operation and getting chemotherapy. We have been visiting her regularly as a church family to comfort her and show the love that is in the Bible.

Please continue to pray that our church believers would grow in the Word of God. Please pray that they would see the real depths of love that God has for them from the ages. Also, please continue to pray for my mother’s health. May God heal her lungs completely so that she can breath normally. I am travelling to a neighboring country for a conference. Please pray that I will be strengthened, encouraged, and refreshed with the Word of God once again and with the fellowship of the beautiful saints!

With love for you all and prayers,

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

Commit Thy Works to God

Hello Team,

I am happy to write to you about the many things that God has been doing in the ministry here.

I am continuing to teach on Sundays from 1st Corinthians. I am about to finish chapter 2.

We had a marriage celebration at the church. The bridegroom is from our church, so it was a good time to have all of us attending the marriage and spend time as a church family on that special day. 

I have been visiting so many houses of those who are desiring to have prayer meeting in their homes. Through this, I am trying to reach their family members, friends and relatives who have not experienced the grace of God yet!

We are also personally visiting a few homes to comfort families who have lost their dear ones, and to help them heal their broken hearts with the Word of God.

Once again, I am so grateful to my leaders who taught me the Word of God in such a way that changed my life. Now, I am seeing how believers are responding to verse by verse teaching from the book of Corinthians. It is totally amazing to see people coming to church regularly and listening carefully while I am preaching.

During the month of October, we are going to have government holidays for over a week for those who are in school/education for the biggest festival of our state, Dussehra. There are a few children and toddlers in the church. This would be a great time for me to invite them to church during the week to teach them about God from the Bible and maybe have more time of fellowship and worshiping our Lord. Pray for this upcoming season. May my desire also be the desire of all the youngsters in the church, and may the holidays be great days to focus on spiritual life growth for them. I have not announced this yet in church, but this is my thought of using their holidays for God’s glory.

My mother is doing a little better than she was in previous months but she is still in need of supplemental oxygen 24/7. A year has already passed, since my mother was admitted into the hospital on September 6th, 2021. God has been so faithful in providing for her medical needs. Please continue to pray for her complete healing.

Thank you everyone,

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

My Heart Shall Rejoice

Hello Team,

So many things are happening in ministry! 

I have been teaching the young girls in the church new songs, music and about how worship in the church should look. They are enjoying the new songs, and the meaning in the songs. The instruments and singing are becoming in tune with new sounds. I also explained to them that worship should not just occur at the church building, but it should be their life style!

The other believers also enjoy worshiping the Lord with new songs. I am slowly training them not to sound like gentiles (the world) when we gather and worship but we should be decent and in order in the fellowship.

While sharing the Word of God during the first month, I taught them some basic fundamental Christian principles from the Bible. It has now been almost 6 weeks. I have started to teach verse-by-verse from the book of 1st Corinthians. I was amazed at how the believers took it. It was like me at Bible College! I had never known about verse-by-verse teaching prior to Bible college. Now it is the same way with the believers here in the church. They love the way we are studying the Bible. The beauty is that they were amazed at how much they can learn the Word of God by studying the Bible verse-by-verse in depth. I am so glad that they are really able to taste the Word of God through this recipe. I am about to finish up the 1st chapter in 1st Corinthians. I am teaching about unity and how we ought to love one another and how we should have the same testimony as Christians in this society!

I teach 2 times on Sundays. From 10 AM to 12:30 PM, I share at a church in the city which is close to my home. From 7 to 9 in the evening, I share at a church in a village that is about 16 miles away. We are praying to start a church in another place also. Right now, we are waiting to hear from that family who is planning to host us and open their house for church fellowship.

I have great satisfaction to see how God is using me in this ministry and believers are learning the Word of God. They are on their way to become more mature disciples, instead of believers with stunted growth.

So please pray for these churches. I am truly happy for being busy in studying and making sermons for different churches on Sundays and for house fellowships, birthdays and different occasions during the week. It’s so joyful to me to watch how God is filling these believers with His Word and speaking and ministering to their hearts and mine.

Love you all!


Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

He Teaches My Hands

Hello Team,

One of the thing that I have failed to do during the last seven years is to get to know the other pastors who are doing ministry in my hometown and district. Mostly, I thought, “They do not know the Word of God properly. Most of them are not educated and did not go to a good Bible college. They love to teach prosperity teachings–some unknowingly and some knowingly.” So what happened was, I built a wall between them and me. But, as we all know, knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. 

Sharing at a Local Church

I felt that I do have a responsibility to reach out to the men of God and people who are waiting for teaching about love and an exemplary life. So, for the past few months, I have been trying to get to know them. I have been going to them to teach and preach to their congregations. Interestingly, some of them are very humble and welcomed me with a great heart. They gave me a good time to feed their flocks. However, some of them thought I would take away their flocks.

I’m focusing on the pastors and congregations who are interested to know the Word of God. It is actually a beautiful thing to get to know some of the great men of God who are thirsty for Truth. As I read in a book, “God has sent you as a missionary to the place where you were born, so start preaching the Gospel from your neighborhood and your street.”

