The Lord Is Opening New Doors!

Hello Team,

I am having a great time and am satisfied in ministry to the places, villages and houses that God has been sending me to for the past few months.

These are villages and homes that nobody want to go to. The people’s lifestyle is in debauchery. They are illiterate. Most of the time, they have no job. If they have a job, it is a job that everyone hates (for example: cleaning drainage and toilets, or as cleaners in a bar or restaurants etc.). These people live outside of the village. All of them belong to the lowest cast of society.

No one wants to meet with or talk to them. Nobody wants to shake their hand. Basically, they don’t know what love is. They have no idea and have never experienced how it feels. It touches their heart if someone loves them unconditionally. Both men and women who live in this kind of atmosphere became alcoholics. They do not have enough money to go to a wine shop to buy alcohol, so they usually buy local, man-made alcohol in their villages and streets. This type of alcohol is super unhealthy to their bodies. Along with that, tobacco is like their chewing gum. They will have tobacco in their mouth almost 15 hours a day. They are extremely addicted to these life killing habits.

They cannot afford houses with concrete, so they build houses with rocks, mud, hay, straw, and tarpaulin covers. Some of the houses that I am visiting do not even have a door at the entrance, as you see in the picture. They live in complete darkness with unhygienic surroundings.

Apart from who they are, what they do for a living, and how unhygienic they are, when I saw them, I was moved with compassion.

I remember the situation I was in, when God took hold of my hand and pulled me out of this world. I asked God to give me the knowledge to preach the Gospel in simple language with simple examples so that they can understand about Jesus and why He was on the earth two thousand years ago. While I sit with them and shake their hands, I understand that these people are loved by God to the utmost–even though they are the least recognized by the earthly society. I know that I have a responsibility to take the Gospel to them. I am asking them to not drink alcohol at least one time a week, on the day when they know that I will be coming to meet with them and talk about Jesus, so that their minds will be clear during the time of sowing the seeds.

Praise report: The Lord has been opening doors to new ministry opportunities in different villages! I am starting to see the new believers desiring to grow in Gods Word.

Please Pray for These Requests:

  • For those who are hearing the Gospel to be saved, and for the new believers to grow and desire more of God’s Word.
  • For faithful men to be raised up in these villages.
  • For wisdom on how to divide my time between different villages
  • For God’s guidance as I plan to put teachings online in the local language.
  • For my mother to have complete healing to her body. Please pray that her lungs will be fully restored and for her to be able to move freely without a walker.
  • For my future marriage

Thank you all!

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.