A Month of Refreshing

Hello Team,

October was a month of refreshing! Refreshment from the Word of God, seeing my old friends, making new friends, traveling to my favorite place, having fellowship with my co-laborers and eating delicious food with all of the saints at the conference.

5 years ago, I graduated from CBI in a nearby country. It was such a happy moment for me to be part of the graduation ceremony of my students in whose lives I was able to invest my time and studies–just like my pastors and leaders did in my life! Students who graduated told me “Thank you for everything!” and “Thank you for your time.” These things that they said blessed me so much.

Meeting my co-laborers all over from my country and a nearby country and Saving Grace’s team was amazing, It was just a few days of fellowship, but it was definitely needed and useful for me to move forward in this race. Everyone has a unique experience of ministry in their lives and hometowns. It was so inspiring and encouraging to hear all of their ministry stories and to learn from their experiences.

I came back with so many gifts that I had received from the U.S team and beloved ones. Every gift is a precious gift to me and every time I see them, it is a reminder of all of your love through our Lord!

Thank you all for your love and support! 

Pastor 7*

*Names and faces have been changed or omitted for security reasons.