He Teaches My Hands

Hello Team,

One of the thing that I have failed to do during the last seven years is to get to know the other pastors who are doing ministry in my hometown and district. Mostly, I thought, “They do not know the Word of God properly. Most of them are not educated and did not go to a good Bible college. They love to teach prosperity teachings–some unknowingly and some knowingly.” So what happened was, I built a wall between them and me. But, as we all know, knowledge puffs up, but love edifies. 

Sharing at a Local Church

I felt that I do have a responsibility to reach out to the men of God and people who are waiting for teaching about love and an exemplary life. So, for the past few months, I have been trying to get to know them. I have been going to them to teach and preach to their congregations. Interestingly, some of them are very humble and welcomed me with a great heart. They gave me a good time to feed their flocks. However, some of them thought I would take away their flocks.

I’m focusing on the pastors and congregations who are interested to know the Word of God. It is actually a beautiful thing to get to know some of the great men of God who are thirsty for Truth. As I read in a book, “God has sent you as a missionary to the place where you were born, so start preaching the Gospel from your neighborhood and your street.”

In my district their are 3 big cities and 13 towns. There are also over 1,040 villages and the second fastest growing city. So, even though I have been praying for a long time for my district, very recently I have realized that there is so much work to do in it. I am honestly praying to start a church in my hometown. My thirst is to teach the Word to people who are capable of teaching others and to see the growth of believers in the grace and knowledge of Christ. I have started doing a few things in order to work towards this.

Please pray that God would show me the steps and guide me in order to reach my goal for His kingdom. I am very glad that God has given me this great experience with men of God during the past seven years from 2016 to 2022. I am praying that this is the time that I will be able to actually use that experience into a God guided action.
Hopefully, I will get back to you with great ministry updates next month. I know how much you all love me and have been understanding with me during this season. I owe you all a lot for that.

God bless,Pastor 7*
*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.