In my district their are 3 big cities and 13 towns. There are also over 1,040 villages and the second fastest growing city. So, even though I have been praying for a long time for my district, very recently I have realized that there is so much work to do in it. I am honestly praying to start a church in my hometown. My thirst is to teach the Word to people who are capable of teaching others and to see the growth of believers in the grace and knowledge of Christ. I have started doing a few things in order to work towards this.

Please pray that God would show me the steps and guide me in order to reach my goal for His kingdom. I am very glad that God has given me this great experience with men of God during the past seven years from 2016 to 2022. I am praying that this is the time that I will be able to actually use that experience into a God guided action.
Hopefully, I will get back to you with great ministry updates next month. I know how much you all love me and have been understanding with me during this season. I owe you all a lot for that.

God bless,Pastor 7*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

His Way Is Perfect

Hello Team,

I cannot believe a month has already gone by!

The most happy experience that God gave us as a family this month is a few of our friends visiting my house to check on my Mom. We had a good worship and prayer time together. My mother was so happy that they came all of the way from a different state to see her. My family and I have been refreshed by their presence. They encouraged us by saying that we all are not alone in this because hundreds of saints are praying for us.
I had to take a few weeks break from the current semester because my mother had low oxygen levels once again and was suffering from severe back pain. She was admitted into the hospital once again for a couple of days. There are so many blood tests, scans, doctors fees and ambulance expenses that I had to go through once again.
When I took a break for my Mom, God gave me an opportunity to teach in a different church (left) which is very far from my hometown. The pastor, who is serving there, asked me to come again for a little longer next time. He wants to gather pastors and believers from different places so they can receive knowledge from the Word of God. He said to me, “Brother, the students who are getting trained under you, will gain tremendous knowledge from the Word of God.” There are so many other things that he shared with me, but that one single statement caught my attention.
I thought, “If people are really learning when God is using me, why shouldn’t I try this in my hometown?” I have thought about this before, but not about starting a specific structure. I truly got inspired and started to ask God what is His next step for me.

It is a happy feeling to come back to the students again. Teaching them, investing the Word of God in them, seeing them grow, getting to know them and building friendships with them–it is all beautiful!

Please continue to remember my mother in your prayers. Please pray that she will be able to breathe on her own without needing oxygen. Mom has been on oxygen for nine months. Pray that God will heal her lungs and alveoli, and increase her lung capacity.

On other note, please pray that God would start a new work with me. Wherever I go to teach and preach, God always speaks to people’s hearts through His Word. I do have a burden for my city and for my hometown where I was born and grew up. Pray that I will reach people and different pastors in the area and start building relationships with them, to start what God has for me in His will.
Love you all! Thank you for the valuable responses from some of you. I am truly blessed and comforted by them.
God bless,Pastor 7*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

The Lord Sustained Me

Hello Team,

In the month of March, I rejoined into the ministry. After experiencing a terrible season in my life, God gave me an opportunity to join with the Bible College here to teach and to be part of the current semester.

I am teaching 1st Corinthians to the new students. It is always an awesome thing to see how the students react to the contextual verse by verse teachings. It is a great joy to get to know the students, hear their testimonies each semester, and see how God works with different hearts!

I have also begun making videos on YouTube and Facebook; please pray that I will be able to upload the videos regularly.

I really want to thank each one of you for your consistent prayers for my mother’s health. She is doing a lot better, but she is still on oxygen so please continue to pray for me and for my mother’s health.

God bless,

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.

My Cry Came Before Him

Hello Team,

You have been hearing about how God is working in my mother’s life. It is an absolute miracle that she is alive today! For the past few days, she has been able to walk a few steps with the help of walker and oxygen. The doctors are not sure how long she will need oxygen. One doctor suggested turning off her oxygen for ten minutes every hour during the day time, which is showing me that my mom is doing a little better with her breathing. When we turn off her oxygen for ten minutes, her oxygen saturation is 58. (A normal healthy person’s saturation fluctuates between 95 to 99.) So now we know how much more she needs to get better to be lead a normal life.

On the other hand, in regards to my ministry, I am going to rejoin the Lord’s work starting the 1st week of March. I will be teaching 2nd Corinthians at Calvary Chapel Bible College during the current semester. I also think I am ready to make more videos through Facebook and YouTube. One thing that I have come to understand more fully during this season is that death is so quick. No doctor or technician can stop someone’s death and most people are dying without knowing Jesus as their Savior.
I believe God may use this season and experience in my life to be a blessing to many people. This experience gave me a lot more concern and responsibility toward the people who haven’t heard the Gospel yet and those who claim that they are Christians but are living in a superstitious Christian religion, not knowing the true Word of God.
I have also received books that are useful to my ministry. I like to read. I like to spend hours studying different authors’ commentaries. For that reason, I always exhort students that unless they spend hours sitting studying and reading God’s Word they cannot stand an hour in front of the pulpit. I am so excited to start a fresh chapter in this journey.
I love you and thank you all for being understanding with me for all these days and months and for not pressuring me while I was doing my responsibility to my family.
God bless,Pastor 7*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.