God Is Opening Great Opportunities

Hello Team,

I hope you all are doing well!

I was so happy to meet with brothers from the North who work along with me with our mission in my country. I was very moved with the challenges they have in their ministry locations and the persecution that they are going through. How God is sustaining them in their lives is amazing, especially during this season.

During the January conference, I got the opportunity to share what I am doing and about the many places I have been visiting to plant churches. It was so encouraging for me to have everyone pray for me that day. I was so blessed to be able to attend the classes on “The Purpose of the Church” and to have fellowship with the team that traveled so far to meet us.

Children whom I am visiting regularly contacted me through a video call (above) when I was away for few days. My heart goes out to them when I see how they think of and miss me. I want me to share more time with them and to teach them Sunday school lessons from the Bible.

God is opening great opportunities to reach people who live in obscure places. I have started house fellowships and I am organizing churches on Sundays.

I have now been visiting five villages. I am working on visiting many more during the week days. Please pray that God will open doors to enter into different villages and give me opportunities to share with people who don’t know our Lord.

Love you all!

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.