Commit Thy Works to God

Hello Team,

I am happy to write to you about the many things that God has been doing in the ministry here.

I am continuing to teach on Sundays from 1st Corinthians. I am about to finish chapter 2.

We had a marriage celebration at the church. The bridegroom is from our church, so it was a good time to have all of us attending the marriage and spend time as a church family on that special day. 

I have been visiting so many houses of those who are desiring to have prayer meeting in their homes. Through this, I am trying to reach their family members, friends and relatives who have not experienced the grace of God yet!

We are also personally visiting a few homes to comfort families who have lost their dear ones, and to help them heal their broken hearts with the Word of God.

Once again, I am so grateful to my leaders who taught me the Word of God in such a way that changed my life. Now, I am seeing how believers are responding to verse by verse teaching from the book of Corinthians. It is totally amazing to see people coming to church regularly and listening carefully while I am preaching.

During the month of October, we are going to have government holidays for over a week for those who are in school/education for the biggest festival of our state, Dussehra. There are a few children and toddlers in the church. This would be a great time for me to invite them to church during the week to teach them about God from the Bible and maybe have more time of fellowship and worshiping our Lord. Pray for this upcoming season. May my desire also be the desire of all the youngsters in the church, and may the holidays be great days to focus on spiritual life growth for them. I have not announced this yet in church, but this is my thought of using their holidays for God’s glory.

My mother is doing a little better than she was in previous months but she is still in need of supplemental oxygen 24/7. A year has already passed, since my mother was admitted into the hospital on September 6th, 2021. God has been so faithful in providing for her medical needs. Please continue to pray for her complete healing.

Thank you everyone,

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.